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Imperor Tao's Adventures

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Will I Fit Into Her Bag?

May 22nd 2011 3:37 pm
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Dear Diary:

Oh, oh, oh I just heard mommie on the phone wiff my beloved Sushi's mommie. Seems she and daddie are going to see her in two weeks. Hummmmmm, do you tink I can fit in her bag? I am small enough to hide in der.I sure would like to go see Sushi! I haff to keep dis on the qt cuz if Harley finds out about it he'll want to go see Fuzz and Teddy will want to go see Mouse. I don't tink we can all fit in der!

Well, I'll let you know how dis comes out.

Makin Plans,



March 9th 2011 12:27 pm
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Dear Diary:

Hummmmm, Catster sent me a birfday cake but it doesn't say it's my birfday in my room. I wonders how my good furend Kibbles knew. Well, it's been a good birfday so far. Mommie didn't furget. She luved ALL over me dis mornin and den when hers got home furom school she gave me some special treats and let me pick out a toy. Her said I picked out a good one. *happy dancin* Well, I gotta go strut my stuff in front of my brofurs and sisfurs. *giggles*
Happy Birfday to me,


Mommie & The Catputer

January 20th 2011 7:02 pm
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Dear Diary:

Oh my,oh my oh my you should see what mommie can do wiff the catputer! As some of you know, she went back to school two weeks ago. She's been taking Catputer Concepts and really struggling thru it.

Today she came home after school and got right to work. She's working on her presentation. Her was doing all this kool stuff wiff pictures and slides. Well, I certainly was impressed! I sat down next to her and gave her one of my quizzacal looks. She said,"dont look so surprised Tao, Catster is what's helped me."

It seems that all the fun stuff that she used to do on here started to come back to her. I put my paws together and gave her some apaws! So fur all you people out there who laugh at mommie fur bein on Catster.........*puts his paws up to his ears, wiggles them and sticks his tongue out*

Peace Out,


Thanksgiving Tag

November 21st 2009 5:13 pm
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Tank you General Patter fur sending me this Tanksgiving tag.

List the five things that you're most thankful for this year.

1. That my mommie adopted me
2. I'm luved very much
3. I have many good fur furends
4. That God made squirrels fur me to get excited about
5. That I have lots of brofurs and sisfurs to pawlay and snuggle wiff

Now I will tag my furends

1. Bo
2. Willow
3. Angel
4. Pia Zadora
5. Kibbles


I Been Tagged!

January 16th 2009 7:43 am
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Dear Diary:

I been tagged by Ollie Popoki. The rules: Write 7 facts about yourself in your diary. Then tag 7 friends by pmail or by giving them a rosette to let them know you tagged them.

1. I'm a Siamese and I have catitude.

2. The only treats I like are salmon flavored ones.

3. My furend Daisy Mae Sunday Times sez Tabby Siamese *which I am* are blessed. Maybe that's why I'm the purr warrior in the fumily.

4. I like very high pawlaces.

5. I luv to pawlay wiff cellophane.

6. Whenever mommie is printing pictures I sit and watch the picture goin back and forff, to make sure it meets wiff my approval.

7. I am engaged to my girlfurend Sushi, the most beauuuutiful girl in the world!

I am going to tag the following friends:

Daisy Mae Sunday Times
Shai Ming


I'm A DDP Today!

January 2nd 2009 8:42 am
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Dear Dairy:

Tanks HQ!

I'm sooooo excited cuz I was chosen a DDP today and I get to share the honor wiff my good furends Binx and Sunflower. I tink this calls fur a BIG pawtay! Fire up the grill and break out the catnip!

I'm so glad that mommie finally figured out what was wrong wiff my room. It turned out to be the code wiff the wallpaper. Tank goodness cuz I hated that wallpaper, too girlie. Go check out the new one, it's really kool!

Catch ya later,



December 30th 2008 7:25 am
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Dear Dairy:

I was chosen DOTD today! WOW! Tanks HQ!

They chose my diary about getting engaged to the luv of my life Sushi. OMC! Mommieeeeeeeeeeee, my room is a mess and now all my furends are gonna go there! Pawlease mommie, finish putting up my new wallpaper, so it doesn't look so bad.

Whoo Hoo,


Happy Dancin

December 28th 2008 7:25 am
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Dear Dairy:

When last I wrote, I had asked Sushi to marry me. Well...............she said YES! I'm the happiest kittie alive! Whoo Hoo!

I went and asked her mommie and daddie. I told them that I would take very good care of her and they gave us their blessing. We plan a summer or fall wedding, that's up to Sushi.

I gotta go. I got to start planning fur this. I hear it takes a while to get a wedding together.



Whoo Hoo! Tanks Fur My Prezzies!

December 27th 2008 10:17 am
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Dear Diary:

I chose two furends to tank. My wonderful and most beuuuutiful girlfurend Sushi and my BFF Daisy Mae Sunday Times.

Sushi and her furmily sent us a whole bunch of prezzies but there was one that was specially fur me! It came in a purrty green box wiff snowflakes and a green ribbon and bow. Inside was the neatest toy! It's a piece of bamboo wiff a mousie on a rubber band. You try to pull the mousie out and when you let go it squeeeeeeeeeks and flys back into the bamboo! It's GREAT!

Daisy Mae sent me the koolest cat plaque that she made herself! I swear, she did, she drew her picture on the back! It has a cat wiff all kinds of purrty colors, blue, rust,yellow,green and orange. There is a yellow star above the kittties head and the palque is shaped like the kittie. I'm gonna hang it on the wall here in my house.

Tank you Daisy Mae, Sushi and all my other furends fur making this a wonderful Christmas!

A Very Happy,

Pee S. I have a pictures in my room*


A Very Special Christmas Nite Dinner

December 25th 2008 7:01 pm
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Dear Diary:

*Tao is pacing back and forff*

He adjusts his tie and looks in the mirror. Why you ask? Tonite he is going on a furry special date wiff Sushi. The limo pulls up to the front door and he looks back at mommie, Harley, Teddy and Prissy. *deep sigh* Here goes.

He steps into the limo and they take off fur Sushi's house.When they arrive, he gets out and runs up to her door. Sushi answers and behind her are Fuzz, Mouse, Sophie and their mommie.They all tell them to have a good time and off they go.

"Where are we going my sweet Tao?" she asks. "It's a furry big surprise Honey Bunnie, you'll see when we get there," he answers. He kisses her and holds her hand. During the ride they talk about all the tings they got fur pawresents that morning and about all of their Catster furends.

After awhile the limo pulls up to the best restaurant in town. It's all done up wiff georgous Christmas decorations. The sight of it takes Sushi's breath away! "Oh Tao. I've only heard about this pawlace, I never thought I'd ever come here to eat."

The limo driver opens the door fur them and they step out. Sushi and Tao look up at the lights in amazement. They look at each other *there's a glint in their eyes* but only fur a minute. "nah" sez Tao, "let's not do it. They would probably get really mad if we messed up all their decorations." *Sushi giggles*

They walk into the restaurant, Tao takes Sushi's coat and checks it in. He goes to the front and gives his name to a furry purrty kiitie that is standing there and she leads them to their table. It is a table by the window overlooking Lake Erie. The Christmas lights sparkle like jewels on the water.The waiter walks up and sez, "my name is Daniel and I will be your waiter this evening. Can I get you a drink?" Sushi orders a Diet Coke and Tao a coke. They look out the window at the water and talk about how magical it looks. Daniel brings them their drinks and they open the menu. Sushi orders grilled shrimp, sauteed in white wine, served over rice with broccolli. Tao orders grilled chicken, topped with a creamy white wine sauce with cappers, a baked potato and brocolli. He also orders an appitizer of shrimp and spinach dip.

When they are done eating Sushi takes a deep breath and sez "oh Tao, that was the most wonderful meal I haff ever had." Tao is delighted. He pushes his chair back and gets up. *Sushi looks quizzically at him* "where are you going Tao?' she asks. He walks over to her, reaches into his pocket, pulls out a little blue box, *could that be the famous Tiffany box?* kneels down and opens the box he has in his paw. "Sushi my luv, will you marry me?"

To be Sushi's diary.

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