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"A Tigger's Tail"

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What Was Mom Thinking?

September 24th 2011 9:44 am
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I just don't know what to think about my Mom. I thinks she has gone bonkers.

This week she took me to the vet spa for a check up for my asthma. The vet lady was super nice. She gave me a shot for my breathing. I am breathing so muches better. Mom even had them trim up my man britches because I was a tad stinky back there. I don't feel bad, but I just don't have my Tigger on. I am a little sloppy in my grooming.

Well, when she came to bail me out of vet jail, she was sitting in the waiting room and she heard a tiny meow. It went downhill from there. She went over to investigate and low and behold she saw two tiny kittens in a small cage wanting OUT! She talked to them for a while and they came to an agreement, that if they were for adoption, she would take them.

Did she consult me or my siblings? NOOOOOOOOO. At least not directly. We had been talking about getting another kitten earlier in the summer, but I thought she forgot about it. As you can clearly see, she did not. Anyway to make a long story short---those two little stinkers are now my brother and sister.

They are about 7 weeks old and all legs and tail. They have little pot bellies on them. Not very fashion conscious. My new brofur is a yellow and white tiger strip and my new sisser if white with gray splotches. I have never had a brofur, only sissers.

Me and my sisser are not scared of them, but just don't know what to think of them. Funny, when we find kittens in the backyard we have no problem accepting them. But when Mom brings them home, we are not sure what to think. To say the least, our tails are out of joint. Mom says it will be okay, but I am still keeping an eye on her and THEM!

I have raised several kittens, but I just don't feel as good as I should with my asthma and I am getting older. We will see how it goes. But if I know Mom and I do, we will accept them with open paws.

Yesterday I was outside laying in the sunshine stretching and those two babes came over and layed beside me and started stretching with me. I don't think they have ever played in the warm sunshine. They have been at the vet's office for 4 weeks in a tiny cage. Now they have the run of the entire house and today they get to play outside.

As for me and my sissers, yes, we will accept them, but on OUR terms. I know my baby sisser Zippy will play with them when we all get to be better friends. Mom just loves baby kittens. Just not sure where they are sleeping---our bed is full.

Sometimes you have to wonder where humans get there ideas. I know it will work out, but dang, I don't like change.

I will keep you posted on these little stinkers. Wish me and my siblings luck!

Purrs and Meows
Mr. Tigger


I Am Honored To Be Cat of Day

April 14th 2011 9:29 am
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WOW! What an honor--me, cat of the day. How sweeeet!

I can't wait to share the good news with my sissers. They will never believe me.

Just want to thank all you funtastic cats for the great pawmail you sent me. I will have Mom help me reply to each of you. And all the special treats--I just don't know what to meow--Me, cat of the day. Who would have thunk it--tee hee.

Meows and purrs to every furriend!

Mr. Tigger


Where Does Time Go?

March 26th 2011 10:32 am
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I didn't realize it has been since October since I last posted. I apologize for the tardiness.

Well, my baby sister, Miss Indy had an accident in the street a couple days after Christmas. She was hit by a car. The entire family is devestated by the loss.

Mom went to look for her one evening and found her lying in the street. There was nothing that could be done for her. Mom brought her in and wrapped her in a towel and left her in the chair overnight. The next morning she took her to the vet to be cremated. I never saw Mom cry so much.

My sisser Zippy, to this day still looks for her playmate. There were best buds. They would run through the house and pounce on each other and go rolling down the hall. Then later they would crawl up in the chair and be sound asleep. The other cats knew she was gone, too. She brought so much life into our lives. Mom said that Miss Indy stayed with us until she got her orders to proceed on her next mission. Amazing how much one little tiny kitten can make such a huge impact on a human and siblings. I miss the little stinker a lot.

Mom has made a promise to all of us, that later this spring we are going to adopt another little kitten. Right now we are in the middle of remodeling our garage into livable space. When the contractor comes each day, all of us kitties (5 to be exact) make a mad dash to the bedroom and crawl up into the box springs of the bed and sleep there until he goes away. We are such scaredy cats. When Mom comes home, she has to coax us out from under the bed. We love the extra attention she gives us.

As for me, I am still fighting asthma. I still take my pill each morning like a good little trooper. The pills really do help me breathe better. I am so ready for spring. It need to start canvassing the yard to find a couple good places to start spending my afternoons when I nap. I prefer the tall grasses under the tree in the back yard. I can hide and still scout all the happenings in the yard.

I promise not to wait so long to post about the happenings on Rolling Road in Cortez, Colorado.

Meows and Purrs!

Mr. Tigger


Yep, Mom Won!

October 1st 2010 7:16 pm
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Mom tamed the wild kitten. I knew she would. It didn't take her but a week and they little kitten was coming in the house acting like a big kitty.

Mom left for a couple days to go shopping and left us in the care of your wonderful Neighbor Lady. We like her alot. She comes over and feeds us and talks to us and we get to sleep in our own bed! Who us, spoiled. You betcha!

Anyways, while Mom was gone Miss Indy (short for Miss Independent) got spooked and hid. When Mom came home, we could not find Miss Indy. Mom was very upset that she left when Indy wasn't quite tame. Mom came home on a Friday afternoon and we looked for her until dark. We didn't find her. We looked all day Saturday and well into the night. Mom was heart broken. Then for some reason Mom got up at 3 in the morning just to check and see if Miss Indy was home. She flipped on the back porch light and just as she did, she caught a glimpse of a gray steak. Mom yelled out, "Indy, is that you?". The little streak came to a screaching halt and saw Mom and came in the house and brushed up against Mom and when Mom snatched her up, she just melted and started purring. Needless to say, those two bonded like crazy glue. Mom fed Miss Indy and made her stay in the house until morning. We all went back to bed and I bet it wasn't 10 minutes later and that little stinker was up on the bed snuggled up around Mom's neck purring like crazy.

Before Miss Indy went on her trip, she wouldn't let Mom pick her up. She had to be plucked up when she was eating and then it was just for a few short seconds. I don't know who was more happy to see who. But that morning, Miss Indy was so happy to see Mom. I don't think we have got her filled up yet.

If that critter every fills out her long leggy body and huge paws, she is going to be bigger than me...and that is huge! We all love our baby sisser. Her and Zippy love to rumble and chase each other. My other sisser, Yakkie is teaching her how to guard the bed so know one steals it. Yakkie has been guarding the bed for almost 10 years and no one has stolen it, yet. She wakes up and has breakfast and helps Mom make the bed and then off to sleep. Miss Indy has the sleeping part down pat. Scooter and Pokey simply tolerate her.

As for me, I have been diagnosed with asthma. I have to take a pill every morning. I let Mom think she is cool when she gives me my pill. I come in every morning and let Mom love me while she is still in bed and stroke me and then she pops the pill in my mouth and then pets me some more and then we start the day. I know the pills work. I start hacking when I don't take them.

Well, cats of the world, looks like it is time for my snack and maybe a short nap before I go to bed. Sorry it has been a while since I updated you on my sisser. Some times my Mom is a lazy behind. But I love here anyway...flaws and all.

Purrs and High Fives!
Mr. Tigger


Mom Did It AGAIN!

July 12th 2010 3:47 pm
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Looks like I am getting a new brother or sister. Last week Mom found a tiny kitten hanging out in the garage. So, naturally Mom put some food out and the little critter woofed down an entire can of Fancy Feast. Over the weekend Mom snatched the little one up while it was eating. After talking and playing with the kitten, it finally purred. From that moment on, that little kitty's life changed.

It is still wild, but I know Mom. It won't take her long and that little stinker will be as spoiled as me and my sisters. Don't know if it is a he or she. Gray tiger strip with cream overtones. But we did notice one has huge paws. Mom said it was a taradactyl or something like that. A dinosour?

Two years ago my sister Zippy appeared in the backyard. Oh and by the way, she is still defective. She will not purr or meow. Once in a great while she will sputter or growl. Then two years before that my other sister Scooter appeared out of no where. Every two years we seem to increase the orphanage. That is okay by me. I likes little kittens.

I will keep you posted on the progress of this critter and Mom. But we do know Mom will win!

Mr. Tigger


A Mouse On the Loose In The House!

April 2nd 2010 6:58 pm
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Boy oh Boy, was my baby sisser in trouble last night. Thought Mom was gonna to send her back to the orphanage.

Mom was sitting at the computer when Scooter came tearing in the house. She was around Mom's feet, like she had lost something. Mom scooted back her chair to see what Scooter was looking for and felt something wiggle up her pant leg. She jumped back and shook her leg and a little brown and white mouse dropped out.

Mom started yelling at Scooter to get the mouse. It wasn't that Mom doesn't like mice, she was startled. Scooter froze. She would not go after the mouse. She went and sat on the ironing board and Mom would go grab her and put her in front of the mouse, but to no avail, Scooter wouldn't chase the mouse. The mouse went into the closest, so Mom moved everything out of the closet, keeping an eye on the mouse. Then Mom went and got my baby sisser "Zippy" and told her to get the mouse. She tried, but the mouse got past her and got in a corner and then I came around the corner and butted heads with her and the mouse ran down the hall and under the easy chair.

Mom moved the chair and Zippy was after the mouse. The other cats were up on the furniture watching the rodeo. Zippy chased the mouse into a corner and the mouse keep squeaking. Finally Mom grabbed the trash can and was trying to get the mouse into a corner. Just as the mouse got in the corner and headed for the trash can, that dang mouse jumped over the trash can and ran behind the TV. So Mom pulled the TV out and Zippy was right there. The little scared mouse tried to hide under a lamp, so while the mouse was hiding, Mom went and got ther bestest BBQ tongs and came back. Believe it or not, that silly mousey was still there. Mom plucked up the mouse by his tail and put him in the trash can and carried him outside.

You see, Mom hates to kill anything. She really didn't want the mouse in the house because she was afraid he would want to sleep with us.

This morning, the first thing Zip did when she got up, was to go look in the closest for another mouse to chase. Zippy is usually outside under the tree watching the birds. The other day Mom had to go across the street and make Zippy come home. She was at the neighbor's parked under the bird feeder.

With a house full of cats, there is never a dull moment. The other day Mom found a dead robin partially under the bed and a dead mouse in the living room. Must be spring...our hunting instincts are popping out.

Well, Catsters, time for me to hit the hay. Better go check on my sissers to make sure they haven't brought any critters in.

Good Night!

Mr. Tigger


When is Warm Weather Coming?

March 10th 2010 8:01 pm
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Golly, this sure has been a long winter. In fact, it was blizzarding this evening. As much as I love sleeping on my Mom's bed all day, I am so tired of being in the house. I prefer to be out tending my yard. I have tons birds to check up on. This winter we had some really big birdies in the yard. Mom says they are Robins, look like supper to me.

I love sleeping outside during the day when the flowers are blooming and the sun feels so good on my backside. Mom has always told us kitties that Mr. Sun gets up each morning just so he can shine on us kitty's butts. She even tells us that the sunshine and fresh air makes us purr better. I have to agree with mom, for once. I feel like a kitten when I come in from lounging in the sunshine.

Well, my baby sisser will be 2 this summer and that little stinker still won't meow. She sometimes lets out a whimper when Mom doesn't feed her fast enough, but no Meow. I still think she is defective, but Mom won't let me send her back because we don't know where she really came from. I will just have to keep whipping her butt in hopes she will go running to Mom and meow to her that I am a mean big brother. I think I am pretty safe.

My other 3 sissers are doing just fine. I think they are ready to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, too. Yakkie has even been going outside on her own to go tinkle before Mom tosses her out for the past couple weeks.

Well Catsters, time for bed. Cat you later!

Think Spring and warm weather!

Mr. Tigger


Where Does Time Go?

February 8th 2010 6:36 pm
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Hey all my Catster fur-riends!
Been along time since I have been able to get Mom to help me with my diary.

I tell you, we celebrated New Years in grand style. We stayed home and were in bed my 10:00. We were so excited to see 2009 go away. We had a very sad year.

In June of 2009 we lost Grandma and in August we lost our favorite uncle. I have never seen Mom so sad. She said that Grandma just wore out, she was 80 years old but our uncle was only 57 years old. He got up one morning to fix breakfast and sat down and died of a heart attack. No warnings at all. Mom was very close to her brother.

I really liked my Grandma. My two younger sisters never got to know her. About 2 years ago, Grandma quit driving her car so she didn't come visit. She was getting a touch of "old timers" and couldn't remember certain things.

One evening she got mad my my uncle because he had fixed her a bowl of soup and she didn't want to eat. She was on oxygen 24/7 and her hose was long enough to go outside and sit under the tree and read. She went out the door and he went to look for her about 15 minutes later. Well that spunky ole gal had unhooked her hose from her oxygen machine and took a walk. My two brothers and sister searched for her for hours. They finally call Mom and she immediately called Search and Rescue and she was gone all night looking for Granny. About 8:30 a.m. Grandma was found about 50 yards from the house sitting under a tree. Being outside all night and without her oxygen, and she was FINE. They whisked her off to the vet (hospital) and checked her out. When she got home, Mom asked her if she didn't see all the police cars and lights? Grandma said, yes, but she wasn't ready to come home.

After that night, it seemed like Granny's heart just got weaker. One night they flew her to another town because they thought she was having a heart attack. Mom was beside herself. She was in the hospital for about 2 weeks. She finally got to come back to her home town and was in rehab trying to get her heart stronger. Mom was so happy one day that Grandma got to come home for a few hours. They had a fried chicken dinner. That is what Grandma wanted. That was the last meal my Mom and aunt and 2 uncles had with there mother. She went back to rehab only to be released to come home full time and she stepped wrong and cracked her hip. That was on a Saturday. She had surgery on Sunday afternoon. Mom went out to see her on Tuesday. She said they had a great talk. She said Grandma wanted to know all about us kitties. (One of my sissers was at the vet's in ICU). When Mom came home, there seemed to be a peace around her. The next morning, Grandma's heart gave out.

Mom had not gotten over these two losses. Us kitties try to fill the emptyness. We hate to see mom so sad. Mom says it will just take time. But she knows were are here for her. Sometimes she gets carried away with all the hugs....

And for my sissers. My babiest sisser still won't talk. She utters a few sounds, but NO meows! My other three just get lazier and fatter. Of course, I can't say much. We have had so much snow, it has been no fun going outside.

As for me, I was diagnosed with asthma. I have coughing spells. Mom took me to the vet and I am taking pills for a while. Good thing I am so good natured when Mom chokes the pills down me.

Sorry this was so long winded. I hope I can get Mom to help me a little more often. This household has lots going on, but I will save that for later. With five of fur babies, there is always something happening.

Cat you later!
Mr. Tigger


Ut Oh, Sisser is in BIG trouble

November 3rd 2009 6:33 pm
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Mom was helping me get caught up on my diary and Pokey stepped on the key board.....yep, she deleted everything. Mom is furious at Pokey. She says we will write in my diary later. After Mom calms down.....We had worked on the diary for over 30 minutes. It was long.......

Mr. Tigger


My Baby Sisser FINALLY Talked

June 27th 2009 9:28 am
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I thinks me baby sisser is going to be okay. Mom was brushing Zippy the other day and she made a squealing sound. Mom has been trying to get her to talk for almost a year. This is the closest she has come to talking, so we are planning a big party.

All of us cats have talked since we were babies. When Mom has company and we walk by, she makes us say hello. We like to talk to our neighbor lady. She visists with us, too. When Yakkie was at the vet, everyone in the office just laughed at the conversation Mom was having with her. They just rattled on like they hadn't seen each other in months. When our neighbor lady had her kitty, Mom taught him how to talk. Sometimes the neighbor lady would tell mom she wished she hadn't taught Tom how to talk, because he won't shush us. Some cats are talkers and some aren't.

Now, take my sisser Pokey. She is a real talker. When Mom walks in the door from work, P meets her at the door and starts cranking at her. They have one heck of a discussion. P is mad because she is hungry and Mom is trying to unload her packages to get her something to eat. Usually not fast enough. The tone of her meows, gets her in trouble sometimes. Snippy little devil is what Mom calls her.

Scooter, she really doesn't have much to say. But when she does, you can't shut her up. Kind of like me. I don't talk very often, but when I do, I am like a babbling brook. If people ever heard Mom talking to us cats, they would cart her off to the looney bin. She is always saying to us, "You think I am crazy to talk to you? Well you are the one answering me".

Well, guess I will go make some plans for the "Meow Party" for Zippy. Oh, and another thing about that little stinker, she has decided she likes to be brushed. That means I get bumped to the back of the line. Oh well, her attention span is still pretty short, so her brushings don't last long.

Until the next chapter at Rolling Road.

Purrs and Meows,
Mr. Tigger

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