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Day in the life of Q-tip

Scaredy Cats!

January 6th 2009 5:18 pm
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Oh boy did my brothers and I have a TERRIBLE EXPIERENCE!! We were sleeping the day away on our red chair like usual, when the bloody fire alarm went off again. It likes to go off a lot right in the middle of a nice cat nap. Usually everyone, including my mom, ignores it since it is usually just a practice alarm, or someone pulled it to be funny (I really don't think being waken up from a cat nap is funny!). I looked over at my mom to see what she was doing, and I could sense something was wrong right away! She looked over at Russell and said “I smell smoke this time!” They both jumped up and started running around like they lost their marbles! I could smell this nasty smell in the air that my mom sometimes makes when she tries to cook. But there was lots of it this time! My mom ran and grabbed the dreaded cat carrier that she takes me to the vet into. Russell opened the door that I’m not allowed to go out, the one that leads to the mysterious outside world. Once he saw all the smoke for himself he slammed it shut, and threw on his jacket quicker than I’ve ever seen. My mom was so worried about me and my brothers, she didn’t grab her jacket until the last minute. We were so freaked out since we have never seen my mom and Russell act so crazy. Before I knew it, mom picked me up and shoved me into the cat carrier. Then I looked up and my brother Fidget’s butt was right in my face! My mom had shoved him in there too since we only have one carrier! I don't know what Porker was doing, I just know he was more scared than all of us. He really frustrated Russell and my mom because he didn’t cooperate very well. We didn’t know why we had to cooperate quite frankly, I just know my mom likes it when I do. Two seconds later, we were out the door! Out the door I'm no allowed to go through. Then as we approached the staircase, the handle my mom was holding on the cat carrier broke! Luckily my mom reacted quick enough to catch the us before we hit the ground. I have never seen my mom run so fast down the stairs! We live on the eighth floor of our apartment building and we were at the bottom in what seemed like a blink of an eye! We passed a firefighter on the way down who was coming up the stairs. As he was climbing he fell up the stairs! Mom didn’t think it was funny, but we did hehe. As soon as we were downstairs away from the heat and smoke, there was a big rush of FREEZING COLD WIND. My mom had taken us outside where we waited for a while. We were so scared, since everything happened so fast they we didn’t move or cry or anything. After what seemed like forever in the cold (only five-ten minutes human time) we got to go wait in the lobby where there were lots of other people. We were the only pets in the lobby. We waited there for about an hour where mom have us pats and told us we were good and everything was going to be okay. Man it was getting crowded in that little carrier with Fidget, but we didn’t complain. We knew mom was just doing what was best for us. Then we finally got to go upstairs to our home. The walk up the eight flights of stairs certainly seemed a lot longer than when mom was going down them. when we got upstairs( thankfully nothing burned in our apartment, mom opened the carrier door. Mom tired to pull us out, but the smells were so different we were to scared. After a couple minutes, I realized my mom wouldn’t open the door if it wasn’t safe, and everything looked familiar, so my brother and I came out. I sent him out first so he could tell me everything was okay. Once he did I came out. Then we got lots of treats, hugs and kisses and they promised they would never put us through that again for hopefully a very long time!


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