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Bastet's Diary

Brushing teeth and stuff

December 20th 2011 8:26 am
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Well, Bastet has gotten used to me brushing her teeth. The first day she wasn't too sure about it (ran over to her food bowl and ate a whole bunch of food, dashed over in fact, it was funny). But now she seems to like it and it's not too hard to do.

I also have started giving her treats that should help with cleaning her teeth too (as well as natural treats for fun). She has clean teeth, but it can't hurt to make sure they stay that way. She's only needed one tooth removed and that was because it was getting reabsorbed into her body. O.o No idea how that works, but that was earlier in the year. So she's all good now.

Been keeping the heater on for Bastet at night, it's getting a little chilly around here. Well, for her anyway. Got to make sure she's comfortable of course!

She still is in great shape I think (she loves her laser toy, although she only runs after it a bit, I don't want to tire her out) and she's very healthy. So yay for that!

We're having a neighbor (who we trust) and her daughter take care of Bastet while we're in Washington, D.C. I'll meet them sometime later in the week. I won't have the daughter brush Bastet's teeth, just give her the teeth cleaning treats, just in case.

That's all for now!


Yay for relaxing!

January 6th 2009 10:26 pm
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I've been having lots of fun lately. I love my new cat tree/condo. I can see way up high, it's a nice place to nap, and occasionally I scratch it. It's so durable. Of course I occasionally like napping in this smallish plastic red basket my mommy has. Yeah there are papers in it, but I don't mind. :) Osiris and I have been pretty good about sharing the cat tree; but then there's 6 feet of it to use, so we have a lot of space.

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