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Pearlie's Ponderings

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June 21st 2009 9:42 pm
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My typist has been so busy with her garden, she neglects to check our catster pages.. NO EXCUSES PLEASE!!!

Thanks to all my well-wishers. I still don't know what's going on with my heart murmur. Dr Julie is having a difficult time getting in touch with the lady who did my previous ultra-sound tests. Mama says it's always in the budget to get more of whatever I need so we just might go ahead and see if I should get one again.

I wasn't wild about the last test but I just sat in the doctor's lap peacefully and let her do her thing. I'm not a Willie sort of feisty or a Patsy kind of make a fuss and act like a baby sort of person..

I got furminated yesterday and I feel renewed today and also about 5 pounds lighter !! Mama says I still need a bit of work but I'll keep her guessing by playing hard to get.

Mama painted again but this time I kept my feet out of it. She complimented me on how good I was but you know how we cats are... Next time, I'll be right in the middle of everything hehe.

Thanks again to everyone.


Little Green Feet

June 11th 2009 11:33 pm
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I have them so I am told... Mama was painting a bedroom and I had to help. Do you like kelly green? I do! That's what the bottoms of my feet are now.

I had to have my yearly checkup so Patsy and I went in to see Dr Julie at the same time. Patsy got right out of her carrier and put on a big show in the exam room; talking and roaming around. I hid my face in mama's armpit but Patsy wanted to be picked up by Dr Julie. Show off!!!

I might have to have another ultra-sound as the doc sez she could really hear my heart murmer when I was nervous.. Mama is kind of confused about it as another doc told us I don't have one after an ultrasound.. I guess we need to clear that up once and for all so the expense of the tests would be worth it. Dr Julie will let us know if we need to go back. Mama is pretty worried about me but then she'd worry if there was nothing wrong.. She's like that. I do like that she worries about me.

I like when she sings to me. She made up this song which goes like "I need a friend just like you..." which goes on and on to that theme and then she points at me. It gets to me every time. I stick my head right into her armpit when I'm on her lap. It sends me.

I'll post an update when I know more about my heart thingie.. Might be no biggie. Hope so!


My Brush

April 13th 2009 8:38 pm
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Mama got us a bigger furminator. It was an evening in paradise as I tried it out. I laid in her lap and went into a trance and I rolled over to let her comb out my tummy. Ahhhh... That felt gooood!

Now I'm so fluffy I could fly away! I left alot of hair behind... Mama says she's going to keep all the hair she has from us and might make a new kitty--oops-several kitties out of it.

Now it's off to feed the pregnant raccoon--the latest of our adopted outdoor friends. Mama fixes her peanut butter bread every single night.


White Fluff

March 31st 2009 4:02 pm
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We are with Hazel Lucy on the furminator! Mama brushed me (as best she could) and got a whole pile of white, fluffly, fine fur.

So guess what she did with it? She took it outside to our little nature garden for the nesting birds! They're going to be insulated with Pearlie fur! This is so exciting! I wonder if the baby birds will learn to be friends with me since they've grown up with my lovely fur..
Hmmm... Maybe not. hehe.



March 30th 2009 3:18 pm
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Wow, somebody up there (at HQ?) sure likes me. I'm DDP!! Wonderful good things lately. My birfday and I'm DDP! Plus Patsy was gone overnight and I got to be fussed over more.. hehe.

Oh my. I have to gather my thoughts because it's been a dizzying day of pmails and treats. Thank you so much everyone for being such thoughtful, kind catster friends. My family and I so appreciate you.

I've been doing really well. Playing laser beam in the evenings, thumping around the house like a herd of elephants. I really get into it, ok?

We've been getting only canned food since Patsy got 5 teef pulled out. I find that to be just fine! I love to stick my face in a hearty glomp of that meat and green peas. YUM! I got used to eating on top of the stove when we had the dog so sometimes I ask for that and get it. Now that's livin'.

The only problem I have is this stuff called glass. I get up on my back feet and dig and dig at it but it does not give way. I mean I can SEE what's on the other side of it so why does it have to block me off from getting to it?

Thanks so much to our wonderful catster friends. We lubs you the bestest, bestest, bestest.



March 23rd 2009 5:09 pm
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Special thanks to Salem, Buggy and Log my friends from the Windy City. They're so thoughtful to me and my family, always leaving us good treats.

Mama went out today and got us this big catnip toy that looks like a dynamite stick. It's like the cigars and banana catnip thingies that a girl can really wrap herself around. Sweet!

She's been calling me 'Birthday Girl' and I really love that. She sez she may keep on calling me that since I like it so much. Being three years old means that I should be given special dispensation....

Thanks again, Salem, Buggy and Log! You guys rock!



March 22nd 2009 5:16 pm
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Today is my 3rd birthday. I came to live at my house when I was 12 weeks old. I was a little white fluffy kitten with 2 grey strips on my forehead. My mama got me from a breeder. She wanted a Maine Coon because she knew my breed would get along well with a kitty like Willie.

I was kind of scared when I got here but I loved my mama right away. I was so little, she was afraid to pick me up! I followed her around all day and stuck very close to her.

I'm a pretty big kitty now and I'm still growing! I've learned how to purrrrr and I can do it kind of loud.

The latest thing I did was to stick with mom when her back was hurting this past week. She's doing better, I'm sure thanks to my efforts.

Birthdays are ok and they can give us a good time to look back at our lives and to see if the directions we're going are what will make us reach our goals in the future. I love my household so much and as I mature, it's getting easier for me to express how I feel and to lend a hand wherever possible in a patient, gentle manner.


I'm nice

March 19th 2009 10:24 am
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Mama has a hurt back and I've been sticking very close to her. I even sleep on her back and I hope this helps her. She never thought of me as a nurse kitty but I sure have been on the job! I'm always in her lap and I even let her kiss me! That just might be the thing that helps her the most, who knows? It's something she always wants to do so maybe if I let her, her back will get all better.

She sits with an icepack so this gives me loads of lap time. I have so much personality that it has just taken time to come out more...


I Ain't No Saint

March 16th 2009 9:14 pm
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So? Yes, I can weird naughty things. This was proved last night when, for some strange reasonknown only to me, I was digging at the window by mama's head. This is the window she worries about me breaking...

She pulled the curtain. It's insulated and heavy. I pushed in at the corner of it and resumed my digging. She pulled the curtain tighter. I found a way to push in and dig.

FINALLY, she put pillows up against the window with the curtains under them and I gave up. For now.


When Does An Ice Scraper Become A Cat Toy?

March 11th 2009 2:57 pm
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I'll cut right to the chase. Jack Frost visited one of our windows in the bedroom and I do not like this window to be iced. I dig at the windows anyways but the ice bothers me because I cannot see outside. I must say I do a pretty good job of getting rid of it by my digging but mama has to come along and help out. Sometimes I dig so hard, she gets afraid I'll break out the window!! So an ice scraper is not a TOY but a necessity so the answer to the question is NEVER.
Mom says she bets she's the only human who keeps one handy in the bedroom.

I did something that was kind of funny the other day. Mom had been breaking down a box and left it in the entry so we could play in it. Well.... Who knew the top was broken? I innocently went parachuting in from the cabinet and went boom through the top of the box right down to the floor. Next time, either leave the top assembled or put some kind of marker on it like 'Top broken. Don't jump here." I wasn't hurt just very surprised!

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