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Cutie Pie Cleo's Diary

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No longer the only female...

January 14th 2010 4:59 am
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I was quite comfortable being the only female around here, surrounded by all of these handsome boys, that was until Teyah came along. She was a pregnant foster cat that Mommy took in for the local shelter. Now Mommy and Daddy have decided that she is staying here forever! Oh I was some mad at first...hissing, growling, the whole 9 yards, but I'm coming around a bit now. After all, Teyah HAS been through a lot, and every kitty really does deserve a loving forever home...even if I have to share mine with another female.


Bringing out the cattitude!

July 17th 2009 4:09 am
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Mommy and Daddy says we are moving in 8 more sleeps to a bigger home. As exciting as the thought of a bigger home is, they have another thing coming if they think they are going to get ME into a kitty carrier for the move! The last time they tried I threw a real fit, hissed, growled, screamed, scratched... I would have NONE of that. Who do they think I am anyway? Mommy mentioned giving me something to help calm me down for the move, but remember kids, drugs are BAD!


Claw trimmings, UGH!

March 29th 2009 4:05 am
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Just because Mommy and Daddy got new furniture does NOT mean we need to get our claws trimmed! Never touch a ladies nails, come on! I put up a good fight though, growling and hissing, and I made sure Daddy had a few good scratches to show for it. That'll teach them! Now, to go resharpen them on the new furniture hehehe...


I have a secret.

January 5th 2009 5:28 am
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I actually don't mind the new kitten, Azizi! I have stopped hissing at him, in fact I'll even play with him a little. Don't tell anyone though. I have to maintain my reputation for cattitude. Now Nova on the other hand, I still don't like him and if he doesn't start leaving me alone, I WILL swat him across the head!


Showing just how nasty I can be!

December 22nd 2008 10:24 am
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I am one VERY angry girl right now and I want everyone to know it! Last night Mommy and Daddy decided it was a good idea to bring home a freakin' kitten! They are nuts I tell ya! The think jumps on me, is always in my face and is just plain stinky. Oh I tell him where to go. That cuteness can't fool me. I let out my very best hisses and growls to tell him EXACTLY what I think of him. He better stay away from MY bed, MY food and MY humans! I'm not the type of girl who likes to share!


My Tail of Devotion for Cleopatra II

September 30th 2006 3:44 pm
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Precious Princess Cleo II, oh what a darling you are... So sweet and dainty, just like the one you are named after. You, your mother and your siblings were sent to heal my heart, and you, as Nefertiti's only girl, are to carry on Cleopatra's memory. You are like her in so many ways, and I hear her in your voice sometimes...

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Mommy's girl once again. :)

November 25th 2005 11:03 am
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When I was a tiny kitten I would love nothing better than cuddling in my Mommy's arms. She is so soft and warm...and I would purr so loudly. Then as I started growing up I found better things to do, like run and play and destroy all breakables. Within the past little while though, I have missed Mommy's warm arms, and how she talks softly to me as I fall asleep so I have decided to be Mommy's little girl once again and cuddle with her whenever I get the chance! This makes her so happy! :)


Helping Mommy with her workout.

November 14th 2005 1:13 pm
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You know it's really fun trying to get attention from Mommy when she's trying to workout. I don't understand why she keeps pushing me off of the treadmill... I'm just trying to help... She'll pet me in between her sit-ups though, annd I'll purr REALLY loudly to let her know how proud I am of her. I'm her work-out motivator!


Waking Mommy and Daddy up!

August 1st 2005 3:55 pm
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Hehehe, Mommy says I'm a little trouble maker because I love to jump all over their bed when they're trying to sleep! Hey, do they not know that kitties are nocturnal?!? I want to PLAY, not sleep, therefore, I'll wake them up too! Plus their mattress is so bouncy and fun. Sometimes they'll try to pet me and make me fall asleep, but it doesn't work...and if they don't wake up, I'll go and purr RIGHT in their ear. Works every time.


Growing up. :)

June 5th 2005 9:02 am
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Mommy says she shouldn't call me or my brothers kittens anymore. She says we're all getting so big! I am smaller than my brothers though, but Mommy says I am starting to fill out and lose my baby looks. I'm not sure I like that! I want to stay little and cute forever! Mommy says I'll always be cute though, no matter what. I may be small...but I can still beat my brothers up ANY day!

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