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Mewsings of Boots

Furry Bottom Furry big mess!

June 27th 2008 3:51 pm
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So the other day, my pawrents went off to work... and as they say - when the kitty guardian is away - the kitty will play!

and play I did! My pawrents fed fluff and I and left for the day for work... They left my food out in the second bathroom upstairs... now thinkning that they had cracked the door I wouldn't go in - they just left the food on the sink counter... what are they crazy!? it's food! I LOVE FOOD! So anymeow- I went into the bathroom, by gently pressing my paws on the door and it opened on up! Well fluff my little brufer he decided that he would help me... we then proceeded to open the bag of food... well since my pawrents always open the "ziplock" part - you know I couldn't do that - the lack of opposable thumbs you see... so I did what everycat would do... I used my teeth!

I bit, and bit, and bit some more... then that wasnt enough - I dragged the ripped open bag across the bathroom, then into the upstairs loft then into the second bedroom then back to the bathroom.... little did I know that meowmy and daddy would not be too happy with that... WHO KNEW?! I was trying to store up for winter... well if they would feed me more than that little dinky 1/4 cup maybe then I wouldnt have to do that.... you know my tummy tells me how much I want... why should that dirty old vet dictate how much I want to eat? I don't think its fair - so I decided I would show them! Well that only went so far - as I lost all of that food I had stocked up- they quickly scurried it up into another bag- wheres the fun in that?!

Well I wish that They would put it back out... but now they are too smart... they put it in the closet! AND SHUT THE DOOR!!! AHHHH

Love and nuzzles,

sandpaper kisses


More purrayers answered

June 21st 2008 4:50 pm
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So today, I really started to act more like myself. I am feeling better - beginning to eat more- yet still skittish a lot... however I am on the road to recovery... my pawrents request that all purrayers still continue as the doctor told them that I am not out of the woods... I must be crazy- because I don't ever remember being in the woods?

Anymouse, I wanted to thank my dear furriends for all of the love and kindness that was shown to me....

From the famliy of Foucault I got a lovely tasty blue bird - and a sweet shiny congrats sign on the inside... I really like it! Thanks!!

From Smokey and his family - who just happens to be engaged to my Auntie Fire- I really like that bouncy ball... it makes me happy! Thank you so much!

From Mercedes (Mercy) and her family- I got a lovely ball to play with- thanks so much for the COTD congrats and the purrayers! I really appreciate it!

From my dearest friend Picasso, I recieved a little lady bug who is oh so fast and flighty! Kept me busy all day- I really appreciate the LB and the loving purrs and purrayers!

From my dearest aunties and uncles - I recieved a lovely blue ribbon - yes even from my dog uncles.... do any of you have dogs in your families? They are nice dogs... but they are DOGS- where do they come from meowmy!? *smiles* Thank you so much for the ribbon and the STAR!

Purrs to you Mathis, Belle, Antoine, Entrechat, Figaro, Kragen, Dusty & Clara - thank you so much for the purrty flowers and for your loving purrs! You don't know how much I appurrieciete them!

♥ Belle ♥ thank you so much for your loving gift, I love tulips! And I really appreciate your purrs and purrayers! They really mean a lot to me!

♥Isis♥ ^PAWS^Thank you so much for your loving STAR! You are truly a star in my eyes! Fluff and I love you so much! Love nuzzles and kisses.

To Kujo and Krew! Thank you so much for that shiny rainbow star! I really appreciate it! You guys are the best aunties and uncles I could ever ask for! Kisses

From the family of Bella and Mufasa- I really appreciate your loving care and concern for my health! Thank you so much for that star! It is a purrty shiny thing that is safe for me to play with!!!

Clawdia- Thank you so much for the Star I really apurrciate your love! I came close to coming home with you... but God decided its not my time yet, but one day Auntie Clawdi - I will see you! I love you!

Zippie, Lolly & Pawlette Thank you so much for that SPAM! It smells so bad- but it tastes so good! I really appurriciate your love and purrs!! Kisses

Lil' Muppet & Family thank you so much for the Kittydrink! I really apurriciate your love and purrs! You are totally a pawesome little family! Thank you so much!

Madi^PAWS^ thank you so much for that CaRaZy Hat!! That is so cool and the little flippy top makes me dizzy! What a rush! I really apurriciate your love and purrs!!

To everyone! I really appurriciate your love and kindness! You all are forever in my heart!


sandpaper kisses


Today I am Catster Cat of the Day!!!

June 21st 2008 7:41 am
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Wow! What an honor! I tell you it has surely been a roller coaster of a week. I want to thank you all for all of the purrs and purrayers... hey everyone take a look at my friend's site also- his name is Picasso and he could surely use some prayers also!

I really appreciate everyone's loving purrayers and kindness - you have all truly blessed me with your love and I will ever be grateful! Picasso - thank you especially for mentioning me in your DDP so that my purrayers we be meowtiplied.... now I want to return the favor :)

I am doing well. Back to my bouncy self...

Also I want to thank my great grandmaw Jo Ann (The Mommy of Patchez, Kujo, Hooch, Callista, Clawdia, Fire, Princess, Prince, Mojo, Clawdette, Sunflower, Cassidy & McDuff *D0g* and Hunter *Dog*) For getting me this catster plus subscription! I really wuf it!

Everyone that has answered purrayers I really appurreciate it. And to God, thank you for your blessings... well, Dad's at work and could only slip out for a minute so I will have to go, however I plan to update you later this afternoon on my status and how I am doing... also I owe a lot of you a HUUUUUGGE thanks for all of my BEAUTIFUL pawresents!!!!

Lotsa love.



Today feels like Meowy Catmas!

June 20th 2008 1:57 pm
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My Second Star!!! Thank you so much to Picasso, Cocoa, Kashmere, Jaspurr, Aspen, Snowmitts, Biscotti & meowmy Barbi for the loving star it is so beautiful and shines so bright!!! Kisses and nuzzles!

The family of Little Foot*Doggie*, Furby, Sam, Mikey*Doggie Angel* - ILMO Minnie *Doggie Angel*- ILMO and Sugar*Doggie*! Thank you so much for the loving candle! The burning bright light helped me to make it through!

Munch thank you so much for your brighlty burning candle! It really made me happy and thank your loving family also!

The family of Prissy, Harley, Tao and Teddy thank you so much for the purrs headbutts and that lovely candle! Made my day birght on the way home today!!

Picasso, Cocoa, Kashmere, Jaspurr, Aspen, Snowmitts and Biscotti thank you so much fur those lovely flowers... they were so colorful and sparkly! They taste nice too! Now that I am back to normal - LOOOOOVE TO EAT!!!!

Thank you so much The family of Annie ~Purring for Simon~, Lizel, Eliza, Camille, Elizabeth (angel), Alexander (angel), Claude Wellington and Gretchen for the loving flowers! I really appreciate the kindness and purrs...

Thank you so much to Romeo, Princess Rachel, Lady Lena, Puddles & Family I appreciate all mewr love and kindness! Love and kisses from Bootsie!!!

Thank you so much ♥Isis♥ ^PAWS^ for that beautiful star!!! I really apurreciate that lovely sweet star!

Thanks to all for the love and purrs... My pawrents will keep you posted on my health... its a long road to recovery and the doctors say that there is permanent damage to my kidneys but I have enough to continue with life! Thank you all so much!!! And even to those who didnt give rosettes or presents... thank you so much for your purrs and prayers.



June 20th 2008 1:11 pm
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Today I came home! My Pawrents went to see the doc today - and after they found out that I had AGAIN pulled out my IV they were very panicy as the numbers were taken. My pawrents awaited for the news...

The doctor came out and said, "Take him home!"

To my pawrents GREAT suprise.... my levels had come down from 74 the day before to 18 (mind you normal is between 16/32) So it has been a very purrfect day!

Anyhow- I have been stuck in a little cage a long while so I have some catching up to do with my family tonight!!!

Thank you all so much for your purrayers and love and kindness, I know your love has helped to bring me through this!

From my pawrents:

We are ever grateful for your love and caring and kindness!

James & Amy


Thanks so much for all the purrs!

June 19th 2008 7:25 pm
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Thank you to the following:

Shep McCormick and Jo Jo McCormick thank you so much for that star!!! That was a sweet guesture!!!

The family of Norman, wanda, Tess, Rupert, Mitchell, Beckie, Fay, Princess, Harvey, Bess, Lewis, Einstein, Mama Kitty, Lilly, Blackie, Patti, Nikki, Frankie, Freddie, Marie, Sunni, Roxanne, Rosie, Bob, Jesse and Babes from Texas for the caring purrs and the heart. And thank you so much for making my cover page! I can tell you are purraying I really appreciate that!!!!

Moozer, Sealegs, Spot, Punkin, Bobcat (angel), Smudge, Toes, Rocky, Puffin, Moon, Angel, Moose, Zany Gray, Cookie, the Marina Catz, MiniMe aka Mini and Rocky (doggie) for the loving purrs and the heart!

The family of Piewackit ^PAWS^, Shadow, Zeke, Zeke, Lacey (angel), Cagney (angel), Buddy, Callie and BJ for the loving purrs and the heart!

Scooter, Trudy, Faith, and Spirit for your love and the heart!

The family of Octavian and Odin for the loving purrs and the heart!

oliver william lily eddie megan n rachael (hu-mum) thank you so much for your purrayers and the heart!

Romeo, Puddles, Lady Lena & Princess Rachel thanks for the encouragement and the tasty singing bird! Yum!

Chloe thank you so much for the love and the heart!!!

The kitties from Maine (The family of Loki, Kiwi, Muffin (angel), Peanut (angel), Maggie and Abby ) Thank you so much for your kindness and for the loving heart!

The family of Toni, Neko, Rusty, Eleanore thank you so much for that bouncing ball! It was so much fun!

Jessie, Jersey and Mom thanks so much for your wags and kindness! and for the sweet heart!

The family of Dusty Miller, Ernest Hemmingway, i.e., "Erni, jennifer, sasha, Curly, gabby thank you for the sweet heart and for your love!

Oreo, Reece, Reba, Cinni and Ruby-Roo thanks for the loving meows and the tasty flowers! yum!!! Kisses and snuggles.

Blue (angel), Stella, Mew (angel), Nico, Tocca Dolce, Ava. Dash, Licorice, Cookie, Guinness, Milk, Wilbur Magoo, Gabriel, Marina, Beau, Esther, Phailin, Leia, and doggies Riley, Henry, Tugger, Mabel, Carlin, Kismet, Rocky, and Minnie thanks so much for that tasty singing blue bird- my tummy is just a singing!!!

Ele', Gimme, and Ambro thank you so much for that loving heart! I really appreciate it!

Noel & family, from PAWS group thank you so much for the loving purrayers and kindness... for the heart also!

Lucky, Mittens, Oreo & Chloe fighting for you guys! Thanks so much for your sweet guesture with that loving heart!

Princess Rachel, I'm Figting for you!!! You give me encouragement and show me love... Fighting to make it! Thank you so much for the blue ribbon! Its mey favorite color!

Oliver Winston Parsons thank you so much for the funny little lady bug!! Lots of fun to spunk me up!!! Thanks fur sending the luck!

Bethany Hope, Ian Joseph, Christopher Patrick, Charity Ann (angel), Keifer John, Camille Joy, Geronimo Kai, Molly Lisbeth, Isabelle Faith, Heidi Rose, Kittens, Nathaniel and Ashleigh and doggies Kaycee Irene, April Melissa, and Jackson Bao
thank you so much for all the purrs and purrayers... It is so much appreciated. I really appreciate the lovely lady bug... along with being fun it tastes good too!

Snoop Dogg *PAWS* and Pancake thank you for the loving heart and for the purrs and purrayers! I really appreciate them!

Buddie (angel), Mookie (angel), McKenna (angel), Ricki (angel), Angel (angel), Victor Gibbs, and Jason Cash thank you so much for the blue ribbon! I really appreciate your loving concern and purrs!!! I love blue!!!

Picasso, Cocoa, Kashmere, Jaspurr, Aspen, Snowmitts and Biscotti thank you so much for the loving tulips! I really appreciate your concern and hanging in there with me!

♥Isis♥ thank you so much for that fun ole beach ball! It is so much fun I cant wait to get out on the beach with you and play!!


The family of Annie ~Purring for Simon~, Lizel, Eliza, Camille, Elizabeth (angel), Alexander (angel), Claude Wellington and Gretchen thank you so much for the purrrrple candle and purrayers... It is such a kind guesture!

The family of Smokey (In loving memory), Hazel (Sadly Missed) ^PAWS^, Tuffy, Sammy (In loving Memory), Pickles and Java (cute doggie) thank you so much for the loving purrs and purrayers! The candle is still lit and reflects in my eyes!!!

Mercedes (Mercy), Sofie, Riley, Pebbles, Reebok, Nike, Joy, Enzo, Melody, The Furbies, Milo (a beautiful angel), Quincy and Cosmo (they are dogs but nice dogs) and Butch (an angel dog)
thank you so much for the purrs and love... I really appreciate that lovely ball of string... That will be so much fun to play with when I get out of here!

The Drifter♥, Mouse ♥, Purdie ♥, Muffin ♥ (angel), Willow (angel), Charley, Ellie, Flick (angel), Toby (angel), Bonnie ♥, April ♥, Merlin ♥, Toby Too ♥, Sylvester (angel), Gazza (angel), Tikka (angel) and Arri (angel) thank you so much for that lovely candle... I really appreciate all the purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!!!

♥ Belle ♥ thank you for your loving purrs and the candle... your bout with k/f has given me insight and hope... I will purray for your wellness also and for your family!

♥Isis♥ ^PAWS^ Thank you so much for your purrayers and for the candle... I really appreciate your thinking of me in this time of need... and the hugs you sent to my family - they needed them, they appreciate them and are sending them right back!

♥ Shadow ♥ thank you for the warm wishes and the purrs... I really appreciate that flutterby... I haven't caught him yet... those dang vets got me stuck to a iv machine... but one day I will catch it!

Marino and meowmy thank you so much for the purrs and purrayers! And for that shiny purrrple candle!! My pawrents and I really appreciate it!

Julius "Jules", Max, Fluffy, Pixel, Henrietta (angel) and Cassandra (adopted) thanks so much for that silly hat- couldn't help but smile... sending purrs and purrayers always helps! I thank you so much for my best wishes!

Harry, Rosie, Casper, Teddy, Shadow and Abby thank you so much for the purple candle and the purrs and love sent to me and my family! We really appreciate all the love youve bestowed upon me!

Torrington Team ( Tutti (angel), Junior fluffkins, Tethys Flufkins, Jake and Samantha) thank you so much for the purrs and purrayers... we thank you so much for your love and for that beautiful candle!

Picasso, Cocoa, Kashmere, Jaspurr, Aspen, Snowmitts and Biscotti thank you so much for your loving kindness! We really appreciate your hugs and kisses along with that lovely purrrrple candle! Your kindness is evident and I am ever grateful!

To all, Thank you so much for your loving kindness!

From my pawrents:

We really appreciate your love and your kindness bestowed upon Boots! This has been a rough week which we have spent a lot of it on bended knee (be it beside the bed at night or beside the kennel at the vet) but we really appreciate your love and your prayers... Thank you so much for your prayers... we couldnt ask for more. We will keep you updated on the status of our baby and how he is doing.

Love and nuzzles.

Boot and family

Boots Fluff
James and Amy (Dad and Mom) (hu-mans)


Another day... at the doc doc

June 19th 2008 6:37 pm
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So today was a little better... My pawrents came to see me today.... I am doing better... Yesterday when they took me to the doc, my levels were at 98... whatever that means, mind you I was supposed to be between 16 and 32.

So 98 is not good at all. The Doc said I was near, well you know.... However - I am a strong little boy.... My pawrents want me to make it so I am trying and they send love from my little brother. They said my little brother is coming to visit tomorrow... little does he know that he is really coming to visit the doc.... poor little guy... luckily though he didn't play with the shiny advil toy - he just needs his last set of baby shots....

Anyways back to me... my levels came down drastically which is good! I dropped almost twenty points to the mid 70's. I ate a little and am starting to get my spunk back as I am getting annoyed with the vets when they come in to annoy my cat nap...

My pawrents were so happy to hear that I am getting better... the doc acts like she is hopeful- however still wont give my pawrents a definate answer if I am going to be ok... so my pawrents keep purraying and hoping.

Hey to all my furriends - I really appreciate all of your thoughts and purrayers! And my Meowmy and Daddy wanted me to express their gratitude for all of the lovely presents that you have all bestowed upon me with you kindness and love. And they told me to let you all know that they are really appreciative of everyone loving and sending me so much love....

Well anways, I am doing better... tomorrow's blood chemistries will tell us furr sure how much of a chance I have... so my pawrents will keep purraying and I will keep you all purrosted as to how I am feeling... To everyone who has show affection- I love you all and you are all in my purrayers... It's truly amazing how sweet you kitties are !



(& family)

Thank you to the following:

The family of wanda, Norman, Tess, Rupert and more! for the caring purrs and the heart.


A Bad bad day

June 18th 2008 5:37 pm
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So today I went to the vet. I have been at the doctor all day. My pawrents took me this morning when I wasn't feeling well or eating. The doctor told my meowmy and daddy that my kidneys are not purring anymore. They were failing...

It all began on Sunday when I decided to play with a little colorful ball I found on the floor. It was so shiny and playful looking. I played and played and then bit into it to a distasteful flavor. I was ok, but then started to feel not so good. I got sick on Sunday night and late into the night... then my pawrents called the vet the next day. The doctor said that I was probably ok if I kept my breakfast and dinner down... well I did.... then I felt bad again last night.... I was ok until last night- I got sick again. My pawrents called the doc doc again and she said to bring me right in.

So I went in this morning.... I haven't been able to purr home yet... and I know my pawrents miss me... The doctor said I have severe kidney failure... and there's no guarantee as to if I will recover. My pawrents are taking it very hard, and I really miss them. They say that the house doesn't purr right without me... so I am trying to get better ... but all your purrayers and purrs will help....

Thanks to all who have purred and purrayed thus far... its been really difficult.

Boots <

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