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Raven's Rants...


January 14th 2009 7:27 am
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What is a spay? I am confused. I know that mommy did this unusual thing of taking our food away last night. What was she thinking? I like my midnight snack. Well she is getting cat carriers ready so that she can take Rayna and I somewhere. I have heard about this spay thing and I don't think I want that. Mommy said that it will be healthier for Rayna and I. I don't like the Vet's office. I have a terrible time there.
Mommy promises that she will be there to get us later on. We are supposed to be isolated in mommy's room for a few days. So that means no playing for awhile. :( Just loving from mommy. :)
Well, Rayna and I leave at 11:30 and when we come back I may not have the energy to type. Please purr for us.



News from Raven...

July 25th 2008 6:04 am
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Rayna is telling my business in her diary. I went to see the vet and I had a really bad experience. I did not want him to stick me with that long pointy thing. I tried really hard to fight him. He had to call in the vet tech to come and assist him because I was struggling and crying really loud. I was not happy and neither was mommy. She likes Dr. Linda Richter better. Dr. Linda is alot more patient with us little ones.

I am still a little one. The vet confirmed what mommy already knew, that I was the runt of the liter. Mommy said that she loves me just the way I am. I am very independent and sassy despite my small stature. Sasha is still being a bully and now so is Rayna. Rayna is so much bigger than me. She eats a lot. :)

I like mommy and sometimes her oldest daughter but the two little ones like to pick me up a lot and I don't really like that. Mommy is always telling them to let me be. They don't always listen. I am an affectionate kitten on my terms.


Home Sweet Home...

July 9th 2008 9:00 pm
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I love my new home. There are lots of new things to explore. I get along with all of the cats. Although, my big sister Sasha picks on me a lot. She is very loving with Rayna but she likes to pick on me. I am a little small for my age. I have heard Mommy say that she believes I was the runt of the liter. Rayna is so much bigger than me and so were the other kittens in the liter. Despite my small stature I am a loving and feisty little kitten. Mommy worries about me wrestling with Sasha though. She believes that she may be a little rough. Well I go to the vet on Friday. I am getting another check up and some shots...yucky. Wish me luck. Talk to you guys soon.


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