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In My New Home


February 1st 2010 6:12 am
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This morning I was checking in my groups, and opened "Hernando's Hideaway".....and there was my photo!!! I AM MEMBER OF THE MONTH!!!! meowmy kissed me and told me how pretty I look in my pink gown (well, she is right)....MOL...MOL. As soon as I saw it, I posted a message thanking everyfur for selecting me, and said I had to run and post this in my diary.

Meowmy said when she comes home from work today, she will open a can of PEOPLE TUNA (YUM, YUM) and we will all celebrate.

Charmaine Neville - a very happy gray and white tabby tat


What a week!!!!

January 18th 2009 7:36 am
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Well, first meomwy took me to the vet on Monday......I had my spay surgery on Tuesday, and she picked me up on Wednesday. I missed her and my sisfur Emma and brofurs Louie and Pete, but everyone in the clinic stopped to visit with me and pet me......sure enjoyed that!!

And, today I got a special photo from Clawdius Meowximus, (it is my main photo) aka "The Claw". HE LOVES ME!!!! I love him also......and I feel I am the luckiest and happiest litty gray and white tabby girl kitten on CATSTER!!!!! Sigh......

Ya'll stay well, dawlin'



August 20th 2008 1:04 pm
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Yes, it was two weeks this evening that I moved in with my mewomy and my sisfur Emma and three brofurs, Louie, Benny and Pete. I am LOVING it here!!! Every evening when meowmy comes home I am waiting for her at the French Doors and meowing. She picks me up and kissies me, and I kiss her back. She is alway sure to pet and kiss every other kitty too.

On Sunday we were so lucky, another CATSTER meowmy and daddy came to visit us!! They live in North Carolina, and were visiting New Orleans for a convention. And, they brought us a bag with toys and treats!!!! I have been playing in the bag, hiding and jumping out at meowmy and Benny Grunch......MOL.....MOL...

Catch Ya'll later dawlin...
Charmaine Neville


Getting used to my new family....

August 8th 2008 8:26 am
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Well, I have been in my new home for three days now. One of my new brothers, Benny Grunch plays with me and lets me chase him around, and even pounce on him. Louis and Pete, and my new sister Emma are not so sure about me, and hiss at me. My new meowmy said to just be patient, and they will love me as much as she does.

This place is so much fun!!! There are lots of toys, and these two big windows I can look out and see birds, bugs, etc. New meowmy left my carrier out so that if I am scared I can run in there. It's also fun to hide behind it and jump out at Benny. And there is a sofa that I can run under, and when my meowmy is standing there, I can grab her feet with my paws. She laughs when I do that......

Purrs, Dawlin.....
Charmaine Neville

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