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Mews From Belle...

Cooler Weather Ahead...

September 17th 2012 5:02 pm
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Meowlo furiends! I am trying to get Meowmy in the habit of writing in my Diary more often, so let's see how often she really does post something in it. We'll just call it a "Test", and see how she does. Now that the Olympics are finally ofur, she has NO excuse fur not seeing to my social life here at Catster, and keeping up with my thoughts and reflections in my Diary! **Snort, snort!**

Meowmy has been saying this week that the weather is starting to cool down. She told Daddy that they better get busy cutting firewood for Winter. Oh, they have the wood shed half full of wood, but they need to fill the wood shed in order to have enough to last all Winter long. I would gladly help them cut the firewood, but Meowmy said "No!" She must still think I am a baby. I am a big girl now...FOUR years old! **Sniff, sniff** If she and daddy would let me help cut up and split the wood, the best part would be that I would get to go OUTSIDE! Maybe I'll snuggle with her tonight, give her some Purr Therapy, and ask her to "think about it." Yep, that might work! **Giggles**

Purrsonally, I wish that Summer would stick around for a while longer. I LOVE the bright, sunny, warm days of Summer. You can find tons of sunbeams efurrywhere! They are fun to lay in, to warm your fur in. Sunbeams make you SO sleepy. I get some of my best sleep in sunbeams during the hot Summer.

I am a furry lucky girl to have such warm weather where I live. My furiend Toby, my PenPal from England, hasn't had furry much warm weather this Summer. It seems like it is always raining ofur there. He told me that the weather stayed purrty nice during the Olympics that were held in his home town, but the weather turned rainy as soon as the Olympic games were ofur. When it is rainy weather, it interferes with his frog hunting in his garden, so fur Toby's sake I hope he gets some more non-rainy days before Fall and Winter set in. Purrlease Mr. Summer, stay fur a while longer, and make your sunbeams stay warm and bright...

Sun Lover,

Laura Belle

Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

September 18th 2012 at 1:23 am

I love summer too!


Laura Belle


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