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Kira's Pounces, Purrs & Meows

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I am so good!

February 8th 2012 5:19 am
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Mommy had to take me to see Mr. Vet Man yesterday afternoon. I have been throwing up my food lately and Mommy was getting worried. On exam Mr. Vet Man says I am in great health and I weight a whopping 8.1 pounds. Hard to believe I can take on Spitz during our wrestling matches as he is almost 20 pounds. I may be little, but I am mighty. The vet man suspects I may have IBS. I got a cortisone shot. If I do not throw up for 3 weeks then Mr. Vet man says that means IBS is my problem and that this would also explain my need to chew on everything. All of us cats were chewers as kittens but I am the only one that has not grown out of it. I chew on cords (Sorry about the surround system wires Daddy) and the berber carpet (sorry about the hole I put in the carpet by the stairs Mommy) basically anything I can get my mouth on. Mommy thought maybe I was having problems with my teefies but Mr. Vet Man says that cats with IBS tend to chew on things as we are trying to fill our bellies. If I do have IBS things around here will have to change because I will be on a special diet. No more free feeding. This news will kill Sweetie & Spitz.
Mommy says I am the bestest cat to take to the vets. My brother is the worse! He screams, marks his crate & causes a ruckus at Mr. Vet Man’s office. Sweetie & Klemy are loud meowers, so loud Mommy can barely think with all the noise they make. Me? I squeak quietly in my crate on the car ride and then sit calmly in Mommy’s lap at Mr. Vet Man’s office. I am the purrfect patient.


Cat of the Month!

February 1st 2011 5:59 am
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Dear Diary,
Mommy woke me out of a deep sleep this morning to tell me I was cat of the month at the “4 the Love of Cats” group. Then Mommy showed me my Catster page so I could see the huge trophy gift Fluff the group leader left on my page. It’s huge! The trophy contained a picture of me which is gonna be my main picture for February. I am purring with excitement! Thank you so much! This is gonna be a pawsome month!



January 18th 2011 5:12 am
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Dear Diary,
It is midnight, Mommy, Klemy Q-Tip & Sophie Bean are all snuggled in bed and dreaming away. Daddy is down stairs in his office busy on the computer. The house is quiet except for the hum of the fish filter and Sophie Bean snoring. This is our time, time for Sweetie, Spitz & I to go wild. We run, we pounce, we wrestle, we chase each other, the night is ours!...Until we wake up Mommy and she demands an explanation of how 3 small cats can sound like a herd of buffalo dancing on a tin floor?


Cat of the Week!

March 12th 2010 5:09 am
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I am purring big time because I found out that I am the Cat of the Week at the 4 the Love of Cats group. I got a special picture, a trophy gift on my catster page, a picture on the group page and I am included in the cat of the week video. I feel so special and honored. Thank you so much for picking me!
Irish kisses to my cat friends.


Missing a friend....

February 27th 2010 12:09 pm
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Today is a sad day. We are mourning the death of a dear friend. After 4 years as a member of our family, Jeffie the Fishy has passed away. Jeffie lived with a deformity but still swam as fast as any other fishy out there. Jeffie the Fishy like to nip at our kitty cat tongues as we took our daily drink from his bowl. Jeffie the Fishy never complained when we used his bowl to bathe. Nobody can ever fill his bowl. Jeffie the Fishy, you will be truly missed. Our hearts and kitchen counter is empty without you.


Tails of fun...

January 8th 2010 4:58 am
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I have a new addiction. Forget all the toy mice, the feathers on a string, fuzzy balls, laser lights and cat nip sacks, I now love to chase my tail. It is the funniest toy ever! Who knew? It has been there all this time just waiting for me to discover it.


I am a finalist!!!!

November 21st 2009 5:18 am
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My dog sister, Sophie Bean has been running around the house barking about her sports fan picture being a finalist in the Dogster 5th Annual World’s Coolest Dog Show. Then Klemy announced that 2 of my pictures are finalist in the 5th Annual World’s Coolest Cat Show. I have a picture in the Naughty & Sleeper category. I thought Sophie Bean would be upset about me sharing the limelight with her, but instead Sophie Bean starting running around the house barking that we are both finalist. She and the rest of my family are very proud of me. I have purring non stop ever since I found out. This is such a huge honor. I can’t thank everybody enough for voting for me and making me a finalist. I knew being naughty would some how pay off. I do have to give Jeffie the fish some credit. Without him the naughty picture would never have happened.


Chew on this...

October 9th 2009 6:02 am
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I like to chew! It is what I do! Mommy says I chew 100 times more then a litter of teething Saint Bernard puppies.
A week or so ago Mommy found out the extent of my chewing, the casualties? 5 speaker wires from Daddy’s surround system. I chewed them all right in half and had started on the electrical cord to the system. Mommy had to take the entire system apart and move it downstairs so she could put the wires under the molding, out of my sight. I did not spare the cable wire either, it has a big chunk missing out of it too.
Electrical cords are not the only thing I love to chew on, I also get very excited about chewing on the carpet. I pull one loop out at a time and chew it in to a scraggly thread and then I move on the next loop. I was working on a masterpiece on the upstairs carpet, but when Mommy found out what I was doing she put a piece of plexi glass over it.
I got a stern lecture about chewing things I should not and how millions of cats all over the world have no toys to play with and I have an entire jungle gym for cats with 2 toy boxes. All I heard was Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. Once the lecture ended, I went straight upstairs, pushed aside the plexi glass and continued to work on my master piece with the help of my sister, Sweetie. I have been teaching her how to master the art of chewing.


Catster Diary Pick...

September 10th 2009 4:43 am
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Hazel Lucy just meowed my way to let me know that I am one of the Catster Diary Picks of the Day! I am so excited! I feel so special!
I have been being a great Mommy and watching over my new kittens. For those of you that do not know, My Mommy rescued a litter of kittens and their Mama. The Mama cat has been spayed and released back outside. Don’t worry about Mama Cat, she stays at our neighbors house and gets fed very well. 4 of the kittens have pawsome new homes, but Spit Fire & Sweetie have decided to stay here which I am thrilled about. At first my Mommy worried Klemy & I would not accept having two bundles of kitten energy around here, but I decided to take over the Mother role for the kittens. Klemy Q-Tip on the other paw not thrilled at all. In fact she hates the kittens, which has caused a huge problem for me. I love my sister, but I can not have her hissing at my kittens and scaring them. There have been a couple of incidents between me & Klemy because of this. Klemy knows she is bigger & meaner then me, in fact I didn’t have a mean bone in my body till now and I think Klemy is a little freaked out about the fact I am protecting my kittens and willing to beat her up to do so. Klemy will come around eventually. Klemy ignored the kittens from day one. She figured if she didn’t see them they did not exist. Now that they have free range in the house most of the day she can’t really ignore them so I need to be alert and ready for Klemy and her bad attitude. I also have to keep an eye on Sophie Bean as she can be a little rough with my kittens, but Mommy always has my back and takes care of the pup when needed..


My new kittens...

September 1st 2009 1:21 pm
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The last couple of days have been very busy for me. Mommy has let my kittens wander the entire house while Sophie Bean is outside. Sophie Bean seems to think my kittens are toys. Sadie Boo is allowed to play with my kittens as she is tail wagging happy to see them and they move a lot faster then that old dog. Yes, you saw what I have been typing, “My Kittens”. I know it is medical impossible for me to give birth and that they are not my biological kittens, but in my heart they are mine to love & protect. The love part is easy, the protect part is a challenge. Klemy has ignored the kittens up until now, I guess she decided if she doesn’t see them then they do not exists. That was an easy task when they were upstairs, but now that they are checking out their new home they tend to run into Klemy every so often and when that happens the fur flies! I will not tolerate Klemy even looking crossed eyed at my babies! This morning I let the entire house…No, make that the entire neighborhood know that I was upset when Klemy growl, hissed and attempted to swat at one of my babies. I puffed up to twice my size and the noise that came out of my little mouth would make a rottweiler run the other way. Mommy heard this and came running down just in time to see me chasing Klemy downstairs where she was cowering in fear. Mommy was shocked. Klemy has never feared any cat or dog. Mommy has seen Klemy make Sophie Bean live in fear of her paw lashing. Now it is I, Kira, the sweet loving cat that has become protector and new Mommy to the kittens. MOL! Mommy thought I wouldn’t like having kittens in the house. Who knew?

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