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Let's Purrlay Fetch!!!

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Wet Hands Off!

July 3rd 2013 11:00 am
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Meowmy and Daddy have finally discovered a pet peeve that I have. I am usually purrty easy going, and there isn't much that annoys me. Until now! Daddy was washing his paws, er, hands the ofur day, and I jumped up onto the sink to see what he was doing. Without drying his hands furst, he rubbed both hands down my back and began petting me. I came unglued! You should have seen the look I gave best skank eye yet! I jumped down from the sink so fast it would have made your head spin. I walked a little ways away from Daddy and began licking myself dry. YUCK! Wet hands! I don't think I will efur get used to wet hands!

Love and Purrs,



Thank you Diary Gal!

October 2nd 2012 3:03 pm
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Guess what fur furiends? Last week I was picked to be the Diary Of The Day. Today I have been picked as a Daily Diary Pick! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! Thank you Diary Gal! And thanks to all of you fur your concatulations and best wishes fur these honors. I am furry moved by your outpouring of love. These are my furst Catster awards, and I am furry honored to have been chosen. Keep writing in those Diaries furiends, and it will happen to you too!

Much Love,



Furst Day Of Fall....

September 22nd 2012 2:32 pm
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Hello fur furiends! Guess what? Today is the furst day of Fall! As I watch out the window to see what changes are in store fur us, I don't see any difference from yesterday. Today it is Fall, yesterday was the last day of Summer.

Meowmy told me this morning that a lot of things would be happening outside. She said all the leaves on the trees would be changing color. She also said some of the animals would be hiding and storing food fur Winter. Meowmy said that I could see a change in the activity of the gray squirrels outside. I have nefur known Meowmy to lie to me before, but I had my doubts about this last bit of infurmation she gave me. I am going to go look out the window again, just to see if I can see the squirrels hiding food fur Winter. My crazy meowmy told me that they "squirrel" away nuts and seeds and acorns so when Winter hits, they will still have food to eat. I guess the trees don't produce any yummy seeds or nuts in the Winter? Meowmy told me that I am a lucky fur girl. I don't have to hunt fur my food, so I won't have to hide any morsels away fur a future season. I guess I AM LUCKY! MOL!

My mom tells me that animals get some extra fur for Winter, and it starts growing in the Fall. She said that I will start noticing a difference in the thickness of my fur during the Fall season, just before it turns in to Winter. She told me she is jealous of my luxurious FUR COAT. She says when it gets colder, she doesn't have any thick fur to warm her...she has to rely on the warmth of sweaters, coats, or long pants to keep her warm when there is snow outside. I love my fur...and I would nefur trade places with Meowmy. She can keep her cold skin, and I will enjoy my thick pelt of warm fur when it turns cold!

So, Happy Fall/Autumn to all of you! May you always have lots of food to eat, and may your fur be thick as can be! Enjoy the new season...

Your Furry Furiend,



Anofur Year Gone By...

September 13th 2012 2:00 pm
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Hello fur furiends! I just noticed that I haven't written in my Diary for ofur a year. A lot has happened in the last year...some of it good, and some of it sad. Two days ago was 9/11. That day will furever remind us that bad people try to defeat what is good in the world, but they will nefur really succeed. As Americans, we felt crushed the days following September 11th, but something happened after the shock of it wore off. American's banded togefur. They had a renewed sense of togefurness. You saw people helping complete strangers. Efurryone was flying Old Glory from their roof tops and car antennas. So many people were buying the American Flag, they were in short supply at stores selling them. Pride in America had blossomed. We had a renewed sense of hope for our future. We vowed to "Never Forget" what had happened on 9/11, and the war on terror began.

I don't remember any of this, because I hadn't been born yet. My meowmy told me all these things, of how things were on that fateful day. Let us nefur furget what happened to us that day eleven years ago. We should always be helpful to those in need, and those that are complete strangers to us. Too many of us have furgotten the togefurness that we felt after September 11th, 2001. Let us always do good fur the less fortunate, and "Never Forget" all those that perished that fateful day...may they all rest in peace.

Love and Purrs,



We Shall Never Forget...

September 11th 2011 9:31 pm
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Meowmy was strangely sad today. She told me it was because of 9/11. She said that ten years ago, on this furry day, a terrible thing happened. Actually, SEVERAL terrible things happened. I hadn't been born when this awful thing occured, so Meowmy had to tell me what transpired that day.

Meowmy explained to me that efurrything happened across the United States in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. These states are on the East Coast, and efurrybody there gets up three hours earlier than we do. When Meowmy woke up on 9/11/01, the attacks had already happened because of the time difference. She said that furst a passenger jet hit the North Tower of the Twin Towers in New York City. Then anofur jet hit the South Tower of the Twin Towers. Next, approximately a half an hour later, a jet crashed into the Pentagon. Twenty six minutes later, a jet crash landed in a vacant field in Shanksville Pennsylvania instead of its intended target; The White House. During the next hour after the last airplane crashed in Pennsylvania, both of the Twin Towers toppled over, and came crashing down on the streets of New York City killing even more people. All togefur, between the passengers that were killed on the airplanes, the workers in both of the Twin Towers, and the workers in the Pentagon, there were almost 3,000 people that died that day. The Policemen, Police women, and Firefighters that came to rescue people out of the Twin Towers were also lost that day. Meowmy said that terrorists were responsible for the attacks. I don't understand why some people can be so cruel and thoughtless, with no regard for human life. I am glad that I am an animal, and we don't think that way.

Meowmy did much like what she did on 9/11/01 today. She watched the television most of the day today, reliving what happened not so long ago on that fateful day. She purrayed fur the families of all those that died that day, and the days following the tragedy from their injuries. She purrayed that nothing like this will efur happen again in America. I hope that her purrayers will come true. Life is too short to waste it with hatred for one anofur and senseless killing. When Meowmy was through purraying tonight, she brushed me, stroked my soft fur, and told me how much she loved me. Then she told me how much better she felt because of my love fur her...I was only too happy to finally see her smile today!

Happy Purrs,



I turned THREE today!

April 1st 2011 9:58 am
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Dear Diary,

As you can pawbably see, I haven't written in here since my last birfday. I pledge to do better at writing in my Diary this year. Alot can happen in a year.

Today I turned three years old. Yes Meowmy, I am finally out of the "terrible twos!" You can relax now mom. Meowmy sez that I have grown into a beautiful young fur lady. Meowmy loves me furry much, but I am definitely "Daddy's Special Girl." I only have eyes fur my daddy. As soon as I hear him come home from work, I appear before him with one of my yarn balls. I carry these yarn balls in my mouth. As soon as Daddy sits down, I bring one of my balls ofur to him, and drop it at his feet. Then Daddy picks it up and throws it into anofur room fur me. I chase after the colored ball, and bring it back to Daddy and purrlace it at his feet. This is great fun fur me, and we purrlay "fetch" efurry day. Daddy calls me his little "Retriever Kitty." Daddy tells Meowmy how smart I am all the time.

As soon as Meowmy and Daddy woke up this morning, they began showering me with love and affection. I am allowing them to do this because today is my birthday. They do worship me efurry day, but today is special...they should worship me all day long, so I am letting them. It IS their duty after all! Meowmy has already brushed me and massaged my neck several times, and it isn't even noon yet. Today is going to be an all day celebration. Meowmy baked me a Salmon cake, and made some homemade catnip ice cream to go wif it. My pawty is going all day at The Chipmunk Posse Group. Jossie and the PussyCats are the band that is purrlaying in my honor. Belle, E.J., and Blue II all decorated our back yard like there was no tomorrow. Purrlease stop by the group and pig out on cake and ice cream. Alot of dancing is going on too. Arcade games are in various purrlaces around the back yard of my pawrents home. There is also a "Bouncy House" and carnival games to purrlay. This is going to be some pawty...purrlease stop by and have some fun with us...

The Pawty Girl,



I'm the Birthday Girl...

April 1st 2010 9:20 pm
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Yes, that's right...I'm the Birthday Girl today! I am 2 years old and lovin' it! According to the Catster chart, I am 24 years old in human years today, but I don't feel like a young twenty something...

Oh, Meowmy fussed ofur me all day long, and when Daddy got home, Meowmy and Daddy fed me some Friskies Mixed Grill wet food and sang Happy Birthday to me. I felt so special. I'm surprised that Meowmy didn't put two candles in my canned food, believe me, she thought about it! MOL! I feel like such a big girl now. I'm not a baby anymore! My little sisfur Laura Belle will have her second birthday in just 17 days. Then we'll both be big girls!

Feeling My Oats,



Whoa! Look Out!...

May 27th 2009 10:46 pm
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Hai there Catster furiends!

Last week, Ai was in de kitchen, minding my own buziness, just watchin Meowmy and Daddy cook meals fur de neckst door nabor. Ai was just being curious, like kitties aer, lookin' to see how dey do that in de kitchen, win out of de blue Meowmy STEPPED on me! MEEEEE OWWWWW Ai yelled, get off me, and den Ai bit her! Gosh, Ai didn't mean to bites Meowmy, but her foot was causing me payne!

Meowmy yelped in payne win Ai bit her, and we bofe felt bad abowt causing each ofur de payne. Mom was worried bowt me cuz she stepped on me, and Ai felt bad cuz Ai bit her foot. Luckily, Meowmy didn't have shoes on, so Ai wazn't hurt badly, and Mom's bite didn't get infected, so she didn't need to go get any shotz frum a Doktor. We wur bofe lucky!

Ai lerned a valuble lesson last week; it'z not good to be too relaxed arownd yur pawrents win dey got sumpthin' on der mind. It'z not good to flop down in de middle of de floor ware yur pawrents shood see yu but dey don't. And lastly, NEFUR expect yur pawrents to walk arownd yu win it's eezier fur dem to walk ofur yu (er, ON YOU!)

At leest one good fing happened last week; Meowmy went in and had her eyes checked, AND she'z gettin' a new pare of gwasses! Yippee, yay! Way to go Meowmy!

Hugs and Purrs,



Not A Baby Anymore!

April 21st 2009 5:35 pm
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Deer Diaree,

About free weeks ago, sumpthin wonderpurr happened...Ai turned ONE YEER OLD! Dat's rite Diaree, Ai ama NOT a baby anymore! Der waz a bigg cewebrayshun and efurrybody came. Belle hired a live band to purrlay musik soze we cood dance an stuff. Yu mite have herd of dem...dey are called De Stray Cats. Dey are purrty famus, and man can dey play! Wee danced awl nite long and had purrlenty to eet. Meowmy baked me a salmon cayke wif tuna frosting, and Blue II maid us sum homemaid cricket ice creem. Boy were dey good! I danced my liddle toesies off wif E.J., Blue II, and awl of the pawtigoers dat came. Cents it waz so fun, Ai ama lookin forward to my neckst pawty win Ai turn TWO! Ai fink Ai've got de Dance Feever!

Yur Liddle Miss,



It's Moth Season!

February 1st 2009 2:38 pm
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Hi der fur furiends! The neetest thing happened last week...all of de sudden, owt of nowear, the moths appeered in grate numbers! Daddy opened de door to go owtside, and some mothies came inside. Belle, Blue II and I all sprang into ackshun. We lept into de air after doze mothies, and I was the furst to nail one! I eckcitedly gobbled him up. I found myself chattering wile I hunted doze creetures. Meowmy and Daddy giggled when dey herd me talking so much. Dey coodn't believe it. Daddy went owtside to get sum more firewood, an he let even MORE mothies inside. I coodn't believe my good fortune! I soon figured owt how to nail dem moths, and I beecame de fastest at it. Doze moths didn't stand a chance! Meowmy and Daddy wurr amayzed at how good I waz at hunting, and dey dubbed me De Moth Purrincess. Now, efurry night win de sun goes down, de moths gather at de owtside lite. Win Daddy goes owtside to get sum firewood, sum moths come inside and us kids have a feeld day. If de moths stay up on de ceeling an won't come down, Dad goes owtside and ketches a moth fur each of us, den bwings dem inside an gives dem to us. I chatter up a storm and promptly ketch and eet my moth befur Belle and Blue II ketch theirs. Cents dey are sew slo, sumtimes I ketch their moth and eet it too! I hope dat deez moths last furefur! I cat wait until tonite!

De Moth Purrincess,


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