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My Birthday

September 25th 2010 9:34 am
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My 3rd birthday was yesterday and I forgot! Mama and Daddy bought me a new toy this week. It's an on the floor scratcher and it had my very favorite kind of stuffed toy with a feather attached.

Not attached anymore! I'm throwing it all over the house. But then on the actual day Mama was busy and forgot the date.

Boy is she lucky she already bought the present!



September 24th 2010 12:08 pm
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From Daddy Murray's diary:

Do you remember the good old days when we would gather on Catster to help a fellow cat and their humans in need?

I really thought the company would run with that good publicity, and be proud to be a part of it. Seems I was wrong. I never saw them say much about it.

We helped Aldo get to a forever home when his first mom died and we helped Muppet get life-saving surgery that cost thousands of dollars. People are too fond of dollars in my opinion.

Some cats feel Catster is no longer a fun place or a comfortable place to be so they've left or don't visit here much. (I agree it's not as much fun as it used to be). The helping paw efforts that used to happen here are now being coordinated off site.

Which brings me to my point! Smudge's family (of Smudge and Bob fame) is going through some really terrible times and is desperately in need of dollars.

So there's an auction going on at:

Catster is in the name but I don't think it's officially associated with catster in any way. Just a lot of us initially met here. So don't assume Catster has approved or sanctioned this auction - they have not been consulted.

But it's for a good cause, so pop in over the next several days. It just got started, so more things will be added as we go.


Diary Pick

September 1st 2010 2:48 pm
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I want to thank all my friends for the the sympathy on constantly getting yelled at, and the concatulations and gifts for my diary pick today!!

The abuse continues. Mama told her friends I'm getting too big for the basket I was trying to sleep in today. So I went in and slept in her bed!

Now she'll have white fur all over her when she goes to bed tonight.

Miles has been singing today. He had chicken broth last night and that always makes him happy. So he was singing in the bathroom. He's senile.


They Don't Make Sinks Like They Used To

August 31st 2010 9:12 am
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Since we were meowing about sinks, I went to try out Mama's in the new bathroom. It's too small for me!

I got the front half of my body in but there was no room for all of me. I guess I'll have to use the bathtubs for napping.
I don't mind because I can stretch out in them.

All evening and now this morning I've been hearing "Harry, NO!" Jeez. I was checking out a silk plant Mama put on the curio cabinet, and then I checked the time on the big clock over the cat tree, and I played with the window blind cord. A cat can't do ANYthing around here.

You should see Daddy's beer stein collection. It's up over the refrigerator to try to keep it safe, but some cat has been shifting them around and sleeping there. I think it's probably Allie. Anyway some are laying on their side now. Mama's talking about putting putty under them. Yes, she found her putty.


Worse than Sinks

August 22nd 2010 8:39 am
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Daddy got the wrong kind of cat litter this week. But the new stuff is very comfy. I've been napping in the litter box.

Mama says "That's disgusting, Harry", but I don't care.



August 21st 2010 5:37 pm
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My buddy Newman got his picture on a site called "Ragdolls in Sinks"!

I noticed they'll post any picture of a ragdoll in a sink and since I'm very fond of my sinks, I sent one of me in our old house. I don't have a new picture yet. I've been exploring the bathtubs in this house.

Speaking of which, I was sleeping on the cat tree last night during a storm. Storms don't bother me at all but Murray and Allie were nervous. All of a sudden everybody went into the guest bathroom, so I followed to find out what was going on.

Daddy was sitting in the bathtub with all his clothes on and NO water! I didn't understand it, but I climbed in with him for awhile. I enjoy laying in that bathtub because it's roomy and it's never wet. I guess he figured out that it's a good place to sit too.

Later we all went back into the living room and the adventure was over. I think my pawrents are getting old when a night out is spent in the guest bathroom!



August 4th 2010 9:22 am
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My gotcha day was this week! Here's the story from my point of view.

I was hiding under some junk at my old house because I didn't really like it there. Also I was hungry. A big angel cat appeared, and asked how I was.

I figured I was delusional from hunger. He laughed a kind of booming laugh and said, no, he was real and he wanted to know if I wanted a furever home. Does a cat like catnip?

He said he'd take care of it, and he disappeared. Well, a couple of weeks went by and nothing happened, so I figured maybe I was delusional after all. Then one day my breeder (she didn't act like a mama) gave me a bath, which I hate. In the middle of it my mama and daddy came into the kitchen, there was a flurry of paperwork, and I was put in a pretty red carrier.

When we got out of the car I was at my new home! Later that night Murray1, the angel cat, showed up and said this is what he had been talking about. He knew I'd like it with Mama and Daddy, and I do! We're in a different house now, but this one is even better and I love it. And I'm never hungry like I was before.

Now I call him Daddy Murray like the other cats do, because he adopted me for his family. He comes to visit sometimes to make sure we're ok, especially Daddy Miles.

Then I joined Catster and made a bunch of good friends, especially Newman who thinks like I do.


Not Fair!

July 18th 2010 10:27 am
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When Miles has a poopie accident on the carpet everybody worries about whether he feels ok. When I do it, I get in trouble! Allie says I have to be 20 before I don't get in trouble for doing that. Pffft! Maybe Miles needs Depends! MOL

He's ok though. Daddy was sick yesterday too (not on the carpet), and so we figure it was a tummy virus because they sleep right next to each other every night. The rest of us feel fine. Today they both seem to be feeling better.

Now Daddy is replacing our thermostat with a digital one so that I can't turn it down at night any more. He has no sense of humor. Allie is batting the digital one around trying to see if she can learn to use it before it goes on the wall.

Molly and I are best buddies these days. We're the youngest so we play a lot! She definitely keeps me from getting fat and she definitely has more attitude than will fit in that little body of hers. Sometimes Allie joins in, but she's still fat anyway.


New Basket

July 9th 2010 9:09 pm
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Mama went shopping this morning and came home with a new basket that's just the right size for me to lay in!

She said it was because I sprayed her paperwork basket, but I think Miles did that. All she knew was it smelled, so she threw it away because it was wicker and she didn't know how to get pee smell out of wicker. Also I always get blamed.

The new basket smells a LOT better. And it's bigger, so I fit in it better too. She said when she got in line to pay for it, the lady in front of her was buying a basket just like it! Maybe she has a raggie too.

Anyway, I've been laying in it watching tv all day, so no paperwork has been put in yet. I don't mind if she does as long as I can lay on top.

And you saw that Molly rearranged the drapes last night. It was so obviously a cat with front claws that I didn't get blamed! That and Molly was proud of what she did. MOL


I Have a New Skill

July 5th 2010 4:33 pm
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Newman says we're brothers and I think he's right. We gotta be at least cousins. He liked the fireworks too! We live large.

Anyway I have a new skill that Mama wasn't supposed to know about. When I'm playing with my mousies sometimes they fall in Mama's big ceramic umbrella holder. It's temporarily sitting in the bedroom because we've been carrying things around a lot.

I've been trying to figure out how to get the mousies out of the urn. On the first try I knocked it over and woke Mama up. She assumed I was too afraid to try again.

But last night she happened to wake up to see me jump in there very carefully. So she watched, expecting a crash, but I very carefully jumped back out and didn't disturb anything! She was amazed. Sadly, the mousie was not in there. So now she knows my secret and I didn't even find my mousie.

Probably Molly carried it off.

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