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Weezo's Whiskers

Winter is coming!

October 29th 2005 4:54 pm
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Boy, it's getting colder outside. Thank goodness I get to go into the shop and sleep on the couch if Petie hasn't beat me to the punch. He and I don't get along too well. He's such a brat! I was here first--then he came along!

I know Mommy likes me the best. She lets me get up on her lap when she's working in the shop on her artwork. Do you think people will mind if they see some cat hairs stuck on their horsie sculptures?

She likes it when I talk to her when I'm on her lap. I like to rest my paws on her chest while I meow repeatedly until she pets me. It doesn't take long for her to show me some attention---about the 2nd meow she starts stroking my head and back.

I must not forget to tell Mommy and Daddy to set back their clocks tonight before they go to bed. They said it had to do something with saving the daylight. Or was that losing the daylight? I think they said I get one more hour of sleep tonight and that's ok in my book!

Well, it's getting late and I need to stake out my claim to the couch. I think it's going to be another cold one tonight and I'm not sharing it with Petie! Meow!


Spring is in the air

March 19th 2005 6:49 am
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Dear Diary,

I can tell that Spring is in the air. The smell is so fresh--all the buds on the trees are in bloom and they're sooo pretty!

I caught a rat the other day. Mommy was so proud of me! She lets me sleep on the bed at night, even though I'm technically an outside cat. I'm not going to remind her of that while I have a good thing going.

This morning as soon as Mommy rolled over on her stomach, I quickly sprang onto her back and stayed there until Bud and Sparky wanted to go outside to go poddy. Darn! I was so comfortable! At that point, I figured that I'd get up too, and go outside to go poddy. Maybe I'll catch another rat or maybe a mouse. Or maybe I'll just sneak back in and go hide in the carriage, which is my favorite napping spot! Either way--I can't lose!


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