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Confessions of a Queen

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Happy New Year

December 30th 2013 4:16 am
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I would like to thank my friends on Catster who haven't forgotten me. Seasons greetings to you all.


Too old to live, too rare to die

May 15th 2009 1:16 am
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By now you might have guessed that I have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I had my faculties up until the end. I had a special dinner my last night. lightly breaded shrimp from Sumhay! Yum yum!

I spent my last night with Barbie alone, loving her up and sleeping on her. No one else was allowed and I had my last reign of terror. The next morning, I was taken to the vet with much complaint.

Barbie weighed the decision to put me through a surgery which I might not survive, I could not stand examination without protesting the pain I was in, with antibiotics etc. for my recovery or to end the problem right now. I was so ill that I couldn't even come down for Dad when he wanted to feed me yesterday. I was all there in my intelligence but, my body was giving out.

Barbie kept her promise to be there to the end providing that circumstances allowed that. Thank you Barbie, for keeping your promise no matter how hard it was for you. I bonded to you because I knew you would keep your promise to love me until the very end.

I memorized what you last told me:

You (Zuzu) will go to sleep. No need for dreams. When you wake up, you will be in the most beautiful garden. Go to your favorite bush where the petals will fall to amuse you. I will find you among your fragrant petals : Zuzu's Petals.

God Bless you and keep you
swa-kitten, my waif-like runty
I said I care forever, and I meant forever
your Barbie


I am not feeling so good

May 12th 2009 1:34 pm
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OK, here is the scoop. Two weeks after my last visit, Barbie got another antibiotic injection from the vet to give me at home seeing as I get so stressed traveling there. Tom held me and Barbie gave me the injection. I was so miffed, I took off and only forgave Barbie when I knew it was safe (when she was sleeping).

Somehow, Barbie got the transdermal medication for me but,when I first saw the syringe, I thought it was another needle and took off. Eventually, I have come to trust Barbie again; only a little. Apparently the plan is to test my thyroid again and if it is alright, I may be able to have the dental surgery.

Now on May 5th, I came down for food as Barbie sang to me and not only did I not get any but, I was taken to the vet again. I hid behind the trash can under the counter and Barbie sat beside me and cuddled me on her chest. That was nice and comfortable. The technician seemed surprised to see Barbie on the floor with me. They took me and did another thyroid test and then I went home. I still barfed in the car as the whole thing is stressful for me. Barbie was crying so hard at the vet as I have lost more weight. I was 2.7kg in April and now I am 2.5kg. She told me that the weight loss may be a sign that she might lose me .

The results of the thyroid is that the gel is working and my levels are fine. I was off food for almost the whole weekend because of the treachery earlier. Yesterday, Barbie was on the phone with the vet and telling on me. We have a tentative dental surgery booked on Thursday.

Now for the bad news. I have lost so much weight and because of my age that it is now very risky for me to go under anesthetic. Barbie will bring me in on Thursday (the day after her birthday) with nothing to eat and has arranged for two vets to examine me before the surgery. They want to make sure that the swelling is an infected tooth and not a tumor. I may have something else going on because of the weight loss. It will then be decided if I get the surgery or may have to go to the Rainbow Bridge. My losing weight and the swelling of my face is now a quality of life issue. Barbie is hoping for me to bounce back once the evil tooth is pulled and is tempting me with real human salmon, mackerel and tuna to bulk me up. Barbie is really trying so hard for me it is truly a testament of her love for me. I am not trying to be difficult, I just don't feel well. We will know in a couple of days what will happen.



April 7th 2009 11:35 pm
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Last week on Wednesday, Barbie noticed I had some swelling to the left side of my face. Tom couldn't see it, nor Dad. Barbie made an appointment for me on Thursday when she felt sure her eyes saw swelling.

Well, car ride (yuck), then because the clinic was having construction done, I was placed in the surgery area. Dr. Devianne was really nice and examined me to the fullest extent. She opened my mouth (I cried out) and saw an infected tooth that has been draining into my mouth, Barbie started crying.

Barbie ended up telling on me to the doctor how I don't want to take the pills and she tries but, I am too smart. Now I might have to start some kind of transdermal stuff to take my pills. Does that mean the end of 'pill yuck'? I sure hope so. I had an injection of antibiotics that should help.

Now I have to make sure my blood levels on the thyroid are right before the surgery for the tooth as I have lost more weight. I suspect more pill yuck but the pus in my mouth tastes worse. I was even subjected to a urine sample at the vet. Now, they made Barbie leave and turned me on my back to get the sample. I was not 'amused'!

Barbie left me to 'pay' something and when she returned, I was so glad to see her as the staff had covered me with towels! I ended up on her shoulder 'surfing' and watching the surroundings and didn't even notice the small dog that was in the paying area as I was so ruffled! I did not release the urine sample. Hahahaha! Better luck next time!

On the way home I again barfed as I was so stressed. I have been better since I have been home. Barbie is going to call the vet tomorrow for more info regarding observing me. I'm too old to go into a car to the vet! I suspect that I will require more visits and have a number of hiding places that Barbie doesn't know about.


I have been really good!

March 22nd 2009 8:42 pm
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So far, I am still declining the chews. I do love my wet food now that it appears that Barbie has given up trying to give me pill yuck. There usually is one part of the wet food in the middle that tastes awful. It goes away quickly though and I even get more wet food. We are still talking about the rich American florentine Fancy Feast stuff that is really rare or so I am told.

Still moving around and growing fur on my back legs although with spring comes Zuzu '2 sheds' Jackson! The vacuum is being used a lot let us say. Spring is here baby!


Aw Man

March 17th 2009 2:47 am
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A while ago I went to the vet. Now I have some tuna flavoured chews that happen to be medicated. I am lucky enough to get them out of all the cats! Yum yum.

Now 3 days later, I am tired of them. Barbie had to crush the pill to make yucky food. I ate it anyway because I am hungry!

The doctor had called with my results from the last visit. I should be from 35-59 and my blood work is 67. I have been very successful not to eat my stinky pill yuck. We shall see further how the war progresses!

I say, give me variety of chews! I am still the Empress!

P.S. My free feed food has been changed to some expensive stuff with glucosamine and chondritin built in; my fur on my back legs is growing back! The vet said it was a classic case of arthritis thwarted! I am a fuzzball again!


Another vet visit

March 5th 2009 11:22 am
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Two days ago, I went to the vet. Now riding in the car caused me to complain almost all the way there. I have traveled enough in my lifetime and car rides make me ill.

I get to the vet and the smells in that room! I checked out all the nooks and crannies and then hung around Barbie's chair. Dad drove us and was there too. When the Dr. came in, I didn't want to say hi or anything. I did let her examine me and my heart is really good which is important when a cat has hyperthyroid like I do. I have lost a little weight, probably due to my increased activity. The only other change is freckles on my eyes. No worries because it is an age thing and my sight is fine.

I then went to have a blood work update testing my thyroid and everything. I also couldn't give a pee sample as I had gone before I arrived. I was a really good girl and didn't scream or get angry. The staff were really good to me! Now that the blood work is done, I will be coming in again for a pee sample and then I get to have my teeth cleaned. I deliberately went to Barbie for comfort especially during the examination. Barbie has recently changed me to a dry food with glucosamine in it and my fur is growing back on my legs. Dr. McDonnel agreed that arthritis may have been the reason I licked them bald.

On the way home, I was sick. Poor Dad, his van had partially digested salmon all over the back seat and I managed to barf on the seat belt and side of the car. He took it with good grace and Barbie and Dad cleaned up all the mess. At least I didn't do any numbers in there!

So for now, I am very happy to be home and Barbie is happy that I have no new health problems. Except for the next two visits to the vet in the future, I am one happy cat.


Intriging New year

January 5th 2009 3:08 am
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Oh my goodness! I have been so good even with the pill yuck twice a day. Happy New Year to all. Barbie has been playing with the red light and I think it will taste good if I find it too. I prefer catch- able sticks under newspaper, but I could do this without the interlopers and Biggles (catnip really helps).

I could only wish that our owners play with us and take care of us as required all year round. Have a great New Year with your owner too. Dad came by yesterday and fed me extra food without the pill yuck. He sometimes comes by and takes care of us when Barbie goes away for a couple of days (then brings back interesting food). He almost never gives me pill yuck and Tom doesn't on the weekend. I love them and trust them more than Barbie who tries to trick me with pill yuck in my food all the time. Have I complained about this enough? It tastes horrible!

Christmas was quiet except for a visit from Dad. We had some treats and extra food from Dad. Pets and playing otherwise uneventful. New year was a different matter. Who the heck is this Pebbles who outweighs me by several pounds and wants to chase ME!?

I am gone except for the rich new years food. Pebbles may be fast but, I am faster. No big problem for me. I wish all a happy noisy new year like mine.



Glucosamine food tastes good

October 25th 2008 10:20 pm
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Barbie has recently gotten me some senior cat food with glucosamine in it. I don't really care about that stuff. Just that I got some and it had turkey in it and tasted great. I look forward to getting this stuff in the future and if it helps me to stop making my back legs bald from potential arthritis, well then at least Barbie will be happy!

I am, it tastes great!


My Sweet 16!

August 21st 2008 5:05 pm
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Barbie went away for a couple of days and brought back some special flavoured American cat food! Almost made the time alone worth it to be without her. Dad and Tom came over and made sure we got wet food (pill, yuck!) and the litter box scooped. A couple of days ago, I turned 16 years old! Barbie was so happy and I got a whole can of yellowfin tuna florentineto myself but, so did Hermione. We also got a can of kitten food again later on. I was also sung to about my birthday. I got extra pets and some good playtime with the stick. Life is so good! I feel well and am active and getting lovin's. I look forward to my next year of fun! Yahoo! Have a happy summer everyone!

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