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Playdates with Patz

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TAGGED by Spot Kat

June 28th 2009 8:55 pm
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I've been tagged by my spirit guardian Spot Kat, my bestest frn in the whole universe and beyond.

I am supposed to say what kind of ice cream I look like and tag 5 other furiends.

Hmm... I think I look like Rocky Road because I'm a mixed up mess of brown, dark grey, creme color, black, tan and whatever.. I'm a Brown-Patched Tabby so what do you expect? I'm all the good flavors tucked into one dish and watch out because life can get kinda rocky when I'm around. Thank goodness I'm too big to climb the drapes now.

I have think about who I'm going to choose...



April 18th 2009 11:18 pm
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I was out playing with Willie and mama in the backyard, having fun getting the zoomies and all... when this little cat tried to get the jump on me! Mama was yelling at him and moving toward him.. I got set to have it out with him.. Willie pushed me back and she was going to take him on!!! What else could I do but sit and watch....

Willie chased him under the picnic table while mama opened up the gate so he could run out. He didn't. She even poked at him with a stick and he was still sitting there.

All of a sudden she picked me up and put me in the garage.. It was strange in there. She came through with Willie opening up the door which made me scared! What a noise!!

Then she came back for me. I was so scared, I knew I probably scratched her because I was trying to run away... Then she took me into the house and I felt alot better. Whew!

Let's not have that happen for awhile. Mama had been calling and calling for Pearlie to come out but really I think we were all glad she wasn't there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Back on the Hard Stuff Again

April 17th 2009 5:59 pm
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KIBBLE!! Did you think it was something else???

Dr Julie sez my mouth is ALL healed and now I can eat my kibble again. Pearlie and I made quick work of a bowl full of it so mama had to refill it. I'd been missing it so much. It's great to be crunching again.

We've been playing alot of fish pole lately. I get kind of mad cuz mama thinks only Pearlie can get the fish untangled when she casts it into something.. but I've been trying to prove I can do it too. I dig around and get it right out..kinda.. Ok Pearlie is better at it but I can learn.

I have this new fun game. I put Mama to bed at night and then I go downstairs. I start talking, crying and howling.. so she calls to me to come up to bed. I run right upstairs and plop into bed with her like a bomb landing and then I tuck up as close to her as I can get. See, you have to play hard to get or else they'll start thinking they can make you do what they want you to do. That just ain't gonna happen.


Hanging Tough!

April 6th 2009 7:52 pm
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Mama told me how good I looked this morning. My fur was all nicely groomed and I was running around...

I have lost weight but do eat pretty good... Mama has been putting tuna on my food as incentive so I think I'll play hard to get for quite awhile.. Pearlie and Willie say they'll bribe me to act sick for as long as I can get away with it hehe.

My face was itchy last night which has mama worried but maybe my red spot is healing..?? We hope so. One spot was rather stubborn about it Dr Julie said. I'm on meds for another week so this should help keep it from being infected.. I'm so medical aren't I?

In the evening, I like to play, play, play and tell mama she should get off facebook , quit playing with her dorky super poke pet and play with me!! Sometimes I chat with Spot Kat on there but we can chat any old time cuz she's a Spirit Cat. I want to PLAY laser beam if you don't mind.

At night, I'm up til all hours running around talking and playing with Pearlie. Mama says she supposes it's a good sign I dumped her but she misses me curling up with her. You can't have everything mama!!!


Great,Greater, Greatest

April 1st 2009 3:32 pm
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Wow! Now there's a statement! I'm just me, a humble do-er of household chores and helpmate to my human.

I got right up on the pillow last night with her. I have to be very close right now with my sore mouth.

I wasn't in the mood to eat this morning. Yesterday was the last day of my pain meds.. so mama gave me a few drops of skim milk as an apertif. It did work .. I got energized about visiting the food dish after that. So good!!

It's a quiet day around here but very windy outside. I love to watch out the window on those days because everything just comes alive, moving around and lots of things to watch flying by: birds going extra fast, leaves, stuff, the neighbors haha..

I'm on the mend slowly but surely. Love my extra attention though so will have to milk this a bit longer...



March 31st 2009 6:50 pm
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I'm doing really good and feeling lighter without the 5 teeth Dr Julie removed. I've been helping mama around the house today and keeping a vigil in case she shows signs of wanting to play laser beam with me.

She sez I might have a new job soon since I don't pay taxes. It's a pretty high ranking job That's right up there with the big guys so stayed tuned. I sure hope I'm never too good to help mama around the house. It sure provides me with a good healthcare plan hehe.


Taking Something Different

March 30th 2009 4:40 pm
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Mama called Dr Julie and told her I had the icky stickies so I have new antibiotics. Dr Julie thought she meant I had nasal congestion but once she said I had the red, hot hershey squirts, she knew..
Clavamox is like that tho ... So I'm taking something different now.

I'm doing pretty good. I stick very close to mama, even more so than usual. I know she can help me if I need it and I'm kinda sore even tho I get pain meds. I kicked Pearlie off her lap today and kicked Willie off her pillow last night. She's my security right now and I just have to be with her no matter whose toes I step on.

I love to play and play and feel good.. just sore.. Thanks to my friends for their special treats and good wishes for me. I'm such a little kid at heart.. and I love to have special attention.

Time for some more meds... ewwww


Doing Pretty Good

March 29th 2009 2:37 pm
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I'm doing ok today basically. It did take a bit to get me to eat today.. Mom had some wonderful Boarshead chicken cold cuts which she chopped all up for me after she gave me pain meds. Then I got that other milky stuff: Clavamox after having a small bite to eat.

She noticed my head has been all wet from sticking it into our Drinkwell fountain. So she knows I'm getting liquids and thanks the gods of cat fountains that thing exists because it holds my interest and intrigue.

Last night was strange. I was determined to stay up and play and any attempts to get me to rest and come to bed, I made sure to meet with blank expressions. Finally, after she got settled down and Willie got her 15 minutes of fame with mama, I cuddled down real good.

Those pain meds make me want to run wild! I know I can't get hooked because the big human one controls them but if they didn't... WOW!
Maybe I act goofy..Who knows and who cares? Zing, what a feeling!

I'm sticking close to mama today and helping her in the kitchen and do her other projects. If nothing else, I can stick my feet into things and help her.. I know I'm loopy and I'm wobbly but ain't I a kitty?



March 28th 2009 1:21 pm
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I went thru quite an oral surgery on Friday. I don't know what happened because I slept right through it to tell you the truth.
I got 5 toofs pulled and then Dr Julie had to stitch me up too. I had a small bleb on my gooms wayy far back toward the back molar. She took that toof out and I got these disolvable stitches and may I say she is one fine sewing doctor! My mouth was a total mess and a half but mama hadn't taken me to do anything due tomy other health issues. We had to do this no matter what..

Mama came to pick me up today and I was rolling around.. They gave me some meds to numb the pain and I get kinda feelin good.. Well, as soon as she said "Hi Stinky" I knew it was her... and I was ready to go home.

When I got home, I was ready to eat and eat and eat some more. I can't have kibble for awhile so I get canned food 24/7 yippee!!

I'm wanting to get back into the routine and I'm on that woman to play laser beam so have to run off. I'm doing really well and hope going through all this stuff makes a difference!


Sammy, the Outside Guy

March 21st 2009 5:50 pm
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He sat outside the storm door this afternoon and we got to chat a bit. Mama gives him this cheezy sleezy canned and dry food that we don't get and he just waits around for her to come out or to catch sight of him. He has her trained!

I like to talk with him. He's ok, never pushy or noisey or bossy. He's so friendly too. Now with Willie, things are different. She hates the very sight of him.. It just dumbfounds me when she starts scrapping with him through the glass. She gets so hissed and starts almost barking like a dog for cryin' out loud.!

I bet I could play with him if I tried. Mama won't let us do that because she's afraid he might make me sick... (?????) What does everyone has against this poor little black kitty???

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