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Happy birthday to me!

March 10th 2012 8:32 am
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Well, a bit has happened since my last entry. I went to the vet for a check up and the doctor saw a kitty cavity on my tooth. Barbie booked me in for surgery and a cleaning. I went but, fortunately, I didn't have a cavity so I kept all my teeth. I had my teeth cleaned and recovered quite well from the surgery. Other than being fat, I am fine.

Now today, I am now 8 years old and found out I share Chuck Norris' birthday. Nobody crosses either of us and I wish all the other kitties and Mr. Norris a happy birthday today.


PB & J come over and don't leave soon enough!

September 7th 2009 12:23 am
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I am just starting to get used to Duffy staying here and he is not afraid of me so it's not so great. So Pebbles and Jazz come over with Tom. I like Tom, every day he is there, he feeds me wet food. Duffy gets the by-products but, I'm sure I get the good stuff first! Dad always gives me some wet food too, that's why I am always happy to see him. Barbie has become really stingy lately. I've been trying to ignore the lectures on losing weight, loving me too much to feed me! She uses the same intonation whenever Vincent insists on going outside.

If I use my big eyes to look up at her adoringly, and purr a little, you know; the head butt thing and meow like a kitten sounding when I was all scared, hungry, and alone. Well, Barbie just caves in!

Earlier today, Barbie lifted Pebbles up to me. We touched noses and I didn't growl one bit near her. Barbie thinks that is a good sign that I might be adapting to this Cairn Terrier who loves to chase me. Pebbles dares to check me out when I'm drinking water! Then Duffy comes and all heck breaks loose because I cornered myself. Even when they are shooed away, it takes me a while to feel comfortable to return to daily living. I tend to relax on high ground.

So we go on to Thursday and Tom comes over and takes the girls home! Finally, I get to sleep on the bed. I don't know how stealthy you think cats are but, it is like a minefield actually getting to the bed. The unfathomable Pebbles sleeps on the bed and on the floor at different times of the night. Hard to consider engaging her with stealth Duffy around who isn't disturbed by all these dogs in the least. So now I have to consider combat with my own kind or dive into 4 dogs; I choose the basement.

I recently went to the vet and I didn't like the car ride or the place one bit. I mean Dr. McDonell was nice but, I was so nervous. I hid my head in Tom's elbow all the way there and back. My paws were sweaty when I walked on the table and I hid while Barbie held Vincent. I don't think I am a good candidate for traveling. The good news is that I got all my needles and am healthy albeit overweight. Barbie thinks that it is just the way I am. I certainly can't play as I used to with that Duffy around who either hogs the toy or watches me play. Yes, we do sleep on the bed but, if he comes too close ... he had better not want to find out!


Someone call Duffy's Taxi!

August 23rd 2009 3:41 am
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I just got used to being the baby of the family and then Barbie goes ahead and gets a younger cat! He is an orange tabby and everyone thinks he is incredibly cute. Dad came by and petted Duffy and myself. I used to be Dad's favorite because I have short fur like his cat Kitcha. Now Duffy goes on Dad's lap and lets him put his finger in his ear and purrs like a demon. Dad even asked Barbie where he can get a cat like Duffy!? Barbie thinks Dad would do well with a kitty so she recommended the Humane Society. We think Dad misses his Kitcha too much since she went to the Rainbow Bridge and maybe he can't get a wonderful kitty to share his life with.

Now my place as Dad's favorite is in jeopardy! Duffy hogs the toys and gets a lot of attention from the guys who visit here. I am no longer getting wet food too! Maybe when Tom or Dad come by, I might get wet food once a week but, c'mon! My wogga-wogga is now really thin as I am starving for wet food. I can't be fatty-bo-batty without my wogga-wogga!

Duffy comes up to me and wants to play by putting his paw on me. He actually dares?! He is here to protect me and I am a little on edge because that Duffy is around. I still manage to make it to sleep on the bed with Barbie at night but, that darn Duffy likes to sleep in the upstairs tub. He comes out to investigate on me and then wants to play at 2AM! I am getting ready for sleep and Duffy stealth jumps on me! I can't help but cry out which wakes the whole house up.

This Beavis guy didn't bug me one bit and I realized that my routine was not disturbed with his arrival. He doesn't try to bite me or bat me with his paw. I can only hope that this Duffy guy gets his taxi called and he will go away. For those of you not familiar with our city, we have a taxi company by the name of Duffy's Taxi.

I can only hope for a speedy resolution to this situation. How long will it take to possibly get used to him?


Where the boys are

June 12th 2009 12:05 am
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Now I am the only girl left, if you count Barbie. She made some changes around the house since Zuzu has left us. The kitchen table has been taken back. Vincent and I are only left with two counters now. I am also not getting wet food as much. I only got it because Jazz and Pebbles came over for almost a week. I can tolerate Jazz now because I know she won't do anything but stare at me. Pebbles barks and chases me. Toward the end of the stay, I was able to look on at Pebbles from a height and not growl.

When they finally go home, what happens? Barbie goes to the pound and gets Beavis. Since he is a boy, I am alright with him. I didn't let him ruin my usual routine and I was back to sleeping on the bed within 4days. It seems that Barbie has finally figured out that I want to be the only girl in here. I like having the boys around as they can protect me whenever someone comes over. I don't have to run and hide.

Now everyone can see me with the boys. If only I could be the only one interested in that red light!


Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas!

December 23rd 2008 10:39 pm
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I have been so busy playing with and competing for the laser light. It keeps taunting me! It doesn't help that Barbie laughs and makes a voice for the laser light and it always says," Can't catch me! I move at the speed of light" or "Catch me and I taste delicious!" I am getting faster but, still not fast enough. With practice, it will be mine.

Gift wrap is so interesting to run in and play with. There are many gifts to wrap so it is so very fun to be distracted by either the light or crinkly gift wrap. It's a tough choice but, well seeing as I do need exercise ... hunting, running and playing are what we cats do best besides cuddling.

I don't know if it's the Seasonal spirit or something else. For the last 3 weeks when Barbie has Bible study, I have come around. I know Tanya best and I went to check on her and Barbie the most of course. There was some amazement of this new behavior as I usually hide. I guess if I get used to you, I stay. I have received much praise for the social contact. I expect to continue this as I don't hide when Dad comes over, or Tom(he still calls me 'fatty bo-batty')!

Here is wishing everyone on Catster the best of this season and non-denominational tidings of cheer!


I do believe there is a competion with Biggles

November 23rd 2008 1:13 am
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Barbie has held true to her bid to make me exercise more. The little red light with the tempting music is occurring more and more. The only problem is Biggles trying to find the light. He knows the music too!

I try to play with the light but that huge galoot comes by and wants to catch it too. He is so clumsy and sometimes I have to give him a swat on the head so that I can play. Barbie tries to change tactics and plays with me when Biggles goes outside. That doesn't work so well because then Vincent comes along and plays with the light as well.

The exercise is working as my fat pad seems looser. Barbie calls it a wogga wogga because it wiggles back and forth when I run. I find that I am getting a bit more active around the house and Tom has even asked if I have lost weight! I suspect that when it really becomes noticeable, there will be pictures of me in my new svelte physique.

The exercise hasn't affected my appetite and I still love the wet food. Barbie is also growing some grass and I eat some every morning before my wet food. If she goes back to bed, I follow her there. I like having this playtime everyday even if I have competition mostly with Biggles. I am absolutely certain that when I lose enough weight that I will catch that red light and it will be delicious. I need more practice!


Another vet visit

November 9th 2008 5:58 pm
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A couple of days ago, Vincent and I went to the vet for our routine check up. I was placed into the kennel and I cried a bit on the way to the vet. Tom came for the ride and petted me while Barbie drove. Once I had some attention, I was fine.

When we got there, I was carried in and sat in Tom's arms better than Vincent did with Barbie. We were all put into a room and I wasn't allowed to check out the shelves. They remembered the damage I caused another time before. I was terrified of the smells of other animals and ended up hiding behind the trashcan.

I was examined first and was healthy except for the fact that I am fat. I am about 12-13 pounds. Barbie has sworn to use the laser pen more often (without Biggles around) so that I can exercise more. She has even bought more batteries for the pen. We recently got two new toys on sticks and they are fun to hunt with catnip on them.

I became frightened again on the way to the car but, we went straight in and went right home. I am healthy for another year! What a relief! We got some wet food for being so good. Now I can relax. Although I didn't like the car ride and little room, I had so much love during and later, it was almost worth it. Now, where did that stupid red light go?


Well there is proof!

June 15th 2008 8:00 pm
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I just wanted to let everyone know that I have proof in picture that I have marked Biggles.


I don't like sudden changes

April 1st 2008 2:42 pm
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Hermy here,

Well, by now everyone knows that we lost Dawg. My special buddy is gone! I remember when I first encountered Dawg. She came up to me and sniffed my face and was gone before I could even object! I used to start when she came near me but then she didn't really pay me any mind. It took 2 weeks to get used to her and then we were great friends. Thanks to Dawg for getting me used to canines.

I am more worried about Barbie. She was crying so much and told us she knows how much we all miss Dawg too. I give her extra lovin's and I hope she knows that we all feel badly. I love Dawg and I love you too! We have to keep trying to cope with our loss and I must say it is difficult. Together, we will all muddle through and I am glad that all of us still have each other.

I have also started to travel. Jazz is here being looked after while Jackie is on vacation in B.C. Tom doesn't like going home to an empty house, so I went over by myself last week. I can tell you it was very different not having company and bedlam all day. I came back home and was really glad to be back.

This week, I am over at Tom's with Vincent. The house is nice and there is a waterbed there too. I get fed my wet food and extra treats like canned shrimp and crab (the human stuff). I like to hide because by nature I am shy. I can get used to this place and will as it is my second time. I hang around Tom when he gets home and he has to get used to us being 3 dimensional. It's kind of fun to sneak up on him and wait until he notices us. I also try to give Tom extra attention because I can tell he is sad about losing Dawg too.

It seems that those of us who are left without Dawg have a harder time. We have to take each day without her and that is so hard on us all. I am just glad that I have my people and Vincent to work it out with. Barbie told me that the pain we now feel is due to the extreme love we have shown towards each other. We are reminded everyday either in words or a gesture of how much we are loved. I am so glad that all of us pets are so deeply loved by Barbie. We love her back at least as much. When I think of the love that we share and how we all show it to one another, I have no regrets. Rest in peace my dear buddy Dawg and someday all of us will make that journey to be happy together again.


I marked Biggles!

November 1st 2007 4:42 pm
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Yes, I finally did it! Let me tell you how this all happened. The other day, I went to the vet for my annual checkup. No big deal, Vincent even went too and I am promised to keep my mouth shut about the incident. I didn't like the room too much and didn't explore. I mainly hid behind the trashcan hoping no one would see me. Shucks! Dr. McDonell found me right away! I remember her from last year and I like her although I am still kind of shy.

She looked me over and Barbie held me for 30 seconds (did I get a needle?) and then it was over! I don't mind car rides either and I don't understand why I didn't get to go to the US too! It was alright here with Zuzu but, I think I might have been considered for the trip.

When I got home from the vet, I was so happy to be here that I started to go on a mad marking streak. That was when I marked Biggles. He is alright! He just stood there and let me do my thing. I think that the acquisition of Biggles is a positive thing now. He is just intimidating because at first he rushed at me. Now he kind of lunges and barks. I just like it when he is still so I can examine him at my leisure which I do when he sleeps. I also won't let him deprive me of sleeping on the warm waterbed. We sleep on either end of the bed near human feet. Man, when will this mutt stop growing? He is about 50 pounds right now and it doesn't look as though he will stop soon. I will bide my time and hopefully, Biggles and I will end up sharing body heat someday. I knew I would mark him!

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