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August 22nd 2011 10:59 am
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dear diary

its me ,i know i haven,t been very good at letting you know whats goinng on. lazy i world turns to fast i want to tell you about THE BIG NAPPER. his name is Roo and he is my big brother, he is BIG ,orange and very funny. he runs very fast for a guy with no feet.he can fly also he goes to mom s bed which is very high i think its the highest bed in the world,he looks around kinda wiggles his big orange butt and then he flys and land on the bed.really he flys.
he yowl when mom cleans him up.but he lays very guiet and nice when he gets his shots. he does hate to take his pills. i love to watch him nap ,every one says he is the best napper in the world.i think so .he likes me that the most important thing about him .iam still a bit feral & very shy.he lets me lay by one else can.
Roo really doesn,t do much ,napping is his thing. oh he tries to steal our food but usally gets caught,he has something called dieabetes so he has special food only at 8 in the morn and 8 at nite.he gets so hungry or the vet say he thinks he is,well wouldn,t you be hungry if you thought you were .humans are so strange.poor Roo
iam so glad my forever home has the BIG Napper in it.evryone likes him i know but just think he is my big brother and he loves me this i know.FYI he is a great cat .

Xena the tiny warrior 8/22/11



June 13th 2011 10:17 am
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dear diary
ever wonder if you have family out there that you don,t know about?.i wonder where Scout & me came from. my mom just talked to her neice she never knew for 35 years, do i have a neice somewhere? where is my said i have 2 sisters &3brothers besides Scout,why do i only know Scout. i love him so much ,he take care of me ,he washes my face and gets after me if i been a bad cat.i think it would be nice to have all my family here. i know i have a forever family who i love but i was just wondering.

Xena 6/13/11


my lamp

February 28th 2011 7:26 pm
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dear diary.
Guess what,everyone is calling me the cat of the lamp.i like the lamp its very pretty and its said all my photos are by the lamp.i love to sit under the shade its nice and warm .i like the soft glow also.
what my family finds very funny is when i set up on my hind legs put my front paws around the lamp close my eyes and enjoy the warmth.thats not funny.its like in the summer when the sun is here.i don.t care what they say i love the lamp.Scout tried it but he is much to big and he almost knock my lamp off the table.Roo said i look very shinny up there ,that was nice.
oh well they just turned my lamp on so i must you think iam silly dear diary?

Xena tiny warrior 2/28/11


Stand off at the sniffing box

January 24th 2010 12:09 pm
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we got this new thing at our house.moms friend gave it too US. US,as in me Roo, Scout and of corse Rubyjane. but guess what the queen( RJ) thinks its all hers.Roo is so sweet he just lets her have it. Scout my big strong brother loves her sooo much that he just lays and watches her,YUK.i however am going to use the sniffing rather she likes it or not. she naps a lot,so then i will sneak up sharpen my nails and smell the heavenly sniffing box . iam not scared of the queen.iam smaller & faster .all she does is hiss, it is a very loud and scary hiss,but i stand firm .iam a warrior. so at our sniffing box there is a queen at one end and a tiny warrior at the other end.

Roo got a new riding thing dear diary.the queen had a hissy fit about that too.but mom put her foot down . that belongs to sweet Roo.i ran up and down the hall shouting to myself YES,YES. you know i like Rubyjane and would love to play with her.she is so prissy and queenly that she just gives me a look that says i think not.
so the stand off at the sniffing box goes on



November 27th 2009 8:12 pm
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my friend Xena tagged me , its a game. i have never played befor.she tod me to answer questions,ok
1 what color is your collor ? no collor i have a red harness & leash i wear when i go out.
2what kind of food do you eat/ fancy feast & one,chicken & rice
3 what kind of treats? i do not like treats.
4do you have a valentine or sihnificant other? yes Genji
5do you eat table scraps? YUK no
6what is your favorite toy. a little pillow with catnnip in it and morris picture on it.
7when is you bbirrhtday ? may 5th
8do you have a favorite color? red
9how mmany times a day do you eat ? 2 times
10 do you hope your will answer these questions? yes

there i did it.

Xena tiny warrior 11/27/09



October 26th 2009 9:40 am
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its raining again today and Roo is in his spot by the glass doors.he has been very sick for the last couple weeks. i watch him and stay close. he needs me ,iam the warrior.i can,t make Roo well ,but i know he feels better when iam close.we like to watch the rain has to go to the clinic everyday ,she tells me iam in charge of caring for Roo.iam so proud she tells me that.iam the baby of the family but iam strong and iam a good watcher.
Roo is very special .i hope we will be watching the rain together for a long long time to come.all our Catster friends are purring for him,he told me that he can feel the purrs.


where is Australia

April 4th 2009 12:26 pm
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we had 3' of snow 2 days ago ,where is Spring? Roo and me are waiting for it ,waiting and waiting. there are no flowers in our yard . we have pretty Yellow ones on the table.not the same.Roos friend Tilly who lives in a place over the ocean oh is England.she said it wasn,t there and our friends in New York said its not Winter is still here in our town . mom said he is supposed to go to Australia where our friends live.he s not leaving!!!!!! the EASTER BUNNY will not come to our house to much snow,bunnies do not like snow!Ruby jane want us to call Australia and tell them to come and get him .we don,t want to be mean but its time for SPRING.



March 14th 2009 2:28 pm
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i have a new friend , her name is also Xena,and she is a warrior like me only she is what my mom call ' RETIRED'.she can still take care of business if need.she likes to take it easy now . i love her she tell me lots of good thing and says tthat iam as special as Master Roo.i always knew that but its nice to know that someone else knows too.she never told me i was to little to be a warrior like some have .my family thinks iam a warrior and thats how i got my name.Xena is my special gift and i will always keep her in my warriors heart.when i get older i hope iam as good as she is and i wish her much rest , food and anything else she want in her 'retirement. that what i want for my special friend XENA thanks to CATSTER for bring us together.+

as my world turns 3/14/09


Who am i??

December 7th 2008 7:34 pm
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I am very confused, everyone says iam a feral cat .Xena tiny warrior.that was me ,i was fearless,i lived in the woodshed .i chased mice,butterflies and climbed trees.i played in the woods and ran with the stray cats. i stayed outside even when my brother scout went inside.he would call me from the window but i wanted to be free. last winter there was 11ft of snow in our yard and i was soooo cold i finally came in the house.
Now i live in the house ,sleep on a warm bed have good food,toys to play with and my brother is happy iam here. i love it i like too look out the window and think about my fearless days. so if i love it in the house , but still a little shy with strangers and mom. who am i ?? am i still a fearless feral warrior or am i just a shy tiny little black & white cat?


The hat

October 14th 2008 4:22 pm
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There is a hat in our house. its a black tall pointed hat. Ruby jane said its a witches hat. what is a witch? i ask Scout , he said it was a ugly old woman with big eyes and long hair and she rides a broom with a black cat on the back.why do we have her hat? mom has a little one also ,she tried to put it on Ruby for a photo,Ruby ran under the bed .she said no hat for her maybe a crown but not a witches hat!!!!!!Then it was my turn ,mom said that i would be a beautiful witch. i ran under the bed with ruby.Scout & Roo were to have devil horns. Scout is under the with us .Roo fell over and would not sit up for the photo he shoved his head under aa pillow and got the horn off.poor mom she just needs to know HATS ARE NOT FOR CATS.

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