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The "Which Celebrity is Your Pet" Quiz Results for Me

June 1st 2008 2:31 am
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Wow, I am Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Jolie

Traditional Beauty

"Just like with Hollywood superhero Angelina Jolie, they broke the mold after they created Emmy!

Defying the conventional meaning of the word pawpular, Emmy can't scratch behind an ear without it being reported and talked about. Emmy leaves pets of the opposite sex blubbering and babbling nonsensically after each encounter, their cuteness and charm receptors bubbling over with excitement. Always one to entice a broad audience, Emmy not only loves to strut her stuff on the catwalk, but digs every chance she gets to make a difference, adopt a pet in need or dish out for her favorite charity."

It's true, when Meowmy has other humans over, I am usually the one they are drawn to....They say how pretty and sweet I am, they say I carry myself like a real lady when I walk around. And I am the caregiver of my home...I groom Tig and Meowmy and snuggle with them when I sense they are feeling bad. Meowmy thinks I am the star of our home! (Who is "Angelina Jolie?).


My Tig

May 30th 2008 4:55 pm
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My Tigger had been mean to me for a while, then he went a little wonky for a few hours and threw up on our Meowmy's bed while she was out for a few minutes last Saturday morning. She came home and started yelling for us because Tig always greets her at the door and he wasn't around, and neither was I. Then she saw that somekitty had been sick on the bed and she went frantic trying to find us. But we were in behind a bunch of stuff stored under the bed. Tig had crawled under an old bag of stuff 'cause he thought he was gonna die and I was in there with him, nursing him. I crawled out to comfort her but that just seemed to make her more concerned.

Mom called a bunch of humans, I guess to try to figure out what to do about Tig, and then she moved the furniture and pulled Tig out, and took him away in that "travelling box" that Tig and I are both scared of. She told me that things would be okay, but she came home a few hours later by herself, and I had NO IDEA about Tig. I crawled up in her arms a lot and was sweet to her while my Tig was gone. He was gone for a few night-and-days.

One afternoon she pulled the travelling box out and put it by the front door. I started to run away because I didn't want to get trapped in that thing, but she told me: "That is for Tig. He is coming home tonight.", and I figured everything would be okay. When she brought the box home again I was so excited, I had my head cocked sideways to watch for my Tig to come out of that box. And he did!



May 16th 2008 11:24 am
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My Mom told us she's going out for a lobster dinner tonight, and I'm really afraid for her, 'cause I know what lobsters are! A few years ago, a man came to our door with a big cooler full of them. When my Mom took the top off of it, they were UGLY and they were ALIVE! I only got close enough to smell them (YUK!) but Tig tried to play with one when he saw it's antennae move, and it pinched him with its big bluish-green claw! I ran away to the other room with Tigger, but when I peeked around the corner, later, I saw my Mom fighting to put one of those monsters into a pot of steaming water on the stove! I heard it cry out, and I took cover, again, in the next room. I don't know for sure, but I think one or more of them attacked my Mom 'cause a few minutes later I heard her pounding on one, breaking its shell with a hammer. It must've been a nasty battle 'cause the pounding went on for a long time, and I never saw any lobsters around the house again!

Why is Mom going to dinner with those ugly monsters when she could stay home and be safe with us?


The Visit

May 7th 2008 9:55 pm
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My Mom has her son visiting. It scared me when he came to the door a couple of days ago because his bags made a lot of noise. To be honest, I forgot that he existed because he's all grown up now and he's not around most of the time. So I didn't know what to think or do when he barged in and next thing I was in my private spot underneath the bed panting, and I didn't come back out for a LONG time. My boyfriend Tig ran under the bed with me, but he was back out with the humans in a minute because he needed to be acknowledged RIGHT AWAY. He always does. That's the kind of kitty he is.

Tonight my Mom's son sneezed. I was getting my belly rubbed on the other side of the room, by my Mom. My heart leaped out of my chest with the sound of the explosion. I righted my whole body in a fraction of a second and clawed my Mom and scared her really bad. I was already having a bad night because Tig let me have it a couple of times 'cause he's frustrated that my Mom's son is getting more attention than he is. And I threw up a couple of times beside the bed, before all of that happened. Right now the t.v. is loud, but I know that I'll be asleep in a minute 'cause I'm in my basket and I've got my face buried underneath my paw....

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