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The world according to Alexis...

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Boy! It sure has been a looooong time! I sure do miss you- all! :-(

August 13th 2012 5:57 pm
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Unfurtunately, it has been such a long time since I've meowed on here much less been able to get in my groups to catch up with all my furriends. We've missed so much! All the celepurrations... All the bridge crossings... All the purrdays... All the gotcha days... Just effurything! And fur that I am so sorry!

My typist has been so busy with "life" or at least that's what her excuse is. :-( Unfurtunately, I think it will only get worse as in about 3 months, I'm going to have my furst furless sibling... A boy! Meowmy says I'm already doing a great job being a nanny as I've inspected the nursery and watch over both of them while they sleep. Hopefully, that means meowmy will give me my dues and make some time fur me to get back on here so I can spend some time catching up with my furriends!

Regardless of what happens, I sure do miss all of you and sure do wish I had more... Heck, even just SOME time with all of you! I wish you all the best and that I'll actually be around to celepurrate all the joys with you!

Lots of extra special lovings to my fiancé, my hunka hunka mankitty, Peppers! Your girl surely misses you lots!

Loves, hugs, and kitty kisses,


Valentine's Day came early!

February 13th 2012 8:16 am
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Although I had the bestest boyfurriend kitty, I have to say I’m furry much like my meowmy and am not the most romantical kitty. I loves all my furriends furry much and like to spend time with them. So with the recent blocking of Catster from my meowmy’s work puters and the loss of my voice it was so furry hard and I just wasn’t a furry happy Catster!

Howefur, meomwy finally found a solution to the loss of my voice and got an iPhone… GREATEST invention in the world, I must say because now I have a voice back! I starting popping back in to my regular hang out spot the Wrecked Room in BCCP last Thursday just in time to celepurrate my bestie’s birthday and add the BCCP Valentine’s Day pawty on my schedule. Now like I said, I’m not as big a mushball as most girlcats are, but any time there’s a pawty I’m there, especially if there are some great kitties and my hunk hunka burning love! MOL!

Initially, the pawty was scheduled fur Sunday which worked out great because that’s taking it easy like Sunday morning time fur the meowmy which meant she could paw out all my hearts desires. However, last minute changes made the pawty Saturday night. ((GASP!)) How would I be able to make it when meowmy had another engagement?! Thankfully, her volunteerism transporting shelter furries made her run late and I was able to get in fur some pawty time!
It was great to see such great furriends… old and new… and that hunka hunka burning love that I missed so much! With meowmy running late to her other engagement I was only able to have a voice fur a little while, but during that time guess what happened?!
In front of all of our furriends and my meowmy, my Peppers said he no longer wanted to be my boyfurriend kitty! He said he wanted to be my fee-on-say… he asked me to marry him! I was so utterly surprised, I had a “voice”, but lost it fur a second trying to compose myself! My Peppers gave me the purrtiest HK engagement ring: r-diamond-rings.jpg so OF COURSE I said yes! :-D
Still in a state of shock, but happily Peppers’s feeonsay,


Siiiiigh... I sure do miss my furriends!!! :-(

January 7th 2012 6:18 pm
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Several of my furriends who were in the groups I used to frequent probably know, but the bad mews is that meowmy's job has blocked Catster from the puters. The WORSE mews is that it is furry difficult fur meowmy to get back on the puter after the work day. AND the WORST mews is that meowmy is usually too busy ofur the weekends that there is no time fur the puter and CATSTER!!! Sadly, this diary has nothing really but bad mews. :-(

I sure do love my furriends and MISS YOU ALL TERRIBLY! I hope you guys haven't furgotten me. :-(

Well, now that I think of it... there is SOME good news... I'm here today and after such a long time, I've even been able to paw out a little diary. :-)

BTW - Do any of your pawrents have recommendations fur good smartphones? I know it's a bit random, but meowmy has an old Windows phone which doesn't load Catster furry well. She needs to upgrade her phone and was wondering if maybe the Droids or the IPhones are good enough to make Catster work when she's at work.

Missing you all terribly,


OMC! OMC! OMC! My modeling lessons have paid off!!!

March 28th 2011 7:49 pm
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I am one of the featured black beauties in The Cat in the Clover Blog. I thought meowmy was always purrty annoying with that flashy thing in my face all the time, but LOOK AT ME NOW!

It's just my first gig, but it was a decision inspired by the furmaly of the one and only Angel CALVIN! What a way to make it in the business, huh?

Oh yea... my sisfur made it as a black beauty too, but it's because I've showed her all the ropes so she can thank me! MOL!

Loves, Alexis who is wondering how hot this will turn her hunka hunka burning love!



February 28th 2011 12:48 pm
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So my meowmy/typist has the same ol same ol excuses fur not letting me get in my diary and updated all of my furriends who even bother to keep up... if you want to actuall yplay with your furriends, then you won't have enough time to update them in your diary... I'm too busy to get on the puter to type fur you my dear... etc, etc. I GUESS I'll furgive her, especially since she is NOW giving me some time to update you all!

So the last time I wrote in my diary, I was meowing out about this hunka hunka mancat that I just started dating. It was this cute black kitty who I met in Black Cats Crossing our Paths is actually the brofur to one of my besties, Ticia! At first he was shy, but something got into him where he started sending me anonymousie rosettes. I must say the chase was quite exciting!

But now, almost a year later, I am glad to say that we are comfortably out of that awkward feeling out stage because we just enjoy being ourselves and hanging out. So to my surprise, this past Valentine's Day, my sweetness Peppers, said that he loves me! OH MY CAT! It was the first time he efur saif it and unlike my meowmy and her first "love" moment with my daddy (MOL!), I knew how I felt and returned that love! Why you ask?!

Because I, OH COURSE, love my hunka hunka mancat, Peppers too!!!

Alexis, glad to finally share the news... no thanks to her meowmy!!! :-P


TAGGED by my bestie!!!

July 27th 2010 7:06 pm
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I've been tagged by my bestie, Moticia, to answer a few questions so ... here goes!

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

No. I only occasionally wake meowmy up in the morning when I want lovings or she sleeps in too late and it's WAY past breakie time. But it's furry polite and sweet. I'll look deep into her sleeping face until she FEELS me looking at her or put my paw nicely on her face. MOL!

2.Do you ever tear up things?

I'm pretty mean with my catnip toys, but I'm not destructive so no, I don't tear things up.

3.What's your favorite treat?

SHRIMPIES!!! I like raw chicken too, but I can eat shrimps ALL DAY!

4.Can you fetch something when ask to do so?

No, but I've trained my meowmy and daddy to fetch all my toys whenefur I want them. MOL!

5.Have you ever lived any place other than where you live ?

I'm not telling where I lived before I moved in with meowmy and daddy, but I've only lived in one other place other than MY house now. When I was first adopted, I ruled the 1 BR apartment my pawrents lived in before they finally recognized a princess needed her space and got a house.

Now who do I TAG???? HMMMMM...

Peppers because he's the sweetest most handsome mancat I know!
Tinkerbell because she's one of the sweetest furs in BCCP!
Ms. Sable Kitty PAWS because she's one of the most PAWSitive furs in PAWS Angels!



May 23rd 2010 5:11 pm
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So as I mentioned in my diary befur, I had a secret admirer who gave my champagne and a furry lovely heart. As you may notice today, I just got anofur pressie of BEAUTIFUR spring tulips, but it was not from Anonymousie, but PEPPERS! Why you may ask? Well, it because he was MY "Anonymousie" ANNNNNND, we just went on our first date! It was wonderfur... we went to the BCCP spring fling pawty and had a wonderfur time! He was so CUTE dressed up in his Sunday best. He was so handsome in a red bow tie and was such a gentlemancat. He helped me bring in some goodies and by the end of a great evening, walked me home because my meowmy had to leave early.

This was my first date so I'm not sure if it was a "good date", but I sure did enjoy myself and hope it won't be the last!

Thankees Peppers fur such a wonderfur date!

Happy purries, Alexis


Dear Mr. Anonymous...

April 19th 2010 7:49 am
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So I got a heart and note saying, "You're purrrrrrty! XO" on Furriday, but I have no clue who it was from! Howefur, I want to say thank mews to the Mr. Anonymous who gave me that gifty... you don't have to stay anonymousie because I'm furry furriendly and would love to know who you are! Are we already furriends or are you someone new???

Purries, Alexis (Catfused, but furry interested)


Thank meews!

April 15th 2010 8:39 am
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So yesterday was my 3rd gotcha day with my furmaly and it was soooooo nice to receive so many wonderfur warm thoughts from all my furriends! Having furriends like you who remember the little things is so special and I want you all to know that I cherish and value you all!

I also wanted to thank several furs who gave me some pressies that I definitely enjoyed!

The Family of Edgar, Emily Felicity, and Angels Gabrielle & Lucinda gave me an awsome pawty hat! I enjoyed it so much that I will be wearing it until the end of the weekend... the longer I wear it, the more time my pawrents will feel like they need to give me extra treats. MOL!

One of my fafurrite woofer furriends, Scooter, PAWS, gave me a yummy pink cuppy cake! At first i didn't know if i wanted to eat it because it was so beautifur, but after I tasted the pink nip frosting, it just disappeared... in my tummy. MOL!

My good furriend Perla gave me a new kite that I am enjoying as well! Chasing the kite is helping me keep my girlish figure after all those extra treat. ;-)

Playful the Empurress (AND Attorney at law!) gave me a lucky ladybug. I wanted to chase it around too, but once I found out it was lucky, I just left her on my shoulder fur safe keeping! :-)

One of my BFF's Ticia and her furmaly gave me one of my fafurrites... SHRIMPIES!!! It didn't last furry long because I am a SERIOUS shrimp lover, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. :-D

The family of Adam Dylan, Eve Layla, Puddin Keket, Puff Amenti, Pumpkin Sanura, and Little One Angel gave a furry special gift of their heart! They are a furry wonderfur furmaly who is dealing with some medical issues of Adam Dylan so purrlese keep him in your purrayers. There's lots of power in the paw so lets send some Adam Dylan's way!

Lastly, one of my long lost special furriends, Buckley gave me a beautifur green emerald. It was furry nice that he remembered me on my special day especially since he's a special, secret agent who goes on long extra-important missions!

Again, thank mew to effuryone!

Loves and lots of sandpaper kisses, Alexis


Extra Fantabulous Month of April!!!

April 14th 2010 6:58 am
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OK so I know it's been a while, but what better time to update you all in my life and times than now!

So as you all may see, I've been chosen as the PAWS Angel Wags Fur Kindness featured member of the month! How cool is that?! They made me a furry beautifur picture and posted it all ofur the PAWS group page. I am so grateful fur such an honor from such an especially great group of kitties and woofers! The work that we do fur effury fur here in Catsterland is amazing and although I had my apprehensions about it before, kitties and woofers CAN work together furry well! ((sandpaper kisses her woofer brofur Ernie))

In addition to that great honor, guess what today is!!! It's my Gotcha day and as of today, I have blessed my meowmy and daddy fur 3 whole years!!! I must say, it really took a while to get used to effurything in the past 3 years (i.e. coming into a new home with a "dog person", then having a new kitty sisfur, moving to a new house, THEN having a new WOOFER brofur) but I am so happy where I am today and cannot be more thankfur fur the life I am so blessed to have! There are so many homeless furs out there and I am a lucky one to not only have a roof ofur my head, but have a wonderfur family to share my life with!

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