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Minxy's Diary

My Last Will & Testament

December 13th 2008 8:48 pm
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To my new furt sister Freckles I leave my crown so that you can be the new queen of the cats in the house.

To my younger sisters, Gogo, Jingo, Sassy & Xena, I leave the large heated bed, the one that I always hogged and never let you share.

To my Olde Furt friends I leave my favorite furry blanket so that they can snuggle on it at Pies breakfast club and Arthurs late night snack.

To mum I leave happy memories of her time with me.

Purrs Minxy


The end of an era

December 11th 2008 6:29 pm
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I was still doing well this morning. I ate my breakfast (or rather stole Freckles food) and could jump up on my chair and groomed myself and I looked very happy and pretty.

But late this afternoon I suddenly got very weak and sick and couldn't walk properly. It was like I suddenly lost all my energy and was very tired. Mum took me to the vets and everyone agreed it was my time and they helped me pass peacefully.

I am now an angel and looking forward to being queen of the bridge! My fur is dark again, my teeth are back and I am plump and don't have a skinny butt anymore!

Thanks to all my Catster friends who purred for me while I was sick and don't feel sad now I am gone. I lived almost 22 years, had a great life and enjoyed life to the end.


Thanks for all the purring

December 10th 2008 3:49 pm
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Ohhh! I was so excited to come back home from the vets I forgot to thank everyone who's been purring for me. I think all the rumbling scared off the kitty angel of death last night and saved me. I'm so lucky to have such good Catster furrends *wipes tear of happiness from eye* to purr for me, Purrs & headbonks Minxy


I'm still fighting!

December 10th 2008 2:35 pm
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Mum brought me home from the hospital after work yesterday and I was very weak and not eating. Then at 2.30am I had a seizure and mum thought it was the end for me. However I soon recovered and ate some food during the night and I actually seemed a bit better this morning with more energy.

We've just got back from the vets and they were amazed how well I'd done since coming off the IV fluids yesterday. They checked my hematocrit and it was 21% (14% yesterday) so the epogen must have started to work. My BUN and Creatinine are still high (108 and 5.0) but they are not worse and we are hoping the crash was caused by an infection as this would mean I have a chance of recovering as the infection is treated.

The vet thinks the most likely cause of the seizure is low magnesium and they are starting me on magnesium caplets. They couldn't confirm that with a bood test as that requires quite a bit of blood for the test and I can't spare it at the moment. They'll do the test to confirm it in a few days if I continue to do well and there's no risk form taking the caps if it is something else.


Not doing very well

December 9th 2008 12:39 pm
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The IV fluids aren't helping lower my kidney values any further and my anemia is getting worse. My vets think there is nothing more they can do and Mum is going to pick me up tonight so I can spend my remaining time at home being spoiled.


Update from the hospital

December 8th 2008 3:25 pm
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On Saturday mum noticed I was not my usual feisty self and took me to the vet for a check up. They found my kidneys values (BUN/creatinine/phosphorus levels) were super high and I was very anaemic. They arranged for me to go to a local 24 hour vets where I could receive 24 hour care and started me on IV treatment and Epogen. The vet techs and vets at the new hospital think I am really cute and have all fallen in love with me.

The vets got the results of the full blood test done on Saturday and it looks like I have an infection in my kidneys. Since I already have pretty bad CRF my kidneys started to fail. They have started me on 3 types of antibiotic and ordered a culture of my urine so they can confirm for sure what the bacteria is and adjust the meds if needed.

With the IV fluids my kidney numbers have started to come down. BUN 88 (normal for me is 60-65) and creatinine 4.5 (normal for me is ~3.5) and they will test my phosphorus level later today. My anaemia is still bad but is stable at the moment so mum is hoping that the epogen starts to kick in soon. I'm very weak from the anaemia but am still happy and purring and am apparetly eating and urinating well which is a good sign. I've decided that I don't want to eat my kidney kibble but am eating the fancy feast they give me every 2 hours.

Mum came to visit me at lunch time. I gave her the cold shoulder for 30 seconds then purred and snuggled for half an hour. She put me on the floor when she went to get the vet techs to take me back again and much to everyones amazement I managed to jump up onto the chair after she left the room. I'll have to stay in the hospital on IV fluids for another day or 2 and mum is hoping I'll then be well enough to go back to sub-Q fluids again.

Thanks for all the purrs, pmails and rosettes everyone has sent. I'm really needing them at the moment because things are so touch and go. If I recover I'll have to get mum to update my profile to show that I've used up another life!


I've been tagged!

September 26th 2008 11:15 pm
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I've been tagged by Queenie, so here's 7 things about me!!

1) I used to be a dark tortie but my black and orange have faded to grey and peach over the last few years
2) My favorite food is Gerbers baby food and grilled salmon
3) No one knows how I lost half my left ear and I'm not telling
4) I lived for 10 years at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
5) I have no teeth left
6) I LOVE LOVE LOVE accupuncture, it makes me feel great
7) I have a short tail ~ 2/3 normal length

And here's who I've tagged!
1) Sweet Gracie
2) Scooter
3) Alex (The Angel)
4) Reeky
5) Toot Suite


Queen Of The Cats!

September 7th 2008 2:40 pm
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My sister Xena (5 years old/over twice as big as me) decided to try to bully me and hiss at me a few weeks ago. Bad move as I stood my ground, stared her down and chased her off the sofa.

I suddenly realised that my new sisters were all wimps so I declared myself "Queen of the Cats" and have been showing them who's boss. Me!!!! I have chased, nipped and pounced on everyone and with my fur puffed up I look very scary.

Luckily for my sisters I have no teeth and my claws are trimmed so no one actually got hurt, but they are all treating me with the respect I deserve now. They will move if I want to be on the sofa etc and no-one tries to bully me any more.

It's nice to know I'm still Top Cat after all these years >^..^


I'm so happy!

July 31st 2008 9:42 pm
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It was very nice at Best Friends but I'm so happy to have a new home after so long. I was at Best Friends for 10 years and was their oldest cat at 21. I've been at my new home just over a month now and have hardly stopped purring. I can sit on laps and sofas and my new kitty sisters are all being very kind and giving me my space.

I think my name is now "Minxy Darling" as thats what my new mum calls me all the time.

Thanks so much to all the kind cats who have sent me nice messages and given me treats, rosettes and gifts to celebrate my adoption.

I'm going to have a nap now on my favorite fake sheepskin mat,

Love Minxy

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