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June 22nd 2016 11:38 am
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Does anyone know why Catster won't fix the problem with not being able to comment on diaries? So flippin' frustrating!! Just fix it already!!!


Thank you!

April 23rd 2016 10:55 am
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Thank you so much to those of you that came by to wish me a happy birf-day. Mama and I don't really come on here, it never seems to be working right when we do. I see that we still can not comment on the diaries. When are they ever gonna fix dat??!?! It's been ages since we could! I miss everyone out here in Catster land! We'll stop by more often, I promise! Just wish we could comment on diaries!



April 4th 2015 6:52 pm
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I don't know, I just think this is really getting infuriating! When are they ever going to fix this site?!!? I mean really. We can't post on each others pics and diaries, and I lost all but the first 10 pics of my Plus account pictures almost a year ago!! I want my pics back, I have paid for a plus account after all! I want to able to comment on my friends diaries and pictures!!! Enough already!! Someone DO SOMETHING!!!
Mama Renee'


Hello, Every Fur~~

December 2nd 2014 2:37 pm
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Hello to all my sweet, wonderful fur-iends out here in Catster Land! I know we're not around much anymore, (but we really are trying to get back at it.) We've had a few family things going on. We're all fine....don't worry 'bout us. Other family members.....
Anyway, we're hoping to see you more often. We just get so frustrated when we do get on, cuz our page has issues too! We're Plus members, and we've lost all but 10 of our photo's, and all of our captions. It's hard to come out here and see our page we worked on so hard, to be all messed up. We know Catster says it will be fixed after the first of the year. Pardon me, but we've heard similar stories before! MOL. We sure hope dat dey fix it. We miss you all, and we're a-gonna try to be better about being around more. We notice when we do log in, very few of you's guyz is around too......Hopefully, we'll ALL get back at it!!
Wubbs you!


Hi Everyone!

September 27th 2014 10:28 am
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Just wanted to say "hi" to everyone! We're still on the road, traveling. It's hard to get online and say our thank you's to everyone who has sent sweet rosies, and messages. We'll just have to do it in a "group" thank you, right now. We've read each and every one of them, and you all mean so very much to us. We hope to be home soon, but we don't know exactly when!
Much love to all!
BonBon & Mama Renee'



September 11th 2014 8:50 am
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Okay, what's going on here?? I only logged in once, and I could leave a comment on a diary, AND SEND A ROSIE??? Whut's up wif dat!?!?! I am truly amazed! Shocked is more like it!! Whoo-Hoo, Catster....lookin' GOOD!! Very, very, happy frustration (thus far, we'll see if this goes well....) Hahahaha. It's PAWSOME to have a good experience out here in Catster Land again!!!


Hi Catster-Land!

September 8th 2014 12:08 pm
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I wuz hearin' dat Catster wuz doing soooo much better. So I came out to play. Unfortunately, I can't seem to comment on any diaries. It tells me to log in, and I go to log in, and it seems I'm ALREADY logged in! Hahaha. Go figure. We still got's some flea's to deal wif. I just wanted to drop by and say "hi" to all my buddy's. But alas, I can't. So I am writing you this diary to say hi. I'm out here, tryin' to visit.
Hugs to all,


Hello Effery-Fur!!

August 18th 2014 12:28 pm
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Hello my Catster fur-iends!! We have missed everyone so much! I see we are still having the same problems though. Every single thing we want to do, we have to log in about 5 or 6 times to do it. We can't send paw-mail, or a rosey, or anything without logging in, over and over and over. It gets pretty frustrating. Are you all going through this too? I know that I will have to try to send this about 6 times before it goes! But we just miss all of you sooooo much, and wanted to say hello and dat we wubbs you!! From all of us, me (of course!) Buddy, Layla, and my Mama Renee'.


Hi Everyone!!!!

August 1st 2014 11:31 am
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Hi everybody!! Wow, I'm in!! Can't believe it...finally! We have missed all of you so furry much!! We like facebook, but man, have I missed my Catster and all of you!! We still are having issues. It keeps logging us off, and we have to keep logging back on. Anyone else having this problem? This is about my 6th attempt to add a diary entry. I hope it doesn't go 6 times! MOL... Hope it works good, and they get all da "fleas" out! Looking forward to getting back to "normal." Whatever that was....I think I forgot! MOL. Hugs to all of you!!! Bonnie does a dance, and twirls around...."Yay, Catster!"


Our Pictures Are Back!?!?! Can This Be Real!?!?

May 28th 2014 11:33 am
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Yay, it appears dat our pictures are back~~~ Whoo-Hoo!!! This makes me so very happy!!!! (it's the small things in life, right?) Yay!!! Hope they stay!!!!

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