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Monty's Mews


June 14th 2009 2:42 pm
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Ok, so I went downstairs today on my own to see how I would interact with my new brothers while they were out of their crate!

Jake follows me everywhere!!! I groomed him when we first met face to face and now he won't leave me alone. AND he chases MY tail!!! Doesn't he know he's supposed to chase his OWN tail??? And why didn't anyone inform me of his fetish? Mom, we need to talk!


Summertime Tag

June 22nd 2008 9:04 am
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Here is how to play this game. It's summer time and there are lots of things to do during this time of year. We would all wuv to hear what you like to do during the summer. List 5 things you like to do and then tag 5 furriends!

The things I like to do in the summer is....

1.) I like watching movies with Meowm.
2.) Okay...this will be one of my fursibs, but I love it, too!!
I love it when a fly gets in the's a toy that never runs out of battery power! (see Ronon, we have that in common too!)
3.) I love lying on the window perches when there's a nice breeze!
4.) I love lying in the bathtub. It's cool, too, and no one can ever find me there! (Get a clue, fam!)
5.) I love sitting by the glass storm door and whatching the birdies and squirrels!

Here are the 5 furriends I have tagged to tell what they love about Summer time!

1.) Mr. Sam
2.) Gibbs
3.) Cash
4.) Ani
5.) Oreo


I've been TAGGED!!

June 1st 2008 9:19 am
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My angel sisfur Manya tagged me!

To play this tag, youwrite five fabulous facts abowt yourrsef in your diary an you email five kitties to let them know you tagged them. You can send the first kitty a rosie to let them know or you just email. Publish the names of the five you have tagged.

1. I'm the youngest kitty in my house.
2. I'm CUTE
3. I run weally fast around the house
4. Meowm calls me the dishwasher at dinner time cuz I go around and clean all the bowls.
5. I have purrrrfectly beautiful green eyes!

I've tagged:
1. Gibbs
2. Cash
3. Manya
4. Midnight Louie 13
5. Casper


Saying HI!

May 4th 2008 8:50 am
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Hi Everyone! My name is Monty! Yeah, I know, it's a guy's name, but trust me, I am a girl. When I arrived at the shelter they named me Vermont (they had a state name theme going at the time) and called me Monty for short. Then they took me to the vet (eewwwwwwww) and found out I was a girl! I coulda told them had they asked! Geesh! Hoomans!

I was adopted about a month ago and they had to return me cos I didn't get along with their FIVE kids!! The four cats were no problem..heck I even dealt with their dogs..but FIVE hooman kids! Uh uh! So back to the shelter I went and when my mom saw that I was back, she put in for me and she got me!!!

So far I've been here almost 24 hours and it's pretty cool! I've got one furbrother who is momma's boy (hee! He's gonna get me for that one!) and five kinda looks like me..but I'm cuter!!!! I also have a fursister in heaven whom I am told looks after all of us and helped mom to get me somehow....

Now all I need is some Catster friends!!! I hope a lot of you out there will be my furfriends!!!

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