Countessa the meower!


June 5th 2008 3:24 pm
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Hello all! Today skin meowmy brought all of us in the house. She said that is was too hot for us in the gargage, and it was! It is HOT, and I mean HOT!!!! So, meowmy got cat grass, which was home grown, and we got the run of our skin meowmy`s room! Meowmy was glad to get out of the heat, as well as me and my sibblings. So, I am off to paly! Have a catastic day!


Pawlease don`t declaw! It is inhumaine!

June 1st 2008 8:07 pm
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"Please don't subject me to the barbaric and cruel procedure of declawing. If you do that to me I will suffer excruciating pain for weeks. I also might have to learn to walk again."
Declawing is a deceptive term. It sounds like all they do is remove the cat's nails. This isn't the case. Amputation and mutilation are more accurate terms.

If you ask your vet about declawing, you will probably be told that it is a minor, routine procedure. That is not true!!

Imagine if your toenails were strongly attached to the bones in your feet. To remove the nails would require cutting off the first joint in each of your toes. Think about how painful that would be! Think about how you would have trouble walking and keeping your balance!

When vets declaw cats they remove the first joint of each toe along with the claws. It takes several weeks for the cat to heal and it is extremely painful. If the cat is over one year old, s/he will have to learn to walk all over again. There are also possible complications that can result from the surgery, such as partial regrowth inside the foot that requires more painful surgery. Plus, if the cat gets outside, s/he has no means of self defense from wild animals.

Would you want someone to amputate parts of your toes or would you rather they found a humane and caring alternative? Your cat would answer this question the same way you did.


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