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Confessions of a Queen

I am not feeling so good

May 12th 2009 1:34 pm
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OK, here is the scoop. Two weeks after my last visit, Barbie got another antibiotic injection from the vet to give me at home seeing as I get so stressed traveling there. Tom held me and Barbie gave me the injection. I was so miffed, I took off and only forgave Barbie when I knew it was safe (when she was sleeping).

Somehow, Barbie got the transdermal medication for me but,when I first saw the syringe, I thought it was another needle and took off. Eventually, I have come to trust Barbie again; only a little. Apparently the plan is to test my thyroid again and if it is alright, I may be able to have the dental surgery.

Now on May 5th, I came down for food as Barbie sang to me and not only did I not get any but, I was taken to the vet again. I hid behind the trash can under the counter and Barbie sat beside me and cuddled me on her chest. That was nice and comfortable. The technician seemed surprised to see Barbie on the floor with me. They took me and did another thyroid test and then I went home. I still barfed in the car as the whole thing is stressful for me. Barbie was crying so hard at the vet as I have lost more weight. I was 2.7kg in April and now I am 2.5kg. She told me that the weight loss may be a sign that she might lose me .

The results of the thyroid is that the gel is working and my levels are fine. I was off food for almost the whole weekend because of the treachery earlier. Yesterday, Barbie was on the phone with the vet and telling on me. We have a tentative dental surgery booked on Thursday.

Now for the bad news. I have lost so much weight and because of my age that it is now very risky for me to go under anesthetic. Barbie will bring me in on Thursday (the day after her birthday) with nothing to eat and has arranged for two vets to examine me before the surgery. They want to make sure that the swelling is an infected tooth and not a tumor. I may have something else going on because of the weight loss. It will then be decided if I get the surgery or may have to go to the Rainbow Bridge. My losing weight and the swelling of my face is now a quality of life issue. Barbie is hoping for me to bounce back once the evil tooth is pulled and is tempting me with real human salmon, mackerel and tuna to bulk me up. Barbie is really trying so hard for me it is truly a testament of her love for me. I am not trying to be difficult, I just don't feel well. We will know in a couple of days what will happen.


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