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Now Where Did That Year Go To??

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Yee Haw From The Heavens

February 11th 2015 9:46 am
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Looking at my iCloud Calendar today and yee haw, today is my Angel Anniversary. I travelled up here today in 2012 when that dang FIP thing got me.

My Cowboy Kitty Chuckwagon is still traveling the clouds and wheels never need to be serviced like when I was on the Earth. The bird watching is plentiful and my lil lips chatter away when the birds soar overhead. And everybody has wings, not just the birdies!

Today is another great day up here: no bad weather frizzing my fur and no wondering whether to eat that or not cuz the Heavenly Cafe is calorie free foods.

Can ya hear my Yee Haw down there??


Heavens To Earth Message!

February 21st 2014 2:32 pm
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Yee Haw! When I was reading my Cloud Nine MEWSpaper this morning I about popped my paws when I saw I had been selected a DDP today.

So I slid into my cowboy kitty boots, saddled up my wonder ponies and we galloped cloud to cloud in the Cowboy Kitty Chuck Wagon cuz we're amazed my little Yolo County kitty self could be a DDP at Catster! Itza honor.

Now I tips my cowboy hat and thanks all of you sweet kind furs who sent me the super neato news, gifties and fine messages of concats on this furry special day. Psssst - did ya know YOLO was the "word of the year for 2013"? Yee Haw life is pawsome!


Working My Cowboy Kitty PAWS From Up Here In Heaven

February 11th 2014 7:23 pm
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Amazing, just simply AMAZING that up here in Heaven we don't have day or night or fear or fright. We don't have weight gains nor are we weighted down by stress or the fear of being less. We don't have to watch the clock but we do have comfy clouds that the sun can block.

Life is amazing up here in Heaven and yesterday was my 2nd annifursary since that darned creepy FIP got me. But like the food chain of life, things go on and on and I was sure to put a kitty in my former house so nobody would have a sad frown.

With my direct Heavenly connections I sent Grazie to live with my brofur Guido - but OH NO it turned out to be just so so. OH yesiree, Grazie put his Yolo County Cowboy Kitty paw down, saying "no more foggy days for me - get me on a jet plane to days that are fog free!

So on October 9th Grazie relocated to San Diego to live with our pal Dusty the Dog Cat - my catster buddy of years. You should have seen our Mommas, they were loaded with tears!

Then I put my Heavenly Can Do Changes Machine into full force - when I sent a lil girl kitty to live with Guido - but of course! So now Grappa and Guido are living the life Italiana divine and I thinks it's so yee haw perfect and absolutely divine!

YOU - yes YOU have all warmed my heart this week with abundacat gifts, love and sweet thoughts to think. So much attention my heavenly self is turning pink!

Gonna hitch up my Cowboy Kitty Chuck wagon to the mule team and head out onto the range - it's my life as a Cowboy Kitty and not at all strange. Yee Haw! AND happy trails to you - thanks for being my Catster and Dogster friends cuz life would have been lonely without YOU.


Yee Haw From The Heavens

February 11th 2013 9:09 am
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Yesiree & Yee Haw, I've been up here at The Rainbow Bridge for a whole giganticat year now and today is my annifursary of taking my Cowboy Kitty chuck wagon and heading out.

I have a great view from up here - never get fogged out or snowed in, and my Cowboy Kitty chuck wagon wheels never need repairing or greasing anymore, they just roll along smooth like.

It's been an amazing Yee Haw year and did you know that the #6 mostest popular coolest neato super dooper Yee Haw word of 2012 was YOLO? Yesiree, my name was voted that and its an amazing acronym for "You Only Live Once" - well my flaming redhead self could have told someone that! Read ALL About My Name Right Here!

Gotta mosey over to Cloud # 6 to round up some heavenly mice then gonna kick back on a warm puffy cloud and chillax in a golden sunny ray with my Cowboy Kitty boots up on the table! Now that's something I couldn't get away with down on Earth!

Yee Haw!
YOLO the Cowboy Kitty


Heavenly Yee Haw Thanks!

October 4th 2012 6:19 pm
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Oh neato and super dooper that so many wonderful furiends, Yes YOU, remembered my birthday today. My momma was letting those girl eye drops drip a bit today (pssst, seems she just misses me always), when she was remembering I would have turned 5, yeseriee, Me & that cool animal loving dude St. Francis share the same birthday! He's just a catzillion more years older but he's cool and doesn't act too Senior.

From my heavenly heart, comes my joyous thanks to YOU, and YOU, and YOU too for all the gifties, the compassionate notes, the gifts of love and your rooting tooting friendship, on earth and in Heaven.

I've been up here at The Bridge since February and got my Cowboy Kitty Chuck Wagon working well and got the 4 rickety wooden wheels replaced with "Wing Wheels" so no more greasing the wheels or breaking down.

I luvs you all! Yee Haw life is good,


Wonderful Heavenly Yee Haw Magic

February 22nd 2012 5:04 pm
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Yee Haw! Wait till you hear what I've done with my magic Angel radar wand - I connected a cutie YOLO County kitty (like me) to my brofur Guido and hee haw, oops I mean Yee Haw, he's now teaching the yungun and Guido is smiling! I just hated to see Guido crying those EyeTailYun tears when I departed so best to work my brofurly magic and get him someone to wrestle with.

Giddy yup on over, cuz y'all gotta go and meet GRAZIE cuz he's just 10 months yungun and from the same place I was from - Yolo County SPCA. Neato to be working magic from up here in Heaven and seeing the Tear Tanks dry up and super dooper smiles in my ol' house.

Gotta board my heavenly cowboy kitty chuckwagon for a sunrise ride over to a new Cloud Comewnity.

Stop by and meet Grazie.


Heavenly Cowboy Kitty Update

February 18th 2012 11:00 am
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Yee Haw ! Me and my Cowboy Kitty Chuck Wagon made it over The Rainbow Bridge on Caturday Feb 11th an we're just up above the Oh Zone layers, enjoying the first week here. Good news: I didn't need to get fitted with Wings because my Chuck Wagon got outfitted with them (replaced the old rickety wheels with nice new wings, so I'm driving all over the place with ease.

It was a ruff and tuff week fur shure to get here to this lovely place and I wanna shout out a very large THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Yes, to all of my furiends and their pawrents and furiends here and near and furiends afar - some on stars. Your warmth, kindness, support, luv, smiles, candles lit, healing hugs, pawsative poems and the huge Power of the Paws was shure something to behold. Me and my momma and my brofur Guido were stunned to see the outpouring of concern and luv from YOU.

No way can I thank each of you purrrsonaly but I shure can sprinkle Furiends Furever heavenly dust upon you from up here as you will always be in my Cowboy Kitty heart - yesiree.
Luv frum above,


Got My Heavenly Appointment

February 10th 2012 8:41 am
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Yee Haw! I've made my appointment to cross The Rainbow Bridge on Caturday February 11th. So I'm shining up my Cowboy Chuck Wagon and gonna read the instructions on how to fly it when I've always only driven it. THis is going to be an experience for my Cowboy Kitty self.

Yes the dreaded FIP disease has done me in - but I hear I'm a miracle meowster having lived with it to the ripe ol' age of 4-1/2.

Momma is donating my body to the San Francisco SPCA Hospital where my tissues are going to be used in FIP research and amazingly the research program is being done with the University of California in Davis. And, that school is in YOLO COunty - so it's good. I hope my tissues will be helping others - it's like a good reason to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

So adios amigos and y'all carry on and please drop by my brofur's place one in a while, as I kinda worry bout him without me being round to keep his paws on the ground (hee hee)

Yee Haw!
Yolo the Cowboy Kitty who moved to the City


Cowboy Kitty In Need Of Powerful Healing Purrs

February 8th 2012 9:07 am
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What's worst than a wheel breaking on my cowboy kitty chuck wagon? Getting sick and not knowing what it is. On Toosday I went in a speeding taxi cab to emergency V.E.T hospital with all State of the Art equipments to diagnose why I'm not eating and weak and not playing with my brofur Guido.

I got poked prodded re-poked twisted untwisted and shaved too! Seems I got a volcano sized infection in my Cowboy Kitty tummy and a river of fluid around my tummy that's not supposed to be there. I likes my Dr alot - heeza believes in combining western and other medicine so at the end of my 9 hrs visit (I never got to catnap), he did the Accupooky needles treatment to bring my hot Man Cat bod temp down to norm.

Guido and Me are biting all our nails waiting for 1 analysis (oh boy that's a big word for my Cowboy Kitty self!) today and another on Monday. So can you purr cuz I believes in the Power of the Paw - yesiree I do. My YEE Haw is a little weak right now, but I'm not giving up so I can get back on the range in my Cowboy Kitty chuck wagon.


Casting Call For MAN CATS

January 1st 2012 8:49 pm
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IF you're not a girl cat, and you really like doing Man Cat kind of stuff like Construction and of course Deconstruction, then boy oh boy, oh gosh I mean Man oh Man, have I got the place for you! It's
MAN CATS AT WORK - No Girl Cats Allowed and we've a whole new look launched on the 1st day of the MEW Year.

Start your MEW Year off on the right Paw and join this manly bunch of handsome Man Cats (hey how else can we be described?) You can order your free Hard Hat to purrtect yur good looking self from the construction dust and stuff & we guys stop working for hunky hee-man sized lunches too. Hope to see you over there. irl_cats_allowed-17484

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