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Thanksgiving Tag

November 23rd 2008 7:35 pm
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I’ve been tagged by the very beautifur Clara, and also by a new furiend named Sheba. The tag is to share 5 things for which I am thankful.

1. I am thankful that meowmie found me on her porch, fed me, and ultimately rescued me.

2. I am thankful for my home, where I live indoors in warmth and security.

3. I am thankful for the delicious food I receive here. Meowmie says I’m a big boy! MOL!

4. I am thankful for my furiends on Catster. They are all so special....'specially Clara {blush}.

5. I am thankful for my family. Meowmie and daddie take care of me; Mouse is my long-time best furiend and brofur, Sushi and Sophie are my little sisfurs and I like to chase them both!

I am tagging my orange buddies:

Meow, meow, meow...



What's Up With This?

November 9th 2008 5:24 pm
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Dear Diary,

I won't know what's up lately but our meowmie hasn't been home too much. She has left the past two weekends to go and visit her human daughter and son-in-law. They just bought a house and meowmie has been going there to help them. My human sisfur told Mom that the house "needed some work", but Mom just laughs and says "that was an understatement", whatever that means.

Anyway, she's been going there to help out with cleaning things and throwing junk away and painting and stuff like that. All I know is that when she comes home she looks like she' s really tired.

I hope she realizes that this MUST come to an end soon because it is interfering with my communication to my furiends. She must turn on the catputer so I can pmail my buddies!! Usually she types for me too, which also presents a problem when she's not home. This would explain why I have been so delinqtent in responding to pmail and tags and stuff.

I'm not telling her this, but I'm getting ready to fire her if she doesn't straighten up!!




This Place is All Upside Down

October 26th 2008 5:10 pm
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Dear Diary,

Boy is this place all upside down today!! We got a new sisfur yesterday and let me tell you, my brofur Mouse and susfur Sushi are not too happy about it! Personally, I think it's kinda nice to have some excitement around the house, but that's just me.

Meowmie told us all about her and why she was here. I understand how it is, being that I was once a stray myself. The others say they understand, but I think they'd rather she just go somewhere else to live.

I've checked her out a couple of times and she doesn't seem to be too bad. I'm just gonna give here some space and see how it goes. As long as she leaves my treats alone she's ok in my book.

More to come.....


In Loving Memory - Macallan -My Good Furiend Has Gone to The Bridge

October 24th 2008 10:42 am
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Dear Diary,
This morning, I lost a dear sweet furiend. While his meowmy was sleeping, a coyote grabbed Macallan through the screen door, and now he is gone.
Macallan was my very first furiend on Catster. He was orange, just like me.
Please remember Macallan and his furmily, especially his grieving meowmy, in your puayers. Our hearts are breaking for his family and we have no suitable words to express our feelings.
Lovingly in sorrow,


I've Been Tagged By Harley!

September 24th 2008 9:32 pm
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My Buddy Harley tagged me today. Here's how you play. Write seven tings about yourself in your diary and then tag seven of your furiends. Have them read your diary and tag seven others. Send the one you're taggin' a pmail or a rosie to tell you that you're taggin them. Have fun.

Here I fun things about ME!

1. I've the got best personality of all of us in the the house. Mouse is grumpy most of the time, and Sushi is just plain silly.

2. I love my meowmie best of all. I'm her favorite, I can just tell 'cause she lets me walk all over her and her catputer all of the time. He, he, he.....

3. I like to hide on top of the kitchen cabinets. It makes my pawrents crazy lookin' fur me!!

4. I love treats.....any kind, any day, any time!

5. I met a really cute kitty named Clara. I hope she likes me too....I tink she's hot.

6. Harley is one of my bestest furiends.

7. I'm orange. Enough said.



Tagged Again!

September 11th 2008 12:54 pm
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Yesterday I was tagged by a new orange furiend named Sammy. Here goes....

1) What is your favorite Olympic Sport?
My favorite sport, Olympic or not, is chasing after my sisfur Sushi.

2) What do you prefer Summer or Winter?
I prefer Summer because meowmie keeps the windows open and I can sit and be "almost" outside.

3) What is the quirkiest think you do?
I like to breathe right in meowmie or daddie's ears....he, he, he...

4) Do you have a crush on any other kitties?
I did for a short few, but not anymore...I'm single and lovin' it!

5) What is your favorite rosette or zealie and why?
I like the stars 'cause they last furever.

I'm gonna tag some other orange fureinds:


Lip News

August 27th 2008 7:34 pm
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Dear Diary,
It's been quite a while since I purred an entry to my diary, so I thought I'd should purr an update about my lip. Meowmie took me to the vets again and she said the the lip is "lookin' fine"!! Whooo hooo...this is great news. She told meowmie to still keep that eye on it (I find that a very strange saying), and if it ever starts getting big again, she is to bring me right back in.

I am purring a big sigh of relief, and want to say "TANK YOU" to all of my wonderpur furiends out in Catster land who have been puraying for me. I could really feel your love and purayers, and it really helped me to get better.

Tanks again, your buddy,



August 8th 2008 8:59 am
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WhooHoo...{Fuzz is dancing}...yesterday I saw the prettiest furgirl on Catster. He name is Willow. I looked at her cute little face and immediately fell for her. I kept my paws crossed, and sent her a rose rosette, telling her that I thought she was the cutest girl kitty on Catster (sorry all of you other lovely lady kitties).

Well this morning, I received a heart from Willow!! {Clapping paws with delight}. Here is what she said:

"Hello Handsome Fuzz!
Boy, you sure are a good looking cat! I don't have any special furboys yet (except for big brother Barnaby).. so maybe we can go out for a nice bowl of milk sometime! Also, feel better soon!

Oh my cat, oh my cat, oh my cat....I am thrilled!! I'm going to write Miss Willow a nice pmail asking her to go out out on a date. Now don't anybody tell and ruin my surprize.

I'm feeling better already!! You know what they say, "love is the best medicine". Oh, maybe it's laughter, but love works fur me!


Quiet Day Today

August 2nd 2008 10:57 am
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I was furry touched by all of the nice puresents and purrayers that I've received from my furiends since my news yesterday. Me and meowmie want to thank effuryone from the bottom of our hearts. It even made meowmie's eyes leak when she read all of the nice tings you all said about me.

I haven't been feelin' too good today. I'm mostly sleeping on the napper in the window in meowmie's office. I didn't even get up for treats this afternoon. Just tooo tired.

I am taking my medicine, and I hope it will start helpin' me soon. The pills aren't too awful bad 'cuz meowmie puts them in someting called "pill pockets" and then puts them in my wet food. She tinks I don't know, but I do. She's not that clever, he, he, he! Now the ear drops are another story. I don't like those one single bit! I shake my head and try to get them out 'cuz dey feel funny in there.

Tanks agian efferyone for the purrayers and good thoughts. Meowmie will keep you all posted.


Today Wasn't a Good Day

August 1st 2008 1:48 pm
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Today was not a good day fur me. This morning Meowmie noticed that my lower lip looked swollen, and of course, she had to take a look at it because she didn't tink I looked quite right. I was also holding me left ear down, and I guess that made her suspicious that someting was not right there too. Well, I didn't like all of that touching and looking one bit, but little did I know that the worst was yet to come!

I heard meowmie talking and she said someting about "bringing Fuzz in"!! WHAT!! In where??? Oh no, that could only mean one ting....the V-E-T!!! I decided to hide under meowmie and daddie's bed so I wouldn't have to go, but, drat, it didn't work. Next ting I knew, it was into that stupid carrier I went. I didn't like that either. Then it was into the big car ting meowmie drives.....I started meowing REALLY loud, 'cause I don't like that ting either. We weren't in there too long and we got to the most awful, dreaded place...the V-E-T!! I knew it!! Meowmie was talking really nice to me, and holding me so I wouldn't be so scared.

The V-E-T Tech lady was really nice at first. She weighed me and am a whopping 17 lbs. She said I was a really handsome guy....I know this, but it's nice to hear it just the same. Then the other V-E-T lady came in!! Well she started the looking and feeling and poking me all over again. She squirted somting in my ear and I shook it all over meowmie and the V-E-T (he, he, he). I heard her tell meowmie that I had an ear infection in my left ear, so I would have to have ear drops (yuck, I hate those).

She also said that I have someting called "eosinophilic granuloma" in my lip. I had that once before and I had to have surgery to have a big lump removed from my lip. Well, it's back again. This time I got a shot (I didn't like that) and a BIG bottle of pills that I have to take for 2 weeks. Then I have to come back to see the V-E-T to see how I am doing.

Meowmie told me that we were going to try this instead of surgery 'cause we "caught it" early this time. I don't know what we caught, I didn't see us catch anyting, but I guess I'll believe her.

The V-E-T gave me a treat before I left. I wasn't too hungry, so I saved it for later.

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do about those pills and ear drops.....maybe hide them???

So, here I am back at home. Sushi my sisfur came over and was sniffing at me...I guess I smelled funny, I don't know. Mouse didn't say much, he just kept sleeping on the chair.

Meowmie is asking that my furiends keep me in their purrayers so that this "eosinphilic granuloma" doesn't get bigger and turn to someting called malignant.

Today wasn't a good day, but tomorrow will be better, I just know it!


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