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So many orange buddies have gone to the Bridge

March 11th 2013 4:20 pm
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Hello Dear Furiends...

It is with such a heavy heart that I write to the humans we have left behind to live in the workd without us. So long ago my Meowmie created a beautiful picture of my circle of friends...these were my first and best friends here on Catster...Harley, Macallan, Mouser, Sonny, Clara, Julius, Henry, Legolas and dear Hooch. Oh so many have left the earth for the Bridge...I know dear humans that your hearts are heavy. I know that we have left huge holes in your lives, but dearest h umans, please know that we love you still...we see you from the angel window in heaven...we watch you closely and we care for you as you cared for us throughout our earthly lives.

Please do not cry for us as we are happy and free now. We have eachother and we have our memories of you...we love you...and I love you Meowmie....always...and FOREVER.




Welcome to Rainbow Bridge ~ Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20th 2012 8:59 am
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My Dear Friends,

This morning at 8:50 am, I decided that it was time for me to make my journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

My kidneys have been failing for a long time now, and both Meowmie and Daddie have taken care of me just like angels on earth. I was tired. I was not eating, and nothing that my pawrents offered me even looked good anymore. I had slowed down completely.

Even though I knew it was my time, I gave my family their time to spend with me this past weekend, and I know it meant a lot to them. My Meowmie spent time holding me, praying with me, letting me rest with her, showing me how much she loved and cared for me. Of course, I already knew just how much she loved me because our loving bond only grew stronger over the years.

Daddie spent time with me too....he was rubbing my ears and my belly...something that we always did together.

Yesterday, I got to spend time looking out the window too. It gave me the time I needed to meditate and make my decision. I wanted to be free and young again, and play like I used to in the old days.

Of course, I will miss my Meowmie and Daddie the most, but
I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge some of my best and oldest furiends.

Of course, there are my furblings brothers Mouse, Fritz and Gibbs, and sisfurs Sushi and Sophie.

My human sisfur Dana and her husban Brian and their kitties Jazz (now at the Bridge) and Bumbles.

My bestest buddies Harley, Prissy, Teddy, Tao, Slater and Tori

Mouser, Gertie, George and Rupert
Hazel Lucy (at the Bridge)

Mather, Belle, Antoine, Entrechat Cat, Figaro, Kragien and Dusty

Hooch, Mojo, Patchez, Kujo (at the Brisge), Precious, Cassidy, Sunflower, Clawdette, Fire, Karisma, Callista, Baby G

....and my absolutely wonderful girlfriend, my most beautiful Clara.

Friends, I am a kitty angel now...I have crossed the Rainbow Bridge...and guess who was right there waiting for me as soon as I arrived?

My good old orange furiend Macallan!! And sitting next to him was my recently departed fur niece Jazzy!! And next to her was my sisfur-in-law Kujo, and friend Hazel Lucy!! Behind them were many, many other furiends, Adlai Grace was there too, and she was running around all over the place...and my sponsored brother Jellybean...he was no longer blind, but sighted and youthful! Oh my, the joy and happiness here is amazing!!

Please keep me in your thoughts and purayers, but most of all please purray for Meowmie and Daddie so they can be strong, just like me, through this difficult time.

I am going to explore with my buddies now....

Until I write again, remember... I love you all.


Thinking about my Furiends and Furamily

February 12th 2012 12:01 pm
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Well, yesterday was my birthday and I'm sad to say that I wasn't feeling too well. As some of you know, I am in renal failure, and Meowmie and Daddie have been working really hard to help me through it even though they know it's not a permanent fix. I have been getting sub-Q fluids, but I don't think they are helping my kidneys anymore. I have lost my appetite, and whatever I do eat doesn't sit well on my tummy, so I throw it up. Sigh....

Meowmie is sad, I can tell. She has water leaking from her eyes. Before, when I felt better, I used to lick them away so she would smile and feel better, but I just can't anymore.

So I am laying in the sun, enjoying the beautiful warmth, thinking about all of my dear family and furiends as I drift off to sleep. Thinking about so many dear friends who have gone to Rainbow Bridge before me. I hear it is beautiful there too. Maybe it is time for me to join them...




A Special Thank You...

January 13th 2012 2:34 pm
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I received a really cool blue ribbon the other day and the message with it said...

"You have been selected to receive
A "Buddie's Well Wishers GANG
Healing Rosette"--Given with prayers,
Love & well wishes from HUNDREDS of
Furfaces represented by this Rosette!
We love you, Handsome Fuzz!!"

I just want to say thank mew to everfur and especially Buddie...Fovever Loved for thinking about me.

I am still receiving sub-Q fluids every other day. I don't really enjoy it all that much, but Meowmie and Daddies keep telling me that it is helping to keep me so that I feel better. I still love my kitty life here and Florida, and am not quite ready to go to the Bridge just yet.

Thank you again....Love and purrs,


Cat of the Day!!! Me?.....Meow!

December 4th 2011 1:13 pm
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Wow, were Meowmie and I surprised that I was chosen as Cat of the Day today! Our furiend Mouser's meowmie, Miss Debbie told us. I got some nice prezzies, a cool picture and some emails that were saying "Concats"! Thanks to everyfur for sending them!

Check them out:

"Hi Fuzz:
A big congrats on being chosen COTD & we hope your feeling better! We hope you get extra hugs on your special day & think you are quite handsome too! Enjoy your day in the spotlight sweet Fuzz!"
Grace, Casey, Leo & Frankie

"Hey Fuzz!!! Concats on being named COTD!!!"
From Adean

"You have been selected to receive
A "Buddie's Well Wishers GANG
Healing Rosette"--Given with prayers,
Love & well wishes from HUNDREDS of
Furfaces represented by this Rosette!
We love you, Handsome Fuzz!!!"
From Buddie...Always Loved

"Hey Fuzz! What a cool name. Dad calls all of us "Fuzz" all the time so our names might as well all be Fuzz! Hope you enjoy your day in the spotlight as COTD!!! P.S. You are very handsome."
The family of Murray , Willie , Pearl, Cindy Lou

"A BIG Congrats from all of us to you, Cutie Fuzz, on being chosen as the honorary Cat of the Day!! Hope your special day in the spotlight is a fantastic one!
Big Cheers, Hugs & Love,
Lil' Muppet, Nakita, Sampson & Chico

I am so brofurs and sisfurs are really going to be jealous, cuz I know I am gettin' extra noms today!

Meow to Everyfur!!

Love, Fuzz


RIP Sweet Sylvester - August 22, 2009

August 22nd 2009 1:31 pm
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Dear Diary,
It is a sad day at our house today. I just learned that out dear furiend Sylvester went to the Rainbow Bridge very early this morning after being bitten on the neck by a rattle snake.

Sylvester was one of the special kitties who lived at the Blind Cat Sanctuary in North Carolina.

He was a such a sweet soul. His meowmie suspects that he was curious to find out what the rattling sound was, and as he investigated, the snake bit him on the neck. His meowmie rushed him to the emergency vet, but because of the location of the bite, his outcome was not promising. He went into cardiac arrest from the snake bite.

Sysvester is a Catser cat. His Catster id is 990475. If you can, please visit his page and say goodbye to earth, and Welcome to Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Fuzz


Purrs For My Brofur

June 12th 2009 10:57 am
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Dear Diary,
I am purrin' really hard for my brofur Mouse. He's been furry sick and I am worried about him. I'm asking all of my furry furiends to purray for him too, 'cause I'd sure miss him if he were gone. He is by big brofur after all!
Love, Fuzz


Birthday Thank Yous to All

February 12th 2009 6:09 pm
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Dear Diary,

First of all I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to my fureinds who we so thoughtful as to send me all of the really neat prezzies for my birthday.

***First, and foremost to my beautiful girlfureind Clara for the wonderful balloons!!

***Next, to Princess (Mouse's girlfuriend) and her furamily for the first cool Party Hat.

***To Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sam, Stormy, and Cleo for the second cool Party Hat.

***Next, to The furamily of Patches Rusty, Baxter, and Angel kitties Shadow and Stormy for the Blue Ribbon.

***Next, to Wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert and the rest of their fuamily for the Red Heart.

***And finally to my new fureind Mugsy for the third cool Party Hat!!

Yesterday was a very fun day for me and my furamily. It was my 7th birthday!! Meowmie had been wispering to my furblings about something, I wasn't sure what it was all about, but to my surprise, it was about a little birthday gathering for me! I was excited, but at the same time I was dreading the famous "Birthay Hat" that meowmie makes us wear on our special day. We all gathered in the living room and meowmie brought out the cake and ice cream and treats for all of us! I hated that stupid hat, but I sat there with it on for just long enough to make meowmie happy. Personally I enjoyed licking the ice cream and eating the crunchy treats the best!! My brofur Mouse basically wanted nothing to do with any of us, but my two silly sisfurs Sushi and Sophie got right in there playing with everyfur and everything in sight.

It was a fun afternoon.

Thank you all again for making this such a special day for me.


Happy Birthday to Me!! I am 7 Years Old!!

February 11th 2009 8:08 am
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Dear Diary,
Happy Birthday to, February 11, 2009!! I am 7 years old! I woke up this morning and knew that meowmie has something up her sleeve (whatever a sleeve is)... she was wispering to my brofur Mouse and sisfurs Sushi and Sophie...they kept looking at me kinda funny and laughing...especially Sophie. I wasn't sure why, then I's my birthday. Well, so faar I haven't seen any evidence of a pawty or anything, but the day is still young. I'll report back later.


I Have Wonderpur News!

January 6th 2009 8:27 pm
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Dear Diary,
Oh my, oh my...I am so excited, I just don't know what to do!! I have a good furiend Clara, and we've been fureinds for quite some time now. Clara is a beautifur kitty who is kind of shy, just like me. Well we seemed to be hitting it of as furiends, and today...I asked be my paws were sweaty and everything....oh my...oh my! I've never had a girfurind before!!
Well the best news ever is that Clara sais YES!! Oh I am soooo happy!! I am happy dancing all over the house.
Mouse, my brofur is just shaking his head, and my sisfurs Sushi and Sophie are happy dancing right along with me. Whooo Hooo!!
Fuzz has a girlfuriend and her name is CLARA! Thank you Clara....
Now off to try to get some sleep, and dream of Clara.....zzzzzzz...

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