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The road to recovery

October 29th 2008 5:57 am
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Well, I am done with the IV for now and am taking antibiotics orally. I still have the drain in my abdomen, but that will come out some time today or tomorrow.
I still had a fever yesterday, but the fluids and meds should be taking care of that. Doctor Russell says she cannot believe how stable, BAR (bright, alert, responsive) I have been through this whole thing.
When I saw Mommy this morning, I was giving headbonks and purring like mad! Mommy's eyes were WATERING like a faucet for some reason.
I am eating, drinking, using the litterbox, so happy days!
The doctor says "NO MORE OUTSIDE!" Mommy says that's fine with her but she doesn't know how to make me an indoor kitty.
We will see how it goes.
Thank you to all who have sent gifts, good wishes, purrs and prayers. They are truly working.

More later,


A fortnight's worth of sleepovers...

September 4th 2008 3:48 pm
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Well, its looking like I am spending nights in the house. Mommy says she doesn't like me being 'out there' when its dark. She says "not good things "happen to kitties at that time. ???
All I know is I spend my time in the home lounging on the furniture, eating canned food and treats (WooHOO!) and generally getting comfortable. Sometimes I leave in the morning when the dogs go out, some times I just hang out. Last week, Mommy wasn't feeling good. I STEPPED up to the plate and provided undivided attention by lying right by her side, just to make sure she felt better. :)
The thing about being with Mommy is that it feels like 'home'. We are very good friends and she 'gets' me. I know how to show her how I feel as well. Last night, she and daddy went for a walk and I started to follow them. I walked about a house and a half and Mommy tols me "No, Rose. You can't come on this walk. Please turn around and wait for us at home. I want you safe and sound." I did what she asked and when they got back, she said I should have a reward. She gave me some vanilla milkshake!! Just for being a good boy! I told you she gets me!


the definition of bliss...

August 4th 2008 6:27 am
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Where do I start? I spent a good portion of last night in the house, roaming around and getting acclimated. Mommy discovered that in addition to kneading and drooling, I am a suckler as well. I found this really soft, cushiony bed in the living room. I immediately went in and started kneading. Mom was watching me and I was drooling pretty hard (I was kneading pretty hard also) I bent down and took a small section of the cushion in my mouth and went to town! This lasted about 5 mins and then I conked out! I was so comfy, my head was upside down and my paws stretched out straight. Mom took one look at me and started crying. She said to Daddy, "This poor baby. This might be the first time he's ever slept on something this comfortable and soft. He sleeps in tires at the garage." I slept for about 20 mins, then I milled around for a bit before leaving. They didn;t kick me out, I wanted to go out. This morning, when Mom opened the back door, there I was! I came in, had brekkie, played a bit with some of the other kitties...
Then Mommy and I went out to the garden to do some work. Mom was pulling weeds and I was helping again. I'm like that, you know.
At one point, I was lying in some soft ground cover, the sun shining on me through the trees and we could smell something REALLY good!
Mommy stood up and said 'You know what that is, Rose? Its the Nabisco factory, making what smells like chocolate chip cookies. The factory isn't too close but on days like this, when the wind is right, you can smell whatever they are baking. Nice, huh?"
Nice indeed....


"in like Flynn..."

August 1st 2008 11:04 am
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Isn't that the correct term when someone has 'aced it'?
Well, I feel like I am clinching a spot in the home BIG TIME!! I walked right in the door this monring, thankyouverymuch! Mommy was nervous because Nico approached me and I growled. I popped him on the cheek, he swatted me back. I went into the one room and jumped onto the window ledge. Nico followed. He sniffed me and I turned to face him. He popped me REAL GOOD on the top of my head . He turned to look out the window. I pressed my head against his jawline and that was that. Mommy said if Nico says I'm cool, the rest of the kitties will, too.
Yep. Things are looking up in the family department....


Making biscuits....

July 29th 2008 7:18 pm
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Well, you know how everyone says that in order to keep a relationship going is to maintain a little mystery? I am applying that line of thinking in my exchanges with "Mommy". Hey, if I am going to get the permanent invite inside the house, I gotta make sure the woman doesn't second guess herself. Now, I've already been drooling when I see Mommy AND, yes, I've killed 5 birds and ever so thoughtfully, removed their heads before giving them to there is not much sense trying to play it cool with her. She already 'gets' the fact that I am leaving her great gifts and the drooling thing is a dead giveaway about how I feel about her. Today, I started kneading on Mom! Yep, its out there now! I'm a kneader and I am PROUD!! I even air knead, Dudes!
I figure that if I keep revealing little things about myself, I'll be a shoo-in for the inside invite.....


Guess what? I made it inside!!

July 27th 2008 7:35 pm
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Well, Mama put me in a carrier this morning and that totally took me by surprise. I cried for a brief amount of time (less than 5 mins). I was a very good boy the ride to the shelter as long as Mom's fingers were in the carrier with me. She took me in and filled out a form. She told them she thought I had already been neutered and how my left ear is tipped.
Mom left me there but not before she told me several times how sorry she was to leave me in a place I didn't know and without her to keep me company. She said she had to work at the baseball game.
I had blood drawn from my hind leg and they said I tested negative. Then, came the not so great part...they gave me a needle that made me feel funny and I couldnt stay awake. When I woke up, I was back in the carrier with lots of other carriers around me. Mom came in not long after that. They told her I was given my shots including a 3 yr rabies, my ears were cleaned and I was frontlined. Also, they gave me an antibiotic shot, jic. They told Mom that I couldn;t be released for 24 hours and Mom thought that it was distressing to leave me in a carrier for that length of time, so she brought me into the house. I am not allowed to eat until tomorrow because of the sedative, but I can small amounts of water. I am SO happy! I can't get close enough to Mom. I am rubbing all over her, drooling like crazy, doing this silly little knead/dance, running all over the room. I even gave Mom kisses on the forehead and cheek and I licked her hands, too.
She keeps saying how proud she is of me and that she was 'over the moon' to find out that I was the ONLY kitty that was friendly and let the medical staff do what they had to with me and I didn;t fuss once! They did 116 spays and neuters today so I guess that is a big deal about my behavior.
And get this....Everything cost $30!


Tales of an outdoor cat

July 21st 2008 5:13 pm
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My 'family' is pretty cool! They gave me an Ikea tent, food and water bowls and a place to get out of the elements. The place where 'mama' works hosts a feral cat clinic the last Sunday of every month. I am going in next week to make sure I am already altered, get tested for FIV/FeLV, get frontlined and given shots. I am slowly making my way into their home and hearts. I think I've gotten the hearts element down already! They make a HUGE fuss over me all the time. I never miss getting fed, I even get canned food or treats sometimes. And I DO like those Temptation treats! Sometimes all 3 of them sit with me, sometimes its individual attention, but I'll take it. I LOVE gardening with the Mama! I help her any way I can! If she's digging to plant something, I help dig! If she weeds, I attack those weeds when she throws them aside! And I make sure she doesn't get bored when she is dead-heading the rose bushes! If she is wearing flip flops, I'm all over her toes! I'll bite the big toe on one foot and when she lifts that up, I bite the other foot! I make sure she gets her exercise. I'm good like that. I have been walking Mama to the door lately. That means going INSIDE the fenced area. I don't even care when the dogs are out there. I roll over, walk under them, play with a few of them. I'm starting to walk to the door and then I stop.
I get almost all the comforts of home.
I'll wait until they invite me in for good.

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