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Mayhem's Life

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Furiendly Pets

August 8th 2016 7:39 pm
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Mommy has created me a profile page at Furiendly Pets so I don't lose the voice I've had here. Please come join us....>^..^< Mayhem


One last word...

July 6th 2016 7:59 pm
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Well, it looks like the ride is over...Catster will be gone on 7/12. The first time me and mommy heard this sort of news was a little over two years ago. We frantically tried to find ways to not lose our friends. Pets4Pals...Facebook....etc. Well, we found many of you and truly count our blessings! Now, today they said it again but, this time, it's for real. Thank you to each of you for being our friends both here and on Facebook! Don't be sad because it's over, happy, because it happened! I'll be seeing you around! Silent purrs and quiet prayers Catster!

So, for the last time.....>^..^< Mayhem and her mommy Mary


My Birthday

April 15th 2016 6:50 pm
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MEOW! I can't believe mommy is letting me write in Catster!!!! I want to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday presents! It's nice to know that some of my friends are still here! >^..^


My Birthday

April 15th 2015 7:53 pm
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I just want to thank everyone for the beautiful birthday pressies that decorate my page friends are wonderful! >^..^< Mayhem


Another day another try

October 2nd 2014 4:13 pm
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Okay...I got mommy to try to get on here and see if Catster will work for me today!'s been a long time! I love chatting with my friends and their families on Facebook and it has been wonderful getting to know everyone but, I just wanted to see if Catster would work. Me and mommy seem to be permanently logged in if we use a specific browser so we did not have to change any passwords or anything yet; which is probably a good thing as mommy cannot remember what password she used to get in here to start, if anything goes wrong....I guess we are sunk! I do not want to write a lot...cause if this doesn't post I do not want to have wasted mommy's, lets see if this works! Paws crossed!
Nice to chat with you all....
>^..^< Mayhem and her mommy Mary


OMC...we got onto Catster without getting frustrated!

July 12th 2014 8:17 am
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Mommy and me really did not think we would ever be writing another diary entry in Catster...we were all set to give up. But, somehow we got in here today without mommy getting frustrated and wanting to pull her hair out so, since we are here I asked her to let me speak. I speak on Facebook now all the time...sometimes I even let mommy speak through my Kitty King page. There we have a love/hate relationship as she takes my picture all the time and gives me little peace. From time to time there I get my revenge....MOL...and post a picture of her. Many of my friends here we are friends with also on has been really fun to get to know you all there too! Mommy and me posted both there and here just a short while back that our last diary entry here might really be our LAST one...but, so many of you, my dearest friends, and now my mommy's dearest friends there, quickly rallied and shared your thoughts to our post there so that we came onto Catster try...just one more time. If mommy gets this diary entry written and posted without any problems we are here to stay until Catster leaves us. Purrs and headbonks dear friends...>^..^< Mayhem and her mommy Mary


Pretty weary of fighting this Catster site >^..^

July 3rd 2014 9:38 am
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We wrote this in our friend Platelicker's comments to one of his recent diary entries but wanted to post it here as part of my diary: Mommy is so tired of trying to work with the numerous issues with Catster! We all really did lose Catster months ago, when they said we were going to. Nothing has worked well since. We miss our Catster only friends but are grateful that we found many of you on Facebook. Dang...a missing cat, missing pictures,error messages and fleas have gotten us weary...maybe we will check here from time to time...if Catster will let us...maybe, we won't...maybe it is time to just say good bye...>^..^< Mayhem and a weary mommy Mary who really used to love letting Mayhem speak to her friends :(


Strange to write something on Catster....

June 19th 2014 4:09 pm
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Hi everyone! It's me, Mayhem...long time no been's just too hard to get in....too unpredictable once you are here...and mommy gets frustrated. She gets sad too! Mommy and me remember when this place just buzzing with excitement and seems quiet as a tomb. For those of you that we don't see on Facebook...please do not think we have forgotten you as we never will....we miss you! Mommy has promised me that we will still try to drop by here...just in case....but, no one in my corral has posted for weeks on end now. Hope everyone is okay!!!!! Love and big purrs out to each and everyone of you! >^..^< Mayhem and her mommy Mary


My Sixth Birthday!

April 17th 2014 6:44 am
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I had a wonderful birthday! I got loving and pats and cuddled...much to my utter displeasure...mommy should know better...but, the best thing of all was all the wonderful gifts I received from my Catster friends.

I want to thank each of you!!!! So, here goes...
I want to thank:
- WeBeesSiameezers for the nice message with the singing mice
- (Bob) Hope for the delicious sushi
- Diamond Daisy, Tux, Zachery Tristan, Zoe Kona Sunshine & more for the beautiful butterfly for me to play with
- Mac, Ivy, Legolas, Zander & more for the pretty bluebird for me to watch
- Platelicker for the cute little ladybug, another fine toy to chase
- BonnieBell for the beautiful bluebird that I can enjoy watching fly around
- Friskie, Homer, Kibbles, Francios and more for the big hug
- Smiley Cassanova for the big hug, as you can never have too many!
- Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert & more for yet another AWESOME hug
- Monster for the wonderfully pretty tulip
- Beepers for the cute little bunny
- Jesse for the baseball for me to bat around the house
I also want to thank any and everyone who thought nice thoughts about me when they saw the post about my birthday and I especially want to thank all of you for being my friend....the very best gift of all!
>^..^< Mayhem

p.s. please forgive my typist for any typos in the above as she is only human....


The important things in life!

February 20th 2014 10:47 am
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You know, mommy and me have been thinking about all that has happened since we all read those horrible words...the Catster Community is closing. Remember reading that notice? We were all sad...angry and afraid! We were afraid of losing touch with kitties and their humans. We were sad at not only losing the pages we have spent years creating and the memories they contain but, we were also sad at the loss of each other. We were angry that anyone would simply close it all down and just say "done". Well, a lot has happened since then; we did not give up, we did not give up on each other. That is what it really all boils down to...WE DID NOT GIVE UP ON EACH OTHER! Sure, their were petitions about saving Catster's Community but what we were really trying to save was not a website we all log on to...we were trying to save our connection to each other. We all immediately started the search for places were we could continue. A lot of us went to Facebook...others found Petster and Cathugger. Heck, even a new site pets4pals was created. All done in our attempts to not lose what we have grown to cherish here...our friends! Looking back at it now mommy and me have a new perspective on what the real outcome from all these recent events is...that no matter where we all met we wanted to be together. Mommy and me joined many sites but kept our focus mostly to Facebook and we see a lot of positive things that occurred. The most important of these is that we had the opportunity to actually meet, even if only online, some of the wonderful humans who are owned by the kitties we have been friends with for so many years. We would not change that for the world! It has been wonderful getting to know each of you! We found so many of our old friends and have made so many new friends that we can't help but be thankful for that sad news we received a few weeks ago. Every cloud has a silver lining...and we believe that silver lining was the chance to meet all of you! Thank you to one and all for the friendship you have shown us on whichever site(s) you have friended us on...we love all of you! >^..^< Mayhem and her mommy Mary

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