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My Diary of Mischief and Madness! By Pixie Ninja Kitt

Day 12 in the heartbroken house.. by Steph Mum

June 12th 2010 5:29 am
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Pixie is still not home and no sign of her. We got a call from a lady yesterday saying she saw a cat like her a few streets away, which would have involved her crossing a busy road though it would be quiet at 3-6am I suppose. Anyway we went up and down said street in car and then Iain my boyf spotted a tortie... but it wasn't Pix. :( We spotted another couple of torties on our car travels locally and I realised we didn't have the only tortie in Hull after all. But still she's easier to spot than black or black and white or tabbies I suppose. I went into town this morning but couldn't get this sick kick in the stomach feeling out of me, the longing that I have to hold my Pix in my arms and tell her its ok now, she's safe. Today is a sunny day here and the birds are singing. Firefly is out chirping and jingling her bell, rolling around looking for attention, which I gladly give her. I'm sat in my patio on the pub bench and feel like if she was around she would sense me better here than inside but i'm going to do some more postering in a minute. I went for a pizza last night and the shop and others in that row had all taken down my poster! I had a go at the Pizza man saying I am relying on these and I'll tell him when she is found. He cheerfully said bring another in and we will put it back up. i need more lamination pouches too.

Sometimes I am thinking the worst and then imagining her in a shed somewhere after 12 days and that is not good. The council hasn't called finding any microchipped dead cats so that is good. Haven't called vets or RSPCA since last week and advert has run out on Gumtree. She is listed on though under Yorkshire. I'm having trouble with laughing and the idea of letting myself have fun as I can't bear to think that she is scared and lonely somewhere. It just feels really wrong. Firefly doesn't walk further than 4 or 5 houses towards the open end of my 'dead end' street and I just can't understand why Pix, a happy, spayed cat who has lived here all her life would just walk off and not come back. She is really hard to catch at the best of times so I can't see that someone got her to come to them to steal. She is very curious though always going in wardrobes and nooks and crannies. I feel weird going and asking neighbours again to look in their sheds. The street knows she is missing and we have posters in the car windows and in our house window.

It is the first match of the England vs USA World Cup today and I don't like football but everyone around is exited and I wish I could join in the good moods. Its summer and I looked forward to it but not without my kitty Pic. :(


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