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Greetings from Lucie

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Gremlin and I

December 29th 2007 6:39 am
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went back to visit Mommie last night. At first I tried to show myself, about 3 a.m. when Mommie got up to go to the bathroom, but all I could manifest was just my (fluffy) tail. This startled Mommie but she kind of giggled, thinking that she was seeing things. So then Gremlin said "Maybe we had better try and do it in a dream"! So when Mommie went back to sleep, she dreamed that we jumped into bed with her--Gremlin went first, to show me how--and she petted and petted him and he purred. So then I plopped down on the other side of the bed and let her see me, and turned my little purring motor on...and Mommie petted and petted me too! So now she knows I can come and visit her too, so she isn't grieving so much. Thanks for all your help, Gremlin! I'm sorry I used to be afraid and jealous when you would come visit Mommie in the night, and now I know you were also trying to make me comfortable with the idea of going back to the Bridge with you when it was my time! Purrs and angel giggle-sparkles, Lucie


Scoop-Away Celebrity Kitty Quiz

July 23rd 2006 9:58 am
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Has anybody seen the quiz mentioned above? (It's at the website of the Scoop Away kitty litter site: You answer some questions multiple choice style, and they tell you what historical celebrity character your cat most resembles. I, of course, am "Mewie Antoinette"--giggle giggle! Description: "Your cat thinks she's royalty, she keeps her nose in the air and prances around like a Queen. . . " I think they have my personality nailed! "Let them Eat Fancy Feast!" giggle giggle. . . Purrs, Lucie-lu



April 29th 2006 4:34 pm
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Well! If I thought the carpet cleaning ordeal last June was bad, it was nothing compared to moving from Denver to Longmont. Mommie says she had all the work to do! And had to deal with short-circuited power outlets, flat tires, rain, and all other kind of hassles--but I had to get shut in the bathroom for hours without seeing what was going on! All kinds of noises were banging around outside my door. And Mommie was even gone for awhile to get the tire fixed! And then I had to get in my carrier again, and she drove us away from Denver up here to Longmont, and we had to go through the thing with the movers again in reverse, me sitting in the bathroom (and complaining, to no avail) while Mommie directed the movers where to put the furniture and boxes. Finally they left and she let me out, and oh--what a wonderful place to explore, so many great hiding places! I was cuddly with her last night because she needed me, but spent most of today hiding under the bed--just because I could! (She used to have a lot of stuff stuck under the bed). At least it's pretty here, with lots of nice trees to look at instead of that stupid construction site, and the mountains are closer, and Mommie says there is a lake right down the road where she plans to go walk once she gets settled.
Of course I won't get to do that--you wouldn't catch me on a leash, and Mommie says a lot of people walk dogs around the lake too, and Uncle Dave has seen foxes over there when he was walking his dog! So guess I'd better stay here and watch out the window. I hope we like it here.


Happy Holidays!

December 5th 2005 6:19 pm
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Instead of another poutfest, I decided that this time of year we ought to be thinking about all our blessings. . . I was really lucky to get a new Mommie who adores and likes to spoil a little princess of a kitty like me, and is willing to do whatever it takes and spend whatever it costs to fix my medical problems. I'm still on 2 meds for my bladder condition, but they're tolerable and I'm feeling good again! I'm also blessed to have the sweetest and handsomest fiance a girl kitty could have in my beloved Mr. Fuzz! I just wish all the kitties in the world were as lucky as me and that none of them were homeless or hungry or mistreated or left out in the cold. Best wishes from our house to yours at this time of year. . . oh yeah. . . I forgot another thing to be thankful for. . . that great gas fireplace when it gets cold outside (and it's cold outside this week!)

Purrs and prrrts to all, Lucie-lu


Big Pout, Part II

September 24th 2005 1:05 pm
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I'm about as frustrated as a kitty can get! Here Mommie and I have been wrestling with the tummy problems for the better part of a year and I've been on several different nasty antibiotics for those--am still in the middle of a course of them at the moment. But I started peeing outside the box, and Mommie got concerned and took me back to the vet again (I've seen about as many vets in the past year as Mommie had doctors when she got diagnosed with breast cancer last fall). POUT, POUT, POUT bigtime POUT. The new vet stuck a needle in my bladder and took out some pee! How embarrassing! And then after making Mommie and me wait for half an hour in that little room (she took advantage of the situation to hold me in her lap until I finally began to protest), he came back in and pronounced that I indeed had a urinary tract infection. I think it's all GREMLIN'S FAULT!!!! If his bloody ghost didn't keep hanging around here, I'd have never caught his stupid pee-pee disease!!! So now I'm going to have to take yet another pill, not instead of but in addition to the one for my tummy, and I have to have it after I eat because it could upset my tummy *itself*! Does anybody else think there's something dreadfully WRONG about that? Pout-pout. And I have met yet another vet. The last two I've seen have been men--and I'm not at all impressed. I wish Mommie would take me back to the ladies. Oh, to add insult to injury, he gave me a vaccination and did it in my back paw. He told Mommie sometimes kitties get tumors at vaccination sites and it would be better to lose a leg than to . . . well, you get the picture. Pout-pout.


Oh, Fuzzums!

September 4th 2005 7:30 am
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Well, since he wrote a mushy diary entry about me, it's only fair that I should do the same. . . for my dear Mr. Fuzz, my dear Fuzzums! I know that a long-distance catmail relationship isn't really going to go anywhere, but I just melt when I look into those big copper eyes, and think about how nice it would feel to nuzzle that fluffy fox-red and white fur, and to snuggle up with him in front of a fireplace or his wood stove in the winter. . .I wish they would come up with that Kitty Hearts feature somebody was suggesting on the Forums, so I could give my heart to my sweet Fuzzums! Just thinking of him makes me purr and purr. . .And a big "prrrt" for good measure! Sigh. . .


The Continuing Saga of the Litter box

August 17th 2005 5:07 pm
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Here I've been embarrassed, humiliated even, by Mommie and Gremlin telling the world what a messy kitty I am, when Mommie was the one being dense (as usual). She finally got it through her perpetually thick head that my litter box belongs in the BATHROOM, not the laundry room! Just because Gremlin put up with that dark and (sometimes) noisy place to do his private business doesn't mean that would suffice for the little Princess. If Mommie leaves it in the bathroom for good, we'll have no more trouble (she hopes).

And thanks to everybody who has offered to be friends, crushes, and catmail pals! It does wonders for a girl's flagging self-esteem! Thanks for all the treats, too, Sweetie! You really are an angel!

Purrs and a big "prrrt" to you all,


The Nerve of That Guy!

August 3rd 2005 4:58 pm
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So Gremlin's shade dares to come back and offer *me* advice on how to handle our Mommie, does he? And that's all he is, just a ghost--he's no angel and never was, to hear Mommie tell it. He even bit her nose--twice--when she tried to smell his cat-breath, and it didn't get him out of trips to the kitty dentist at all. One of his vets absolutely hated him--he once said "this cat's biggest problem is his personality!" (I'm glad Mommie takes me to nice lady vets instead.) But what did Gremlin expect if he howled all the way from the apartment to the clinic waiting room, then began the hissing and spitting?
And the "people food" he was so fond of made him fat as a little pig. The only reason he got it the last year of his life was because he was sick and losing weight and (another) vet thought it would at least encourage him to eat something. He hasn't got any business airing our dirty laundry (or carpets) in public either. Mommie knows when my tummy is upset and she doesn't get mad. . . yet. As for the lap thing, maybe I'll grow into it and maybe not. And me--a ditzy blonde? Gentletoms prefer blondes, I'm proud to let him know! I've already had several suitors (well, here at Catster, giggle-giggle). Doesn't he remember the reputation that black cats have? The brat.



July 15th 2005 2:20 pm
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This could have started out as another very bad, terrible, whining entry. I got that intestinal bug again last week and Mommie took me to the vet. This time they took some of my blood (ouch) to test it for various problems and didn't find anything wrong. Just the usual bacteria in my poop, which Mommie had to bring in (how embarrassing!). Mommie told the vet how much I hate the liquid antibiotics, so they thought maybe trying a pill might be easier. I tried to fight the pills and spit them out, but soon Mommie got smart. She decided to give me a pill with a bite of Fancy Feast! With that yummy, melt-in-your-mouth taste, who's gonna complain about a silly old pill? She thinks she's outsmarted me, but really I'm training her. She does have a thick head about what kitties need and want. I just hope she keeps on giving me the Fancy Feast once the pills are gone!


The Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day

June 10th 2005 6:49 pm
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Today really had to be the worst day I've spent since I left that noisy, smelly baby and moved in with my new Mommie. It rained most of the day and was cold, so I didn't get to go out on the porch. Mommie vacuumed this morning and moved furniture around--including *my* litter box, bed, toys, and food and water dishes into the bathroom! And then this evening, she shut me in there! After that, the absolute worst happened! A monster machine came into the house with lots of tubes and it was NOISY! It made the vacuum sound like a little purr. A couple of strange men were tromping through the house with this machine, and then when they left and Mommie let me out of the bathroom, all the carpets were wet! I had to jump instead of just walking through the rooms, and then had to stay on top of the furniture and the floor mat in front of the computer, or I'd get my dainty little paws wet too.
Mommie said she knew it would be traumatic for both of us, but that didn't make me feel any better. I hope she never has the carpets cleaned again!

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