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Bobcat - Diary of an orange boy

July 1, 2009

July 2nd 2009 5:35 pm
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I went 'home' today. When my human Mom came home from work I was not feeling well, I was doing really bad actually and she recognized I was in distress. She called that doctor person and we went there. Mom kept telling me she was sorry. I don't know what she is sorry for....shoot, I had a great life. I was found by her dad in 1992, covered in mud and a my tail skinned. Herman (her dad, my dad) took me to the doctor and he removed my tail and sent me home with Herman and Helen (mom and dad). Many years passed with Mom and Dad, they started to have problems taking care of me and themselves and a decision was made that Mom and Dad would move someplace where they would be safe and taken care of. I tried to live there with them but it just wasn't the right place. Andi was there, helping clean out the house and she just lost Misty (hey dude, nice to meet you!!!), anyway, Misty passed over before me and Andi was lost, she needed me. So Tony, her awesome brother, suggested that I come to Florida and live with her. Imagine how I felt....I'M MOVING TO FLORIDA!! WHAT is a florida??? So we all got in the Jeep and drove a long ways away, two whole days!!! When we got there it was a house!! A nice house. A new home, for me and Wraggs. I lived here for almost 6 years, great house, great place and an awesome Mom. But it was time for me to go, I told Andi it was time for me to go. So she helped me. And here I am, with Herman and Helen again, it is awesome to see them again. I'll try to write again sometime when I am not so busy.



January 3rd 2009 5:05 pm
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Wow, it is 2009. I'm not sure what that means other than this year I will be 17 years old. Andi says that is pretty old for a kitty. She tells me that Misty lived till he was over 20. I am hoping to do that too. Anyway, 2008 was a pretty decent year. It started out pretty rough, Mom didn't have a job and she was worried. Then just after Valentine's day she brought home Ellie, my cat sister. In April Mom got a job finally, I know she was glad of that because her unemployment was going to run out two weeks later. The rest of the year is just a blur for me. Ellie is finally out in the whole house, we rassle in the middle of the night on Mom's bed. We aren't angry at each other but we are playing.

So, my resolutions for 2009: gain some weight (scares Mom that I am so skinny), get more sleep (18 hours a day is just not enough), puke on the floor more often (at least 2 times a week).

Hope everyone has a great 2009.



King of the house

July 13th 2008 4:02 pm
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I am king of the house! Don't tell the others but I rule. I've been teaching Ellie how to talk. She is a SLOW learner. Took her 5 months to figure out how to talk. sheesh. I've been showing her every single night.

I've been bad lately. Mom has yelled at me to shut up a lot. I'm letting Mom know that the other kitty is right outside of our bedroom. I'm trying to keep her out but Mom just wants to sleep. At night! Who ever heard of sleeping at night.


Another day in the sun

January 15th 2008 6:33 am
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Kind of chilly here this morning. I had to wait so long for the sun to arrive in the front room and darnit, it keeps moving! Soon I will be forced to go into the office and sit on Mom's lap and then get in my snuggly bed. Wraggs of course is sleeping in the bedroom. I swear all that dog does is sleep. Not like me of course. I have a job to do, I have to keep Mom busy with cuddles.


Mom is staying home

January 8th 2008 10:03 am
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Mom was layed off her job a couple of months ago and she stays home with me and Wraggs for now. I know she needs to get a job but I really like having her home all the time. Of course I spend most of it sleeping but there are the many cuddles I get during the day and even better, she opens up the patio door so I can go out there and get some more naps and sun.


My favorite things

October 9th 2004 12:43 pm
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I really like to sit on my Mom's lap when she is at her desk using the computer. I tell her what to type since I have no thumbs and spaces really are hard to do without them. I'm also really into hunting. I am quite an accomplished hunter too. I've probably taken down about 30 lizards of various sizes since I moved here last October. I brought one into bed for Mom one morning, she thanked me for my gift and then took it outside. All that work and she puts it back outside. I got him while he was in the house overnight, I brought him in the night before and he got loose, Mom tried to get him out from under the couch but she had no luck at all. I DID!!! The last gift I brought into the house was after hurricane Frances. I found a snake in the garage and I brought it in for Mom. I was so proud. Again, she took it outside. I was thankful that Mom didn't scream, she doesn't like snakes. It isn't like it was a huge snake, it was just a baby, but they say, where there is one, there are more. I keep looking in the garage but no more snakes, darnit. I've been thru 4 hurricanes now. I don't like them very much, it is scary with all that wind. I hid under the bed during hurricane Jeanne. It is still better than that darned old snow up north. I can go and explore the back yard almost all winter when Mom lets me out there. And I can enjoy the patio too.



October 8th 2004 5:44 pm
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I really love it when my Mom comes home and fixes my dinner. She puts the plate of food in the bathroom up on the counter. She has to do that cause the stupid dog, I mean my sister Wraggs, likes to eat my food. This is not a good thing. I don't eat the dog's food. She is on a diet and has to eat green beans. I am not on a diet, I have a hot cat body!!

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