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PB & J come over and don't leave soon enough!

September 7th 2009 12:23 am
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I am just starting to get used to Duffy staying here and he is not afraid of me so it's not so great. So Pebbles and Jazz come over with Tom. I like Tom, every day he is there, he feeds me wet food. Duffy gets the by-products but, I'm sure I get the good stuff first! Dad always gives me some wet food too, that's why I am always happy to see him. Barbie has become really stingy lately. I've been trying to ignore the lectures on losing weight, loving me too much to feed me! She uses the same intonation whenever Vincent insists on going outside.

If I use my big eyes to look up at her adoringly, and purr a little, you know; the head butt thing and meow like a kitten sounding when I was all scared, hungry, and alone. Well, Barbie just caves in!

Earlier today, Barbie lifted Pebbles up to me. We touched noses and I didn't growl one bit near her. Barbie thinks that is a good sign that I might be adapting to this Cairn Terrier who loves to chase me. Pebbles dares to check me out when I'm drinking water! Then Duffy comes and all heck breaks loose because I cornered myself. Even when they are shooed away, it takes me a while to feel comfortable to return to daily living. I tend to relax on high ground.

So we go on to Thursday and Tom comes over and takes the girls home! Finally, I get to sleep on the bed. I don't know how stealthy you think cats are but, it is like a minefield actually getting to the bed. The unfathomable Pebbles sleeps on the bed and on the floor at different times of the night. Hard to consider engaging her with stealth Duffy around who isn't disturbed by all these dogs in the least. So now I have to consider combat with my own kind or dive into 4 dogs; I choose the basement.

I recently went to the vet and I didn't like the car ride or the place one bit. I mean Dr. McDonell was nice but, I was so nervous. I hid my head in Tom's elbow all the way there and back. My paws were sweaty when I walked on the table and I hid while Barbie held Vincent. I don't think I am a good candidate for traveling. The good news is that I got all my needles and am healthy albeit overweight. Barbie thinks that it is just the way I am. I certainly can't play as I used to with that Duffy around who either hogs the toy or watches me play. Yes, we do sleep on the bed but, if he comes too close ... he had better not want to find out!


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