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The Princess and Her Followers

Waiting for Taiko to come home

March 30th 2009 12:05 pm
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I wonder where Taiko is? He ventured outside on 3/18 to explore the outdoors for the first time ever and now it's the 30th. No Taiko. Mom is beside herself, lost weight and hasn't been sleeping much. I know she's tired and sad and I have been turning up the love for her. In one way it's cool that I am the top cat right now, but I really want Taiko to come back soon so that we can take naps together, play grab-ass, and so that Mom can finally rest and heal her aching heart. Little stinker, let your radar kick in and come home already! I miss you too, butthead...


COTD? What a privilege!

October 12th 2008 12:47 pm
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Many thanks and purrs to Catster for featuring me as a COTD! Wow, what an honor...And tons of thanks and purrs and head bonks to all the wonderful Catster members who sent such kind words and wanted me to be friends with them...My whole family is always happy to make new friends!

Happy Sunday to all of you wonderful felines!




Today's my Birthday!!

July 4th 2007 1:55 pm
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Thank you to all of my wonderful feline and human friends who have given me birthday wishes...My mom and I aren't thrilled about getting older, but we are birthday buddies (Mom's birthday is coming up in a few days). She was sooooo sweet to me this morning, gave me extra treats and talked to me more than usual. So of course I got really talkative too...I wish she and I had nice morning chats more frequently, but she's usually in a rush...she had to go to work today (not fair for humans when it's a national holiday! Mom should be home with me today!), but she had a little more time so we got to have that lovely chat...

Again, thank you so much for the birthday wishes...*blushes*



the Sophester


The Big Conversation

March 25th 2006 7:44 pm
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I think I freaked my mom out today when she started speaking to me this morning. I am by nature quite a vocal girl, much to the chagrin of my brother Taiko. But today I especially felt like having a chat with Mom. After all, I had to tell her all about my handsome and charming new beau, Proddy.

I just think the world of Proddy and am so happy that he thinks highly of me too. So when Mom started to greet me this morning, I sang praises about my man. She encouraged me, so I kept going on and on about his glorious long gray mane and his handsome face, and that he tells me how beautiful I am. I couldn't stop! Wouldn't you know it, she could only listen to a portion of what I wanted to say because she had a busy day ahead of her. If only she could understand that I am IN LOVE!!! When one is wrapped up in the magic of new love, there is never enough that can be said about the object of one's desire.

So, to you, my handsome man, thank you for the lovely blue rose, and know that I told my mom all about you...I will dream of you tonight!

Meows and purrs to everyone!


Yummy Purr Pads...Yes, that's right, yummy!

November 8th 2005 4:33 pm
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Mom got us these things called Purr Pads a few months ago, which were supposed to attract cat fur and make her life easier. They're also supposed to trap heat and make very comfy places to sleep. Well, Taiko and I love them! They're very nice indeed, and since Mom put four of them out, I had several choices.

Soon I discovered that those things are pretty tasty, so I started to sneak a little chomp here and there. It's a great way to get fiber in my diet...Anyway, I got bolder with my snacking, and I guess I got a little careless. One day Mom saw me in action and threw a little fit over the whole if this was a problem! I was not to be deterred from those yummy nap pads...Well, Mom kept catching me, and every time she would get upset.

So yesterday she came home after a long day at work and had a stack of new, plushy, nice pads. These new pads were nothing like the other pads and weren't made of a tasty fabric. I must say, I did try them out and they are very fancy and very cozy indeed! I know she spent some bucks on those things, but of course Taiko and I are spoiled as we should be...but I digress...

Mom put these new pads all over my precious dining room chairs and removed the Purr Pads. She stacked them in a corner and I figured she was going to put them in the living room or upstairs in the bedroom. But instead she put two away in the scary room way, way downstairs (she calls it the basement, but it's the scary unknown room to me!), and then the other two disappeared completely! I think she said something about throwing my remaining pads in the trash! So what if the surfaces of those two pads looked more like wads of cotton candy than flat pads? Sometimes humans just don't make sense, I swear!

Now I figure I need to be more clever about the ways I get fiber in my diet. It's back to carpet lint for me, and I guess I'll have to feast when Mom's not around, or she'll get mad! I do miss those Purr Pads, though...I can't tell you how nice it is to nap and have a nice snack right there underneath you when you wake up...


Squeaky Clean

May 21st 2005 9:36 am
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What's with the bath every other month? When I was little, Mom would take me to the groomer, who had all these ways of keeping me still. Then when the groomer got too expensive and Mom got too brave, I started getting my baths at home. Over time, I have developed a "panic dance", in which I twist and claw and crawl the tub walls and meow my head off and of course snort (I do think I snort too much, but I can't help it). I thought the dancing would distract Mom enough for her to stop with this nonsense, but she is so stubborn! I danced so vigorously during my last two baths that I scratched Mom by accident (so sorry, Mom, really I am!) despite having had my claws clipped beforehand. I guess I was moving a bit like a whirling dervish and lost control...oops!

I know that I have a luxurious coat, and that I shed a lot. I also know that Mom is slightly allergic to Taiko and me. But I hate baths! I also make a fuss with lots of other things, like cleansing cloths, very vigorous brushing, and dry shampoo. I heard Mom's significant other say that he thought a good shaving might be in order. That scared me until Mom got this disgusted look on her face and told him a thing or two about what she thought about his idea! At any rate, I suspect the battle of the bath will continue...oh well...


Mom's a Sneaky Woman...

March 17th 2005 7:04 pm
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I can't believe Mom tricked me and took me in today to get my teeth cleaned! I guess my mind reading powers weren't as sharp as they usually are. She was very gentle and sweet this morning, like she always is, then suddenly, she slowly picked me up and took me into the front bathroom, then closed the door. I started to panic, because I knew something was up. She opened the shower stall door and revealed the evil carrier...she had hidden it from me so that I couldn't figure it out! Well, to make a long story short, I was tortured at the vet, had two precious teeth removed, and now I just want to sleep. Mom feels so bad for me, so I forgive her (I should, since she's my biggest fan, after all...). I think I'll feel well enough later tonight to enjoy snugglies with her and Taiko. Bye for now!


Poetic Justice

February 24th 2005 6:18 pm
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My brother Taiko is always picking on me and really ticked me off a few days ago when he did one of his classic moves where he pins me down and bites my head incessantly. I was so MAD! I swore I'd get back at him. So the next morning I did a mind read on Mom and knew she was planning to take us both to the vet! I hid under the bed while she was in the shower. She got Taiko into the carrier, but she couldn't get me and had to leave without me! Ha ha, so there! Taiko had to go to the evil vet and I got to stay at home and lounge in the sun. Serves him right!


It's Tough Being this Beautiful...

January 10th 2005 6:25 pm
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I really think that life would be easier if I wasn't so beautiful. I mean, my mom seems to get so distracted by my beauty at times, and I even get distracted by my own beauty when I get a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I love to prance around in front of the mirrored closet doors and mew at my gorgeous countenance. I think I might be getting a little rotund in the belly, but I know that some of that is due to my glorious fur coat. Besides, I think it's nicer to be pleasingly plump rather than lean like my brother Taiko. He's so skinny, I really should be able to whoop his butt when he picks on me. Somehow, though, he always manages to win when we fight. It must be due to those Pilates workouts he and Mom waste their time doing.
I'd really much rather keep myself looking beautiful and resting for most of the day, but Taiko is always walking around and checking out the house for all the warm spots. Of course, I do get a workout whenever Mom comes home, because Taiko and I just can't bear to be far from her when she's around. We help her with everything, from reading, to computer work, to laundry, to eating, to brushing teeth...well, you get the point. Plus I want to make sure that Mom sees my beautiful face and hears my pretty little voice as much as possible. So there's a lot of work involved in being so devastatingly gorgeous, you see?

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