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Yay!!!! Meowwwwwww!!!

October 7th 2012 4:59 am
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Just found out I am a DDP today!!! My brofur Pumkin is happy for me, Jasmine licked the top of my head abd when I told my brofur Blue he hissed at me!!! That's nothing new, we fight all the time, Meowmy only gets involved if she hears screaming. I will admit that I am the one who starts up most times; when I see Blue I smack him and the fight is on!!!


Hello out there!!!

October 4th 2012 7:02 am
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Birds are slowing down around here cause it is starting to cool down. Man oh man time weally does fly!!!Just want to tell you all to have a wonderful day!!!


It;s been too long

September 26th 2012 6:00 am
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I get grouchy when meowmy doesn't take us to Catster to play!!! I am still watching birds and when I see Blue I smack him and hiss and he chases me and I have to run and hide on a shelf in the wall unit. He can't see me there, he thinks I am a statue (yeah right!!!)

I miss all my furiends and their meowmys and daddies. I just hope we're back for good!!!

Yesterday I turned 7, so did Jasmine Delilah. Meowmy gave us extra special love and her and her furiend sang us Happy Birfday!!!


Helloooooooooo out there!!!!

August 16th 2010 3:09 am
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I hope my furry furiends are listening. I WEALLY WEALLY missed you guys!!!

Guess what I am doing right this furry second? BIRD WATCHING!!! My meowmy watches all sorts of stuff on a big box, but I watch thru a window, I wuv a good bird show!!! When you throw tidbits at them, they all come flying over and park themselves by the food!!! Meowmy makes sure to throw little pieces also for the tiny baby birdies.And my brofur Pumkin makes crazy noises from deep in his throat when he sees a bird flying!!!

It's so much fun!!!!!


Still Bird Watching

December 3rd 2009 4:56 am
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and still missing Smokey a whole lot. Francis, Kibbles and their Grammy tell me about lots of birdies. It sounds so nice where dey lives. Meowmy says we will be going on da pooter more. Yay!!!


Jazzy Misses Pumpkin

November 17th 2009 3:21 am
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and I miss Smokey!!! We're a sad bunch over here today. Meowmy says we must think of sweet memories.I just hope Momcat got da urn already. I know that will make her feel better and that makes me feel better.


Tanis tagged me!!!

November 15th 2009 12:23 am
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I am gonna write 5 things I am grateful for. Effurybody can play because I am tagging effury cat on Catster!

1)- I am grateful that I got to love Smokey
2)-I am grateful I am safe, warm and well fed
3)-I am grateful I have a loving family
4)-I am grateful I have wonderful furiends
5)-I am grateful for each day


Me and Jazzy are watching a bird!!!

November 6th 2009 6:52 am
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I haven't seen the birdies in quite a while. But right now dere is a birdie sitting on a higher floor's windowsill. See, if our windows faced da park I would probably see birdies alot more often. But we face da street. In warmer weather dere are plenty of birds, but lately dere haven't been any.

Until today.

I can't help but think my beloved Smokey sent da bird to let me know he is alright. I loves you Smokey. Furever. ♥



October 29th 2009 5:39 pm
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My darling Smokey is going to da Bridge in da morning. He has been sick for some time now, losing weight and worrying Momcat and throwing up and not eating right. It's a furry sad day fur me. Even though he will not be here fur da wedding I will ALWAYS love Smokey and he will be in my heart and soul furever. Smokey my love go in peace and Godsend. ♥


No Birds.

October 29th 2009 6:41 am
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Not a one. I think dey all flew South for winter. I am furry sad about this. I don't like it one bit and shall spend da day chasing Blue's tail and swatting it. Meowmy said it's getting too cold fur the birdies now. I don't like this one bit. But I have my wedding to look forward to!!! I betcha Tootie and Robin show up anyway!!!

Thanks fur missing me Francis, Kibbles, Yoda and especially sweet Grammy. We look forward to your comments when we write in our diaries. You guys are da bomb.

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