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Pee's Purrrssss

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Thank you for making my 44th birthday a happy one!

June 17th 2013 10:17 am
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My dear friends!

Thank you for celebrating my 44th birthday with me on Saturday! Special rosies and beautiful pictures given by sweet and generous friends made my day a happy one and keep my sweet memories alive! I wonder… is anyone else as *old* as I am? (besides mom) MOL MOL!

I am sending love and rainbow light from the Bridge today to all, and wishing my Catster friends a lovely day today.


I am 42 years old today!

June 15th 2011 11:43 am
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Okay... well I am celebrating 18 Earth years and 24 Bridge years, but am always a kitten at heart!

I sure am glad to be here to be remembered... mom sure loved me as a little girl. Now I smile into her heart every day and I thank her for keeping my love alive through Catster.

Happy angel purrsss and thank you all fur celebrating my Big Day!



through the magic of Catster, Angels get to play too!

August 1st 2010 11:44 am
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MOL This is my very furst tag game!! And guess who tagged me?? My goodest BFF furever, MISTY!

Here goes!

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?
On Earth I never did, but I come to my mom in her dreams… she wakes up smiling…

2. Do you ever tear up things?
I did have a penchant for the couch… teehee and boy did I get in trouble for it. I’d been a good girl ever since (pretty much)

3. What is your favorite treat?
I ate dry Friskies food, and I loved it. In order to enjoy my favorite treat, I had to catch it myself, which I loved doing too

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?
Nope - I was never into that. But when I hunted, I did it with relish! I loved to hunt and brought (fetched) home many a treat… MOL

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?
Other than the Bridge where I live now, I had only one lifelong Earth home, which I LOVED!

Now, let's see I think I will tag Muffin and Madison


I am 41 years old today!

June 15th 2010 5:40 am
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What? You’ve never seen a 41 year old kitty before?! MOL! Well, okay… I AM 41, but that would be 18 Earth years plus 23 Bridge years! Teehee! :)

I sure had a long and wonderful life on Earth, and have enjoyed many beautiful years here at the Rainbow Bridge… I’ve met, greeted and welcomed so very many friends here. The adjustments can be difficult for those that have lost us, and I send heartfelt purrs of comfort to you. We recently lost my brofur Bo, and our humans are coping and healing. It is okay, mom and everyone; life could not be better here at the Beautiful Bridge!

Thank you Catster for letting me live on, not only in my mom’s heart, but throughout the site celebrating the joys of life and my heavenly life with all of my Catster and Dogster friends! Won’t you all come celebrate with me? I’ll be dancing on a cloud today, opening my paws and spilling sparkling Angel Dust upon my Earth friends and spreading shimmering brilliant rainbows across the sky. Look up: Do you see?

Come join me in a celebration of all of our lives lived and loved!


My Sisfur Eve

February 17th 2010 8:09 am
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My dear furrend Scarlett posted a most important diary entry. She is so articulate that I "stole" it and am reporting it too. Please dear furrends, it is very important that my sisfur Eve's death not be in vain.

From our dear Angel Scarlett:

All the Bridge Angels were celebrating today because the Cat's Meow featured our darling Angel Eve!!! Her story has touched the hearts of caring people around the world. Quite an accomplishment for one little kitten!

Meowmy wanted me to post an update. She and Mommy Terry, along with friends and supporters of Eve's, have written to the government officials mentioned below. As of today, they have received a total of 0 responses. It seems Eve's mommies and their furriends are being ignored by those in a position to help improve the situation at Okefenokee Humane Society.

In Eve's memory, all the Bridge Angels are asking any of you who can to contact these people, asking for an inquiry into Eve's case and conditions at OHS. If enough voices are raised, perhaps we will be heard. We'll be sprinkling angel dust for luck!!!

Tommy Irvin, GA State Agriculture Commissioner:

Mary Green, Head of Animal Protection at GA Dept.of Agriculture
(Note: The email link is no longer working. Perhaps a FAX or phone call would be even more effective.)
Tele: (404) 656-4914
Fax: (404) 463-8195

Dr. Blount - A vet serving on the Board of Directors of OHS. He has been sent the complete story of Eve, her photo, and a copy of the petition. He has yet to respond either to Terry or me.

Gail Boyd, Ware Co. Manager: I wrote her asking for her help in contacting the Board of Directors of the OHS. I explained Eve's story. No response.

Ware County Commission: These people oversee the elusive OHS Board of Directors and deal with their budget. This link has emails and contact information for at least some of the Commission.

T hank you and bless you all~


Me? DOTD?!! What a WONDERFUL surprise!

June 18th 2009 5:36 am
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I swooped in from the Beautiful Bridge this morning to find that I'm DOTD today!

Thank you HQ for awarding this prestigious honor to me today! I have never been in the spotlight before; oh this is so exciting! Please come all and enjoy my day-long celebration, following my furtastic 40th birthday celebration on Monday!

If you take a moment to visit my page, not only would I be honored, but I would also enjoy sharing a giggle with you. In those old black and white photos, that is mom's Radio Flyer wagon MOL MOL MOL! She sure looked funny push-pedaling that thing around the patio! teehee!

Rainbow purrs and angel hugs! Wishing everyone a happy and blessed day from the Rainbow Bridge!


I am 40 years old!

June 17th 2009 9:53 am
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On Monday 6/15 I celebrated my 40th birthday! I bet I’m the oldest cat on Catster MOL! I was born in 1969, and Catster only goes back to 1970! *giggle*

I lived for 18 happy, carefree years on Earth, and am celebrating my 22nd wonderful year at the Beautiful Bridge. I have enjoyed meeting , greeting and helping my new friends get acquainted here. Life flourishes at the Bridge where we are all healthy, young and happy, frolicking about the fragrant catnip fields and playing aside trout laden streams. The rainbows by day and by night (yes- nighttime rainbows!) are stunning. There is something so peaceful and calming about being here.

I wish to thank all of my friends for making my milestone birthday a joyous event; one which I will remember and keep in my heart always! I also wish to thank my lovely friends for all of their kind sentiments and gifts on my special day. My return gift to my Earth friends is to smile down upon them, sprinkle them with Angel Dust, make the stars twinkle brightly and to watch over you all with smiles and love. Though I’m now 40 years old, I will always be a kitten…

*looks down and smiles* Until we meet again, dear Earth family~


Rainbow Roses!

November 25th 2008 2:02 pm
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Oh dearest diary! I am so giddy right now! My sweet friend RIPPEY gave me the most lovely rainbow roses, the biggest most beautiful bouquet I've ever seen! Why, I can hardly lift them! MOL They must be in honor of our newfound friendship at the Rainbow Bridge... I sure am glad my sisfur Oreo told me about you, RIPPEY... Sometimes little sisfurs aren't as horrible as we make them out to be after all!

Thank you, sweetest RIPPEY, maybe I'll need all 35 pounds of you and your strong paws to help me put them all in a vase? teehee!
I feel like a little kitten again!



November 23rd 2008 1:47 pm
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They say that if you want to capture someone's attention.... just whisper. Another way is to reveal a secret. I am writing in my diary today to share..... SECRETS!!!!!! Oh happy joyous day... I have secrets!

I am one of the quiet ones in my family, and yet, somehow, I've made... *blush* a connection! Luckiest me! I happened upon a sweet Catster friend quite by accident on Thursday. My loudmouth sisfur Oreo was partying with her SWEETEST, one of her BESTEST friends, loudmouth Theeeoooo..... and it came about that he has an angel brofur, RIPPEY who is, single. As I am as well. So Theo and Oreo got to chatting about Rippey and me, and Oreo told me all about it. I was quite excited! So, I boldly sent Rippey a pmail, to which he immediately responded, AND sent me a rose! *blush* I am feeling GIDDY! Like a kitten again!
Everybody calls me "Pee"... but.... Rippey calls me SweetPee!!! *BLUSHES FURIOUSLY* I am so giddy and dizzy with my head in the clouds I don't know what to do!
So.... dearest diary, that is one...yes ONE of my secrets. That I may have an admirer???? Cutest Rippey..... *sighs and blushes again*

But! That is only part of the secrets... for I have a secret up MY sleeve for cutest Rippey!!! Yes, granted, I'm still working on it and I'm hoping it works out. Well, it WILL work out, but I won't reveal my secret until it's for certain. Teehee! Am I driving you crazy, Rippey? :)
A lady never reveals her secrets until the proper time! Until then, thank you for the attention and for making me feel alive and silly! More later I'm sure... dearest diary, thank you for listening to me!
*excited silly purrsss*
GOSH! for for a kitty almost 40 years old, I feel like a giddy li'l kitten again! WOOHOOO!!!!


I was tagged by Madison, my Earth adopted sisfur!

August 29th 2008 7:27 am
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I was tagged by my Earth adopted twin sisfur, MADI! I need to list six things I DON'T LIKE!!!! heeheeheeee! So, you list six things that you don't like then tag six others! This is tough for me, since I left for the Bridge so very long ago, so I’ve been doing my best to remember- MOL! So, here goes....

1. BATHS. OMC, my mom used to LOVE to give me baths. How useless and how pointless!
2. Other cats (except my boyfriend Tennessee)
3. Mom’s friends when they came over. Screeching giggly little girls! Eeeeek, *runs and hides*
4. Not being let into the living room. REALLY! They didn’t let me go in the living room! (I don’t know why)
5. Using the kitty box. Fortunately I was an outside kitty and could go where I pleased!
6. The vacuum cleaner

Now I tag............

1. Peek A Boo
2. Baby
3. Callie
4. Maxi
5. Pippin
6. Rascal

Hope you all will play!

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