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Today's my Birthday!

June 1st 2009 11:21 am
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Mama is so happy to have me in her life. She has made a tuna birthday cake for me to share with the family. Miss Evil and Ben both like eating tuna. I was very happy to share my treat with them.

For making my life so much better, I wanted to give Mama a present. She wasn't very happy with it however. I brought a pigeon in thru the pet door and killed it. Ben woke Mama & Dad up at 4 am while I was trying to take it's head off to make sure it was dead. I thought Mama didn't like live birds. I got my birthday spanking and it wasn't fun! Mama was not thrilled about all the feathers all over the livingroom and having to vacuum them up that early. I think I'll stop bringing in birds. I don't like the big blue vacuum!

It's nice to have a cozy bed to sleep in and family that loves me no matter what I do. Mama thinks it's sweet the way I suckle on her arm like a newborn kitty nursing. Ben likes playing with me. We play tag alot. I don't understand why he won't climb a tree with me to get the birds. He is a bird-dog afterall!

My life is good and I can't imagine it being any better. I love my family!

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