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May 26th 2013 2:35 pm
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First of all, I thank HQ for the birthday wishes! Secondly, I thank SAMOA and HALLIE for their lovely gifts and birthday wishes.

I'm doing fine and of course, as everycat knows, live two doors down from the big red house wherein the nice lady I used to call "Mommy on the Side" lives.

Anyway, the weather's been nice and my sister, Gretchen and I are enjoying it a lot. We're partially outdoor kitties quite unlike the ones in the big red house; they're all housebound.

Anyway, I got to go now. Have a purrfect Memorial Day weekend, my friends!


Willow (formerly Torbie Sue)



December 27th 2012 8:05 am
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I just found out that I'm Diary of the Day! Thank you so much Diary Gal for this pawsome honor!

It's so funny as I'm the neighbors' cat who happens to go outside once in a while. On Catmas Day, I stopped by to give holiday wishes to the lady in the big red house and then I got Diary of the Day today!

Anyway, I also thank my following friends for their concats & gifts:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. MANY TOES - pawsome pawmail and lovely Catmas/Wintery pic;
3. SAMOA - cool snowman;
4. LEO - cool comment & cool snowman;
5. BEAR - lovely red rose;
6. SMILEY CASSANOVA - cool jingle bells;
7. TIGER - cool snowman.

Lastly, I wish everycat a very safe and Happy New Year.





December 26th 2012 12:24 pm
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I stopped by for a brief visit early Catmas afternoon. I sat on the back porch for a bit when the lady came to the door and said, "hi, Willow! Merry Christmas to you." I meowed back at her. Suddenly, three of her cats, a solid black one, a fluffy gray one, and a skinny gray and white one with a long face peeked out at me and wished me a Merry Catmas too.

Of course, the lady didn't open the door as the gray fluffy one wanted out as did the others. And then I was on my way. I didn't get any handouts as the lady told me she knew I had a Mommy and Daddy and didn't want me to get fat.

So that was it.

I hope everycat had a Merry Catmas





September 25th 2011 7:08 pm
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I stopped by to visit my neighbor who lives in the big red house early Wednesday morning. I was cruising the side of her front yard when she saw me. I sang a couple friendly meows, and I also let her pet me. Of course, she didn't give me any food as she knows I have a mommy and daddy who takes good care of me.

Anyway, I just wanted to say "hi" to her and everycat!





May 26th 2011 5:02 am
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Hi everycat! I want to thank the guycats and girlcats for wishing me a happy birthday yesterday and giving me lovely "share the love" gifts and treats! Unfortunately, I can't tell who gave me those gifties as the rosette box has fleas. I can't open any of the gifts at all. I believe I got three of them as there were about that many emails received. I also thank HQ for the birthday card. I can't forget that!!

Anyway, I'm fine. The weather's been extra hot and sticky this week. Everyone's hair and fur is frizzing due to this Washington, DC Metro Area humidity. Yucky!!

Well, that's about it. Thanks again.




November 14th 2010 8:52 am
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Around lunchtime, I noted Landy sitting on the little foot stool and peering out the kitchen door glass at something. I went to the door and peeked out. Willow, the cat I called Torbie Sue, was sunbathing on the back porch.

I gave the doorknob a little jiggle, and she looked up at me with her beautiful emerald green eyes. I said "hello" to her a couple times then walked away to prepare my lunch.

I looked back a few more times,and she was stil there and had put her head back down to sleep.

Since I know she's my neighbor's cat, I didn't feed her nor did I open the door. At length, she left and headed toward the back of my yard and hopped the neighbor's fence.

It looks like she came by for a visit. This is the first time I've seen her in over a year. It's great to know that she's still around.

Anyway, I'm glad I saw her. She reminds me so much of my angel, Jasmine Bibette except smaller with more red.




June 12th 2009 8:58 am
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This is the last entry in the story of the mysterious, Torbie Sue, who was stopping by my home for handouts and to sunbathe in my backyard.

Her real name is WILLOW! Isn't that a pretty name? She lives two doors down from my house. I just found this out on the night of the flood when several neighbors were stopping by to look at my flooded basement. One of them turned out to be Willow's real Mommy!

She's very nice so I know this cat has a perfect home and is well loved and not the stray which I first thought she was last year nor that she moved away because I hadn't seen her in quite some time.

Willow's Mommy and I compared notes and the description fits the cat I called "Torbie Sue": the emerald green eyes, the Maine Coon look, the red hair, feet with black on them (the back portions), and fox-like tail.

This is a story with a happy ending.

Good luck always to Willow and her real family!!!




May 25th 2009 6:39 am
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Today, is Torbie Sue's special day according to the personal stats on her birthday guestimate; May 25, 2004. That was a few months after my Jasmine Bibette passed on to the Bridge. The first time I saw Torbie Sue on my back porch, I had a fleeting thought that Jasmine had come back to earth. It was then I decided to give her the birth date some time after Jasmine's Bridge date of February 20, 2004.

On behalf of Torbie Sue, I thank Catster for the lovely birthday card, 25 treats and a "paw" vote!

Oh,how I wish she were here to visit me and I could tell her that Catster wishes her a happy birthday!

Torbie Sue was one of a kind and will always be too good to be forgotten. She lives on in my memory just as Jasmine does.

Her page will still be kept as a lovely memory for me and all to enjoy. I'll write occassionally and do seasonal/holiday changes to it. It would be a shame to delete her page after so much of my time has been put into it.

Again, I reitterate, I miss dear Torbie Sue!




May 23rd 2009 7:02 pm
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As of today, I still haven't seen Torbie Sue. I believe she and her family have moved out of this area as several months have passed since I've last seen her. Wherever she is, I pray that she's safe, happy, and well-loved.

I have many fond memories of her stopping by to visit me for some food and petting sessions. Also, she let me take her picture many times. Those pics will be cherished forever. She's a lovely girl, and I'll never forget her. She reminded me so much of my Bridge Angel, Jasmine Bibette, who was also a torbie.

Even though she wasn't my cat, I feel like I've lost one of my own.




May 2nd 2009 7:04 pm
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I haven't seen Torbie Sue in almost two months. I think she used to live in one of the vacant houses on the street behind my house.

Still, not a day goes by without thinking of this beautiful cat. I look out the back door and expect to see her on the porch waiting for a hand out.

I miss her terribly.

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