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From a Red Head's Point Of View

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Oh My OH MY It's My 4 Years In Heaven Anniversary

April 3rd 2014 8:42 am
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You know we redheads are super organized so when I was crossing The Rainbow Bridge, I really did take my Samsonite carryon full of some of my favorite heavenly necessities that every girl needs. Got my Cat-alendar with me, a bunch of organic nip toys and an all weather storm resistant pillow. A girl's gotta have her stuff.

This morning when I woke up in my Cloud Condo, my Cat-alendar Red Tooth devise (hey if I was a Russian Blue kitty I'd have a blue tooth I suppose) played "Over The Rainbow" and then announced "it's your bridge anniversary today Baci". Good reason to wake up and flap my wings and fly over to the Heavenly Cafe to have a sun infused catnip tea with my Angel buddies.

I never knew 4 years could go by so fast and good thing I'm not on Earth as I'd be almost 19 and probably on the search for anti-paw wrinkle creams. And I'm sure trying to train my son Guido the Italian Kitty would age me more - he was always never listening to me!

Carry on furiends & thank YOU for your sweet good wishes on this day.

Heavenly kitty hugs,


My Heavenly 17th Birthday

October 31st 2012 3:11 pm
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From up here at the Rainbow Bridge my cat eyes see through the famous San Franfuncisco FOG and peep down upon everybody - yes YOU who has made my 17th birthday very warm and special.

Wouldn't you know my flaming redheaded self popped out on Halloween a very long time ago and for a catzillion years my Momma tried to put little costumes on me but I'd wrestle her like a flaming redhead is famous for! Hey, October 31st is my birthday, not a day for putting me in a mouse cap or a purrriliant party dress like Glenda the good witch! Now I'm free of having to dress up and can just enjoy showing off my pretty red fur against the heavenly white clouds on my birthday.

Gonna pop over to Cloud #9 in a moment, grab a celestial crustless sandwich and probably enjoy an Angel Food Nip Cake too! You all take care and thank YOU for remembering my 17th birthday


Heavenly Roundup of Mews & News

April 3rd 2012 7:37 am
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Oh my Oh my OH MY! Now where did 2 years go to since I made the journey over The Rainbow Bridge? Things changed on earth for sure .... I hear nobody knows whether to believe the weatherman and Meow Mix brought back Morris's jingle, so I heard (meow meow meow meow!! Who would have ever believed that would happen in your lifetime.

But up here in the Heavens, things never ever change and we like it that way! No need to watch my food bowl levels as I can eat eat eat and it's neat neat neat. The Cloud 9 Cafeteria has an open door policy and we furs and feathered friends dine daily catching up on new guest arrivals, then we head over to Pawsative Pillow Pilates for a little exercise.

The Heavens Club has Solar Charged Star Cars to rent - we zoom down close to all of you and oh MY, we do check in to see what's going and purrhaps see who's new in the house and oh yes we always zap the newbie with a "Meowster Manners Manual". Then we zip back up to the Heavens for more heavenly activities.

So until next year, that's your Heavenly Roundup Mews & News reporting live from up here!
PURRS Galore!


Oh My! Oh My! OH MY!

November 7th 2011 8:29 pm
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My flaming redheaded self is still recuperating from all your wonderful Happy Birthday good wishes on October 31st. It wasn't Halloween - phew finally, I didn't have to don some miniature dog costume (benefits of being at The Bridge are that stuff is furbidden!)

it was my sweet 16th and I can't begin to say individual thanks to YOU, YOU and YOU too for abundant pawty zealies and messages of love, support and reports from Earth. Good thing my ol' heart is healed and healthy up here at The Bridge or I would have fainted and needed oxygen with your flood of fun birthday wishes.

Purrs Galore & Thank YOU for making my day so furry funtastic! Mwah - that's my heavenly kisses for wonderful YOU!


Imagine Being Born on Halloween!

October 30th 2011 9:35 pm
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Oh my OH MY! Being born on Halloween means every year when I was on earth I had to put on my kitty costume, smile and look like my rocking Redheaded self was REDiculously happy! Lemme tell ya, that being in Heaven now for my 2nd Halloween birthday is so Heavenly because I just wear my Red Angel wings. Oh yes, the Angel Wings are my daily kitty courture.

And up here, there is no rain or shine but we do dine!

There is no night or day, and we up here say hooray!

There is no need to Trick or Treat because life is so special and that's very neat.

Living up here on a cloud is just nice, there are no fur balls but we got clouds filled with heavenly mice!

Sometimes your friends down on earth forget you, but we up here say it's alright to do.

My 16th birthday will be a special one - hey I've been driving here in Heaven since day one! So no need for the drivers license and no need to be legal as we furs at The Bridge are with driving wings like an Eagle!

Happy Spooktacular Halloween wishes to all my friends and special Catster Pals, I do miss you (oh my OH MY I do)

Purrs Galore,


What's In Site For This MEW Year?

January 8th 2011 8:36 am
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Well my old furt self is not being REDiculous when I say EVERYTHING is in site when you're up here at The Bridge! Oh my OH MY I've got a real red robbin bird's eye view of everybody and you too (giggles).

I'm not looking at any diets this year because being an Angel means never gaining weight and no worries about being a full-figured feline like when I was on earth all those 14-1/2 yrs. Everything is "light" in the Heavenly Cafeteria so we eat eat eat and never look fat fat fat. Our chef offers a full 24/7 daily and night time buffet of foods on display labeled Light, Extra Light, Daytime Light, Nighty Night Light and Lights Out Light.

Well, I must go and pick up my red wings at the Cloud Cleaners and get busy flying around the world. Don't faint if you think you see a really red streak flying by your window or peeping thru a cloud in a sun ray - it's not REDiculous, because it's redheaded me!

Purrs Galore today and everyday,


Oh My OH MY!

October 17th 2010 9:49 am
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From up here at The Bridge, I see my son Guido the Italian Kitty has gone and entered his smitten kitten self in the 2010 World's Coolest" contest ... oh my OH MY what's a momma cat to do?

Campaign of course! So here's our foto (yes it's both of us in 1 "FUNNY FACE" foto!
Vote for GUIDO the Italian Kitty & Baci in the World's Coolest Contest

Sending heavenly purrs galore down your way!


Worldly Fall Report From The Bridge

September 21st 2010 2:17 pm
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Oh my OH MY I see leaves turning colors and my Redheaded self is starting to see right thru the big leafy tree branches in your yard, as the leaves fall to the ground this Fall and bare the branches. It's my 1st Fall at The Bridge and things are looking so colorful. Hmmm, let me check on my furiends over in New England: OH MY they're in a rainbow of color! Some leaves are as red as me.

Gazing down on my furiends in Hawaii and see no change, just the fabulous tropicatical palms blowing in the breezes and oh those beaches look like comfy litter boxes!

Now checking out my furiends in the Pacific Northwest ... Oh MY their tree leaves aren't quite ready to admit to Fall yet.

And down in Australia & New Zealand where my furiends catnap, Fall has come and gone - they're in Spring already!

Over in Switzerland, my furiends are bundled up because Fall is in the Alps air. So you see furiends, it's different everywhere but we all have that one thing in common - we all fall into Fall at one time or another. Purrs Galore!


Bizzi At The Bridge

July 15th 2010 1:33 pm
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Being the bizzi kitty I was on earth, I knew I needed to keep bizzi when I crossed The Bridge April 3rd, so I immediately signed up my paws to be on the "Warm Winged Welcome" Committee. I'm bizzi as so many of my pals are taking trips here, but that's nice as we get to catch up and get all the earthly gossip.

Yesterday I welcomed my gal pal Emily Felicity from Oklahoma and oh my, OH MY it was so nice to see her. Got her unpacked, moved her into her new Cumulus Cloud Condo, we then shared a light meal in the Cloud-a-teria and she filled out the forms for Heavenly WI-FI so she can communicate with the furmily.

Life at The Bridge is wonderful - I must admit I love being light-weighted, don't miss getting on the scale. It's great mousing as the Clouds are filled with mouse herds, birdies flying zig zaggy every where, and I love the humungous sun rays and there is no night time - it's just life at The Bridge. And the best part is getting those weekend sneak out passes to visit my FURSband Redd Catt - oh how I luv my Hunk O' Man Catt!

Ta Ta for now! Off to welcome another new fur.


Whirling Around With My New Red Wings

April 14th 2010 11:19 am
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Phew! Let me tell you it's not so easy getting adjusted to life over The Bridge but things are going well and nothing is REDiculous up here. In almost 2 weeks I've been thru abundant orientations and here's some purrrsonal insight to Life At The Bridge...

1- There is never ever a WiFi purroblem - the service is heavenly!

2- It's like a great Theatre front row seat as I can see everyone, all the time.

3- No need for those tedious long lined Friday visits to the Bank to get cash for the weekend as up here, we just say "Charge It" and the Accountacat takes care of it.

4- Sleeping is glorious as there are no firetrucks careening down the street or honking taxis wizzing by during my beauty resting time. I'm slumbering with non-interrupted catnaps.

5- Flying is a new venue being my paws never ever left the ground before . Now my ol' red self is now a Yungun red self, light as a feather and there's no stopping my flight schedules. I always file a flight plan so the Catviator Control Tower Crew knows where I'm flying, and I'm zipping around cloud to cloud testing out my very Redheaded red wings. (ohhh they match my Garnet wedding ring from my beloved fursband, Redd Catt).

6- Sun rays are everywhere and I never worry now if the famous San Franfuncisco Fog is about to arrive at my window and block my sunning.

7- Like a great antioxidant cream for mature meowster skin, the air up here is healing, nourishing and has erased away all my Olde Furt wrinkles. I feel Purrky!

That's my insight to Life At The Bridge and again, I thank YOU for your abundant notes, sweet gifts and outpurring of support to my furmily. Sending heavenly Purrs Galore from me to you:)

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