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Mews From Belle...

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Hunting For A Pet Froggy...

July 29th 2013 5:35 pm
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Toby, the furiend I have in England, is this girl's BEST furiend efur! He heard of my plight to find a pet, and he has agreed to hunt for a frog for me in his garden. I am an indoor kitty, so there is no chance of me efur finding a pet frog INSIDE the house. Toby has a lovely garden full of creatures, so he has agreed to hunt for my pet froggy for me. In one of his last Diary posts, he told about how the weather now is PRIME frog hunting weather. You see, it has been raining in England the last couple of days, and frogs LOVE water! He is sure that his rain soaked garden will provide him with a happy go lucky frog for me.

He faithfully hunted for one yesterday, but to no avail. He did, howefur, find a slug, so Toby deposited said slug inside the house on the rug to mail to me later. Then he went back outside to hunt some more. When he finished hunting for the night, he came back inside the house to check on his prey. He asked his mum where the slug was. To Toby's dismay, his mum had thrown the slug outside, saying it was "icky!" So, no pet slug for me. I told my meowmy that I almost got a pet slug, and she agreed with Toby's mum..."Those are icky Laura Belle! I don't mind you having a pet frog, cuz they're cute, but there is no way you're going to have a pet slug in this house!" Enough said...

I am counting the days until I become a pet owner. I can hardly contain myself! I have been thinking of girl's and boy's names for my pet froggy. Toby is just the BESTEST furiend efur! When I think of him hunting in his garden each day, trying to make my dream come true, I get all warm and fuzzy inside. That boy has won my heart!

Hugs and Purrs,

Laura Belle


I Need A Pet...

June 5th 2013 5:03 pm
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I was meowing with my furiend Toby from England. He mentioned that he had a pet slug, but his mum made him get rid of it when she found that Toby had deposited his pet slug in her bed. I felt bad for Toby. Why should our meowmys have all the fun? We felines could use a pet also. Having someone depending on us would show our pawrents how mature we are. I encouraged Toby to keep looking for a pet in his garden. I am sure that he can find the purrfect pet for himself, maybe something a little less slimy.

Toby's Pet Hunting got me to thinking; why couldn't I have a pet also? It would give me something to nurture, to care for. It would teach me responsibility. It would show my meowmy and daddy how much I have grown up, and that I could be trusted with the life of anofur. By George, that's IT! Starting tomorrow, I am going to hunt for the purrfect pet for myself. I have given this a lot of couldn't be a spider. Meowmy is afraid of spiders. It couldn't be a fly...Daddy hates flys. They get on your food, and he says they are dirty. It couldn't be a moth. I love the way a moth tastes, and I would end up eating my pet. It can't be a mousie. My brofurs and sisfur would end up eating my pet, and then I would be heartbroken. I think the purrfect pet for me would be a froggy. Meowmy LOVES little froggies, and I'm sure Daddy wouldn't mind either. Purrsonally, I think froggies are really cute. It is decided. Tomorrow morning I am beginning the Belle's Pet Expedition. I will hunt for the purrfect frog. A baby frog would be nice. It would think of me as its MOM. I am excited about this new chapter in my life...I really like being an adult! MOL!

Love and Purrs,

Laura Belle


The Giant's Win the Pennant!

October 23rd 2012 5:17 pm
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Hi there fur furiends! I don't know about you...but my pawrents are CRAZY about sports. Almost efurry kind of sport. My sisfur, my brofurs, and I were minding our own business last night, sleeping peacefully, when my pawrents started making LOUD noises again. They tend to do this whenefur a favorite team of theirs is playing on the TV. This loud noise went on for longer than normal last night, so we ventured out of the bedroom to see what was going on. I guess we cats figured "If you can't beat em', join em'!" I asked Meowmy what was happening. She told me that the San Francisco Giants were ahead, and if they won last night's game, they would win the National League Pennant, and they would be heading to the World Series. Since none of us kitties were going to get any sleep while the game was on, we watched the game with our pawrents with interest.

In the bottom of the Ninth Inning, it looked like there was going to be a Rain Delay of the game. It was raining so hard, the pitcher could barely get a grip on the ball because it was impawsible to keep the ball dry. It was the last inning of the game, there were already two outs, and there might be a Rain Delay...Us kitties were NOT amused. This meant we would have to wait even longer to get some more shut eye! We didn't have to worry though...The Head Umpire didn't call the game, and the decision was made to finish the game. Sergio Romo somehow held onto the ball and pitched the final ball of the game. It was a strike, and the batter hit it to the infielder Marco Scutaro. Scutaro caught it for the final out. The game was ofur. The Giants won the Pennant! The Giants were going to The World Series! Yay Giants!

We were so excited for our pawrents. They had watched efurry game this year, hoping for an outcome such as this. The Giants are playing at home in San Francisco tomorrow, the 24th, against the Detroit Tigers. Meowmy and Daddy are really looking forward to the World Series. Win or lose, it will be a LOT of fun. GO GIANTS!!!

Excited Purrs,

Laura Belle


Cooler Weather Ahead...

September 17th 2012 5:02 pm
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Meowlo furiends! I am trying to get Meowmy in the habit of writing in my Diary more often, so let's see how often she really does post something in it. We'll just call it a "Test", and see how she does. Now that the Olympics are finally ofur, she has NO excuse fur not seeing to my social life here at Catster, and keeping up with my thoughts and reflections in my Diary! **Snort, snort!**

Meowmy has been saying this week that the weather is starting to cool down. She told Daddy that they better get busy cutting firewood for Winter. Oh, they have the wood shed half full of wood, but they need to fill the wood shed in order to have enough to last all Winter long. I would gladly help them cut the firewood, but Meowmy said "No!" She must still think I am a baby. I am a big girl now...FOUR years old! **Sniff, sniff** If she and daddy would let me help cut up and split the wood, the best part would be that I would get to go OUTSIDE! Maybe I'll snuggle with her tonight, give her some Purr Therapy, and ask her to "think about it." Yep, that might work! **Giggles**

Purrsonally, I wish that Summer would stick around for a while longer. I LOVE the bright, sunny, warm days of Summer. You can find tons of sunbeams efurrywhere! They are fun to lay in, to warm your fur in. Sunbeams make you SO sleepy. I get some of my best sleep in sunbeams during the hot Summer.

I am a furry lucky girl to have such warm weather where I live. My furiend Toby, my PenPal from England, hasn't had furry much warm weather this Summer. It seems like it is always raining ofur there. He told me that the weather stayed purrty nice during the Olympics that were held in his home town, but the weather turned rainy as soon as the Olympic games were ofur. When it is rainy weather, it interferes with his frog hunting in his garden, so fur Toby's sake I hope he gets some more non-rainy days before Fall and Winter set in. Purrlease Mr. Summer, stay fur a while longer, and make your sunbeams stay warm and bright...

Sun Lover,

Laura Belle


The Olympics...

August 8th 2012 2:55 pm
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Well furiends, I just noticed dat it has been almost eight months since I meowed in my Diary. I usually have purrlenty to say, so this was just an ofur sight on my pawt. I will try to do better IF I can get my meowmy to type fur me. She has been purrty lame lately. You see, she is a sports nut. Daddy too. They have been completely GLUED to the TV since the Olympics started two weeks ago. They are both completely useless! They turn on the TV early in the morning, and watch it til after midnight each night. The only break they take from the Olympics is to watch their favorite baseball team play each night. They watch the San Francisco Giants efurry day, but they still tape the Olympics on their DVR so they won't miss anything while the baseball game is on. I think they are utterly hopeless! Not only are they ignoring us kitties social life on Catster, they are becoming recluses! Since the Olympic games have started, they have only ventured out for groceries once a week. Why, this morning Meowmy even furgot to fill our bowls with kibbles! **Glares at typist** Thank goodness these games only come on television once efurry two years. A feline could die of hunger for crying out loud!

Snort, Snort!

Laura Belle


How To Train Your Human...

November 2nd 2011 2:58 pm
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Meowlo fur furiends! My furiend Maggie posted a poem today that I just couldn't help but like. I like it so much, I am going to post it in my Diary today. Here it is:

Training your human is a thankless task.
"Why bother with it?", some kittens may ask.
The fate of the world is the issue at hand,
as felines worldwide stake a claim for their land.
Make no bones about it, we cats own the joint.
We spray in the corners to drive home the point.

Some say the meek shall inherit the Earth,
But they've no fangs or claws, for what that's worth.
The cat is the ultimate species, you see,
We're poised to usurp man's authority.
These silly old humans who cannot play nice!
We cats are peaceful, we hate only mice.

Just what does training your human entail?
A host of fun things you must do without fail:
The sofas and rugs need a little makeover.
The La-Z-Boy's target for kitty takeover.
Then sleep on clean towels placed in the guest bath.
And make their best clothing a target of wrath.

Tear down those new drapes with a quick forceful tug.
Then tatter the pile of the new Berber rug.
And when they are sleeping, you block off their nose,
paw at their lower lip, chew on their toes.
Strut on the mantle. If they give any flack,
knock down their trophies and all bric-a-brac.

Shed on mom's new velvet black evening gown,
as she's headed out for a night on the town.
If they leave you home all alone for the night,
(Any human doing this can't be all that bright),
They're telling you by leaving, it's perfectly all right,
To totally redecorate 'til dawn's early light.
Knock over tables and chew up the fern.
Hurry, go faster! Soon, they'll return...

When they try to punish, you mustn't show concern.
(All attempts of discipline a pussycat should spurn.)
A snide flick of tail will convey no remorse,
but they will try harder to scold you, of course!
So, hide in the closet until they forget,
and then launch out just like an F-14 jet.

Tear up their ankle, their forearm, their hand,
then when they've had all the pain they can stand,
dart from the room while they call 9-1-1,
and celebrate victory: The felines have won!
To humans, however, the battle's begun,
as they steep in their anger and wish for a gun.

Pathetic and lumbering and clumsy to boot,
My friend, human dominance is really a hoot.
Take charge in your home. It's destiny, meow.
(The verses above have already told how.)
So sleep for an hour, and then grab some chow,
And then train your human, beginning right now.

...Author Unknown

I just LOVE this poem! Isn't it a crack up?!

Love and Purrs,

Laura Belle


Daily Diary Pick!

October 28th 2011 11:05 am
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Hello fur furiends! You're nefur going to guess what I just found out...I am a Daily Diary Pick today...fur the second time dis week! I was picked on Caturday October 22nd, and again today! I am ofur the moon! THANK YOU DIARY GAL! I am SO honored to be chosen fur this!

You wanna know something else? Someone that we are furry close to has been honored today by being chosen as Catster's Cat Of The Day...ETHAN! We were ofurjoyed to see his smiling face on the Community Page this morning! He is Louis Le Beau's brofur, and my sisfur Ruby is dating Louis. We think the world of Ethan and his furmily. ConCATulations Ethan! You deserve it!

So you see, today is a furry special day. Not one, but TWO really neat things have happened today. I am a DDP, and Ethan is COTD. Thank you Catster!

Happy Purrs,

Laura Belle


Thank mew Catster!

October 18th 2011 5:56 pm
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Hello fur furiends! I don't know about you, but I am LOVING this mild weather of Autumn! This weather has made me happier than normal.

Meowmy has been on Cloud Nine today. Catster did something yesterday that made her extremely happy. I have even caught her humming to herself a couple of times today!

Fur almost two months now, Meowmy has been unable to receive any e-mails from Catster. This means that she hasn't been made aware of when someone has posted in one of our groups, she hasn't received any furiendship requests, no e-mails telling her when we had received a Rosette, and no invitations to join a new group. During this time my siblings Ruby, E.J., and Blue II had been chosen as DOTD's and DDP's, and she had nefur been notified of their honors. Meowmy's ISP said that Catster was using SPAM-like wording in their URL, and that is why her ISP had forbade Catster from sending her any more e-mails. They suggested that Catster change this so Meowmy could start receiving e-mails again. After weeks of follow up by Meowmy, Catster finally fixed the purroblem yesterday afternoon. Now Meowmy can post a reply to ofur Catster members when they post in a group, she can receive furiendship requests, and Rosette notifications. Meowmy is on Cloud Nine now that she can keep abreast of all the happenings around Catster...THANK YOU WATCH CAT!!! YOU ARE THE BESTEST KITTY IN THE WORLD!

Thank mew Catster! It is great to be pawt of the Catster Community again!!!

Happy Purrs,

Laura Belle


What was THAT?!?!?!?

September 13th 2011 4:23 pm
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Normally, things around our house are purrty quiet. My sisfur, brofurs, and I like it dat way. We do NOT like loud noises. We live out in the country, and we rarely ever get visitors. In fact, just the sound of a purrson knocking on the front door will send all of us racing down the hall towards my pawrents bedroom in search of a purrlace to hide. I guess you might call us all "scaredy cats."

Last weekend was supposed to be a good weathered weekend...not furry hot, but just mildly warm, and there was only a minimal chance fur rain occuring.

It was on Caturday that I was scared nearly to death. It was exactly 4:30 p.m. Daddy was home watching a ball game on the television...Meowmy was on the catputer in the back siblings were scattered around the living room on various furniture, and I was sound asleep on my favorite couch. Did I mention that I was sound asleep? All of a sudden, there was such a loud "CRACK" sound that permeated the air around me, that I immediately woke up! As soon as the CRACKing sound stopped, the sound of large hail balls came crashing down on our metal roof. It was deafening. When the CRACKing, CRASHing sound occured it literally shook the whole house, and it became furry bright outside. Now, being three years old, I have heard thunder before, but this was like the sound of a tree crashing through the roof of your ofurwise "peaceful" home! As soon as I woke up, I joined my brofur and sisfur who were already in the hall racing toward the bedroom. Daisy veered to the right, and ended up in the hall bathroom behind the sink. Blue II was ahead of me racing down the hallway, but we both arrived in the bedroom at about the same time. I immediately took the only hiding spot in the room; I hid under the bed. Meowmy came out of the third bedroom shaking her head...she had seen Blue II and I speed by her, and frankly, she was amazed at our sheer speed and determination. Meowmy tried coaxing me out from underneath the bed, but I wouldn't budge. She told me that the lightning had hit furry close to the house because the lightning and the thunder happened at exactly the same time, and the house shook mightily. There was no consoling me, I was NOT coming out from my hiding spot! Daisy and Blue II eventually ventured back out to the living room when they worked up their courage. My brofur E.J. nefur did run when the thunder clapped. He jumped up from a sound sleep, and his eyes got bigger, but he nefur did run like the rest of us did. He definitely has nerves of steel! Meowmy and Daddy tried coaxing me back to the living room with efurrybody else. They tried sweetly calling my name, they tried treats, and they tried enticing me with toys, but I did not budge.

Finally, after one hour and fifty minutes, I cautiously ventured out from underneath the bed, and tip toed down the hall to see if the house was still there. Efurrything was right where it was before the big BOOM, and I was relieved. I hope I nefur have to wake up from a peaceful slumber to a noise like that again! I swear, if I weren't already a grey kitty, I would be totally grey after that! MOL! MOL! You can call me;

Scared Spitless,

Laura Belle


I am Cat Of The Day!

March 14th 2011 1:20 am
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My meowmy just got the most fancatstic news: I have the privledge of being Catster's Cat Of The Day fur Monday, March 14, 2011. I am the furst of Meowmy's kitties to win this high honor. We have been on Catster fur ofur five years, and I am the furst to win COTD. Meowmy went to the homepage and saw my picture there. She was bursting with pride! THANK YOU CATSTER!! I am so furry honored by this...I'm so happy that I am going to go take a nap. This is too much excitement!

Purrs and Hugs,


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