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Catzowey! I'm a Catster

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Begging For A Purrfecto 9th Birthday Present from YOU - yep uh huh

May 26th 2015 8:26 am
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It just seems like a few catnaps ago dat Me & Myself arrived on da Planet but Catzowey, it's really 9 fine years ago. Today I'ma having the celebration and begging meowvalous YOU
to dig into your fur lined pocket and give me a super dooper present.

Its the gift that sure does keeps on giving cuz I'ma begging YOU for just $1 for each year I been purring on the Planet and my birthday presents are going to benefit PAWS the folks at Pets Are Wonderful Support. Cuz, well just cuz they helps the seniors and sick folks never ever have to give up their anipals.

SO just cut & paste this link
and it takes you to the PAWS page & theyza takes Pay Pal & Credit Cards and my Fine & Nine birthday present is tax deductible too.

Let's Pawty today with a Pasghetti & Meatballs Buffet all day and I sends my Mille Meowsters Grazies to you! MY happy birthday fundraiser link is right below for you



September 22nd 2014 8:41 pm
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Me & Myself are so so so ecstaticat bout Catster being baaaack that I'ma feeling like a wanna host a Meatball Pawty!

Hoorayzatini to all those purrsons behind the scenes - datza means theya not seen cuz theyza behind the scene but theyza not catnapping like Me & MYself cuz theyza working on stuff and stuffs.

Welcome baaaaack Catsters - Me & My meowster self hazza missed YOU


Worldwide Pen PAWS Group Is Having Game Week - Yep Uh Huh

June 10th 2014 10:40 pm
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Catzowey! This meowvalously doggone diverse group is reaching 2,500 members sooooooon, and to start the celebration is GAME WEEK.

5 furtunate winners gonna be selected to receive 25 - yep uh huh, I mean 25 real FREE ZEALIES. Game has started and ends on June 15th at 9pm PST which is HQ time.

So if youza member of Worldwide Pen PAWS group, put your nip down and get over there nowza. AND purrhaps if youza not a member, you should sign yur global paws up nowza!

Worldwide Pen PAWS - "Paws United - Friends Forever"

Ciao & Meow!


Hoorazatini! Pass me a Meowtini cuz Catster not closing!

February 12th 2014 4:16 pm
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Me & Myself just read the supurrrbo news and itza so so so exciting! Weeza can stay here and keep on playing with our meowvalous furiends. nity-features-not-shutting-down

Hoorayzatini! Make that a double Meowtini and top it with Nip too!


Arriverderci Caster/Dogster and Hello My Furever Friends

January 16th 2014 7:47 pm
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Catzowey! Itza fur shure that weeza all grabbing abundant boxes of dat Kleenex stuff to wipes away the eye water since we hears today Catster/Dogster shutting down their paws. I feels the pain just like YOU. No matter where yur paws are on this Planet, weeza all crying cuz weeza sad knowing whatza gonna happen on dat 3rd day of March this year -- itza gonna take us all away frum each other cuz this is where we comMEWnicates.

BUT i gotta say nobody izza immortal - even though we meowsters got 9 lives & our Pooch pals got worldly life long woofs, weeza still not living forever and either is Catster/Dogster. So letza celebrate from nowza till the end on March 3rd, all the fabuloso furiends weeza made!

I can tells you frum that furry bottom of my EyeTailYun kitty heart that I has meeted and greeted dogsters-catsters virtually AND in real life and my registered rescue kitty heart izza bubbling over, cuz of all those furiends like YOU. So letza not cry but letza CELEBRATE our friendships, just like when we rings out an ol' year and welcomes in dat Mew year.

Just gotta purrrponder how weeza all stays in touch now - hmmmmmzatini - get me a MeowTini! AND a Man Cat sized box of dat Kleenex stuff!


Join Our Furiends at Fancy Pants Cafe - Football Pool for ZEALIES Galore!

January 13th 2014 8:48 pm
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Our pals at Fancy Pants Cafe gotta da mostest funtastic doggone great Football pool going on - and youza can win FREE ZEALIES! SO CHECK IT OUT nowza before Caturday arrives .. game izza coming pupa.

(pssst- Go San Fran NINERS go!) hee hee hee


Abundacat Thanks To The Pilgrims

November 28th 2013 7:58 am
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Today izza purrfecto day to give da PAWS up up up to the Pilgrims for coming all the way cross dat giganticat ocean so so so many years ago, cuz if theyza never got into those inky dinky boats and headed out, weeza not be having Thanksgiving Day today.

Me & Myself purrponders if the Pilgrims had GPS 'Great Pilgrim Service" to guide dem or if they just put their paws on dat map finder deeevice and bampzatini, theyza sees land and a sign dat says "Welcome to The USA today" ! Yep uh huh itza pawsible.

Then when the Pilgrims gots off those inky dinky boats, theyza hungry folks so they pulled out their Pilgrim Phones and called everybody to come on over for Turkey extravaganza. Catzowey cuz every hour theyza devouring a giganticat feast with foodz and more foodz, and hugging furiends, and laffing and having a funtastic day.

I duzn't think theyza took any leftovers home cuz zippy locked baggies wasn't invented way back then but theyza purrrobably all came right over the next day to have leftovers on dat " FurEyeDay but Notta Black FurEyeDay"

So, yep uh huh, so to honor the brave Pilgrims, weeza salutes their meowvalous courage and gonna shares a meal with furiends and give abundacat hugs for their furiendship.

The End


Wanna Helps Me Select My Halloween Costume ?

October 27th 2013 5:41 pm
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Catzowey! What's an EyeTailYun kitty to do when he can't decide which deeziner costume to wear for Twicks and Treating? So, it's fur shure II reaches out to YOU my meowster pals to helps me find the purrfecto outfit.

Your cat eyes can see all my meowvalous choices at this week's edition of THE GUIDO GAZETTE. Pssst, dontcha go and catnap on me - get on over now cuz Halloween izza coming sooooon and I needs your purrfecto help!

Here is my inky dinky linky: rrrowling-howling-costume-week.html

Ciao & Meow & BOO too!


Oh No! I'm Living la Vida Solo

September 26th 2013 7:06 pm
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Me & Myself gonna suggests you get yur paws over to my lil brofur's Diary - yep Grazie's got news in "Grooving With Grazie" ... Datza his page fur youza.



Checking In With Meowvalous You !

August 5th 2013 9:32 pm
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Catzowey - I finds the dayz zippity zip by so so so fast and sometimes Me & Myself catnapping and bamzatini, before we both knows it, it's tomorrow and time to start all over again doing catnaps and eating and meeting and greeting.

So before tomorrow leaves and the next dayz arrive, I wanna shares a funtastic issue of THE GUIDO GAZETTE with terrificat you.

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