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Whoo Hoo! We are HOME!

March 15th 2010 10:04 am
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Buzz and Bucky here.

Boy this is the best news ever! We were ADOPTED and went home on Friday!

We have a fabulous couple who love us just as we are. Our mommy has even started new Catster pages and our publicist will be signing this page over to our new mommy today! We went home Friday to a lady who thinks eyedrops are no big deal.

Soo.....check out Buzz's new Catster page.

And here is Bucky's new page.

And you can send our mommy pawmail to say hi!

Everybody at Best Friends Animal Society is just thrilled for us and we wanted to remind you there are lots of simply fabulous kitties there waiting for their happy every after too! Meet all of our friends on the Best Friends' Adorable Adoptables page.


Great story: Cat and woman buddies in fight against cancer

March 1st 2010 2:33 pm
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Our brave friend Wrigley has a very special relationship with a woman named Valeried. Read Side by Side on how their courageous battles have so many parallels.


Handsome in Pink: Brothers against breast cancer

February 25th 2010 12:38 pm
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Bucky here:

Please see our new photos at the bottom of the page. Our good friend Bobbie who is such a fashionista picked these bandanas for us. Buzz and me are meowing together in the fight against breast cancer.

We know some great, great ladies who fighting this dragon and we love them so we asked Bobbie to help us make a statement since we can't talk....we just didn't know it was going to be a fashion statement.

But hey we are secure enough in our tomcathood (ok so we never got old enough to be tomcats, we had those pesky things removed as kittens) to pull off a pink look.


Our moment in the laser spotlight

February 1st 2010 12:51 pm
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Bucky here:

Thought you'd all like to see our amazing athletic ability. Watch this Best Friends video Cats and Laser Beams and you will see a flaming orange and white blur a couple of different times.

It's definitely us....only question is -- is it me or Buzz-boy -- or both of us?


Where is love?

January 10th 2010 1:35 pm
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Buzz here.

We have pretty much reconcilled ourselves to being here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Guess sometimes kitties don't get to go home.

I hear our eyedrops are expensive. But gee cats with bigger special needs than ours get to go home from Best Friends all the time.

Guess we aren't special enough.

But we do have lots of friends here. And get to go on sleepovers and pretend that we are with our family.

Bucky keeps saying "some day" just hope it isn't 19 years like it was for Cash....I hear he's doing awesome BTW.

Sorry....just blue today.


Takedown! 2 points!

December 21st 2009 1:30 pm
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Bucky here.

Well our publicist tried and tried to load this photo in our diary entry but it kept hopping to another photo on Best Friends' Favorite Photos site.

SO>>>> look at the bottom photo on our page here. That's me up on the table and this is how we fill our time at Benton's Lobby when we don't have volunteers to amuse us.



Out of the blue, she's going home!

November 25th 2009 3:10 pm
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This just in --.-- da da da da...trying to sound like the old-fashioned news wire, play long will you? :-)

Buzz here:

YIPPEEEE! Beautiful girl is going to get a chance to blossom in a home of her own. Meet Midnight Blue who is the latest lucky kitty to be going on the holiday flyaway. courtesy of Pet Airways.

Keep this ball rollin...and hey! There be kittehs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary year 'round look for that special chemistry with a human or two...or a family!


Yeah! 4 kittehs so far flying home!

November 24th 2009 4:35 pm
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Bucky here.

As the older brother I have to show Buzz how we can be gracious and congratulate 4 very lucky kitties from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary who will be flying home this Thanksgiving holiday, thanks to Pet Airways. You may have already read in this story: Flying Your Way and there may be more good news yet.

AND what makes this truly remarkable is that Pete is feline leukemia positive, Dora has FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), Pagoda's just a cool cat who has been waiting a loooong time to go home, and Betsyis a kitten who got a rough start...a lot like us, hey we had a lousy kittenhood before we got to Best Friends too!

But we have to be THE BIG MEN and happy for our friends. (Just give me a moment to compose myself....okay, I'm ready).

GIVE A BIG MEOW FOR THESE HOLIDAY TRAVELERS! Meet these lucky felines going on a flyaway.

Pagoda long-time orphan going home!.

Pete. who says FeLeuk cats can't get adopted?

such a silly notion, that FIV should ever stand in the way.

Betsy full of life and love, ready to start her adventure.

Don't worry, Buzz. Our family is out there.....somewhere. I promise little brother, our turn will come. Our friends Lynn, Larry and Kristi will take care of us.


Meet my girlfriend

November 19th 2009 4:30 pm
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Buzz here:

You may have read about how when me and Bucky were in a private appartment (ok it was a kitten tower) while we recovered from dentals that my girlfriend pulled a cat bed off the top of the tower and pushed it over so she could sleep by me.

True story. That's how we were "caught" when our staff came in the morning, me and Snuffles sleeping side by side, touching paws. Bucky was sooooo jealous! He's a handsome guy but he's too shy with the ladies.

Anyway, thought you all would like to meet this beauty. See to see SNUFFLES gorgous green eyes.

Photo does not do her justice, she's way prettier than that!

Now Snuffles is another special needs adoption but I'll tell you what, she's my girlfriend and while it would be really groovy if she and me and Buckster could go home togehter, I can't stand in her way.

Truth is not only does Snuffles keep her fur and that fabulous plumy tail in top shape, she grooms EVERY CAT in Benton's Lobby. Sometimes, I do have to question her loyalty.

But I sure wouldn't object if someone were to adopt the three of us together.


Updating our so-called special needs

November 19th 2009 4:01 pm
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Buzz here:

Since me and the Buck-man are among the 26 special cats being promoted for adoption while Pet Airways is generously offering to fly us home, I thought we should revisit that medical thing that doesn't even bug us very often anymore.

OK so it seems like Bucky NEVER gets the snuffles, I still get congested from time to time and have to get medicine and sit in a nebulizer. But I don't mind, I"m a good patient when it does flare up and everyone seems to think once we are in a stable environment, there may be even less times when I get the sneezles.

Pretty Dr. Patti explained our medical condition. You can read this entry: Dr. Patti on the Snuffleupagus Boyz.

So we don't even really get very much on the radar at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for our medical needs.

You can also scroll through our diary to see "testimonials" from our buddies for that year that we managed one of the office buildingst at Best Friends on why we are so worth it.

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Buzz n Bucky ADOPTED!!!! :-)


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