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the queens log

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iced tea & lemonade

August 22nd 2011 2:27 pm
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There is alway this big flag glass wherever my mom is .it ice and lite brown stuff in it.i decided to have a taste when no one was looking .now i like warm green tea annd alsoi like sleepy time tea. just a small sip.
well anyway i watched the glass for awhile mom was reading.i creeped closer and took a sip MOL,this stuff was wonderful,i went back for another big sip ,all of a sudden i heard RUBYJANE,what are you doing.i flash the big sad eyes & just sit there.i know this is ano no ,but it was soo good.she ask if i wanted more YES YES.i dance around more,oh thank you . so she put it in my drinking bowl.guess what it wasn,t good! what happened to it going from the glass to the bowl?? i did not drink it.i took a nap,when i woke there was the flag glass sitting on mom ,s desk .i gotta try it again i just had too know.just a little sip,yes!it was wonderful.maybe the glass is majic.i am going to be very careful not too get caught and have a small sip of this wonderful icedtea &lemonade when no one is looking.maybe that the one knows.

RUBYJANE 8/22/11


Scout & the nap spots

July 22nd 2011 2:21 pm
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dear diary
first things first.why we had to have 3 more cast in this house is behond me.iam a lovely cat very cuddly and sweet if i must say so myself!i had a very nice quiet forever home. then mom found Roo. he was nice respectful and didn,t try to take all my things .we got along fine.

next thing we knew our dad found 2feral kittens ,Scout & our life really changed no more quiet,everything changed.they tore things up,scrathed everthing in sight.well anyway you know how kittens are. Roo&I waited for them to grow up.they have.Xena is a very sweet little thing. Scout is not sweet and is very big .he has the biggest feet i have ever seen except for Ruskin the dog. oh well back to my problem.
Scout,will not leave me in peace.i have several nap spots,he wants them all .expecially the one iam in.i move he moves.
mom say he loves me and wants to lay by me .NEWS FLASH" Ido love him .i hiss .spit & growl at him ,he just looks at me!
he,s big and very handsome.he is the sheriff a cowboy no less.but if doesn,t leave me & my nap spots alone.iam going to demote him down to a toad.iam the Queen.i do not care if he loves me!! I WILL NAP IN PEACE



March 28th 2011 4:40 pm
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Now Roo is going to get steps.this is so he can get on the new bed. do you belive that? iam the Queen ,i don,t have steps. he said we could use his steps but i don,t want to i want my own steps!! i never get anything.well thats not true but sometimes it feels like that.iam supposed to be in charge here since i been here the longest.however no one tells me anything.
Roo is a flyer why would he need steps,i however am queen and older i do need them.
Roo said we could call them the Queen steps . that made me so happy . you know he is really a nice guy,i think i will let him use my steps, but not Xena she is always hissing at me,even if i don,t do anything. i think i want the steps painted red my favorite color.this is gooing to be fun my steps,


my side of the litterbox story!

January 30th 2011 9:32 am
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dear diary
have you heard all the fuss about Roo & the litterbox?Well let me tell you my side. who wou;dn.t want to be carried to the box whenever! i would love it .no one ever pay any attention to me who cares if i go pot or i love Roo very much but he can be a real butt should see the fit he can throw.iam the Queen and still iam not carried to the box.
you might think iam a mean queen ,iam not i just know Roo,he can do anything i can ,well not everthing after all iam as i said the queen.a peepee rug are you kidding me. we can,t use it either!! we all respect Roo s things.we know that he is special .we each in our way are special too.Iam the queen,Scout is the sherrif,Xena is our warrior and Roo is our prince. except when he is on a rip about his litterox .thats my side of the litterbox story!!!



January 12th 2011 9:58 am
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Dear diary.

do you know this mother nature?? well iam not sure i would want to know her. all she ever does is send us SNOW! SNOW SNOW AND MORE SNOW.we have so much in our yard we can not even tell where it is.the big noisy truck comes and plows it higher and higher i can not even see the shed.Help we have cabinfever .iam sooo bored that all i do is eat and use the litterbox.Roo spend his time slleeping how can he sleep when iam going crazy?he can not see anthing out his favorite spot except the snow piled up on the deck.if all this snow melts are we going to need a boat? so many questions maybe i should try to talk to this mother nature,i would tell her that i the queen am not happy!also i hate that ugly SNOWMAN.the ony cure for cabin fever is SPRING. i do not think she cares.. the queen has cabinfever how sad. what am i to do??? HELP

Rubyjane aka the queen. snow storm 1/13/11


Clean machines!!!

May 25th 2010 2:23 pm
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its that time of year again! all she dose is clean .eveything is cleaned.evrything is moved.the windows are cleaned of all our little nose marks.our quilts are put in the big noisy machine water get s all over them.we wait,then they go in the warming machine. so many machines!the floors ,all our toys are put away for awhile, baskets are on the beds.the floor is cleaned with another big noisy machine,it leaves the floor wet.
WE HATE our eating and drinking bowls are in another machine.Scout thinks we,ll never see them again.Roo is hiding under the bed with Xena.they just stay there untill all the machines stop. Scout is so nosey that he is always in the middle of things. as queen of this bunch i must keep watch to make sure we get all our stuff back. one nice thing i got a new quilt. its very pretty. its is on the back of the sofa where i keep watch.i must say when its all done it is nice and yes clean.the machines are always there they never you know that they have cats& dogs that are machines? well they might be cute and don,t poop,but there is nothing like a warm purring cat next to you.telling you that they love you. no machine can do that.


the sniffing box

January 22nd 2010 3:07 pm
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the sniffing box is sooooooo good. and it s mine! everyone wants me to scratch on it but sniffing is more smell like heaven. why would i want to scratch on it ? my naills are fine.Zena want to sniff and scartch but since its mine thats a no queen i do not share,i seen it first. Roo has his old stroller this is mine.dear diary iam not a mean cat but. everyone need thier own thing and this is MINE. mom & dad were just mine ! now i share them with Roo, Scout & Zena. iam not going to share the sniffing
box and thats final!!!!!!!


what is this tagging?

November 27th 2009 8:48 pm
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i don,t usally play games. i will do this for my friend Xena

what color is your collar. i do not wear a collar.
2what kind of food do you eat? one & fancy feast
3what kind of treats . any kind.
4do you have a valentine or significant other? yes Prince Caspurr Snowberry.
5do you eat table scraps? a queen does not eat scraps!
6what is you favorite toy. my little teddy.
7when is your birthday/ may 7th
8who many times a day do you eat. a queen never tell s.
9do you have a favorite color ? red
10do you hope ypur friends will answer these questions? yes of corse

thank you Xena that wasn,t to hard. maybe playing games can be fun.

the queens log 11/27/09


its a snow day

October 29th 2009 8:40 am
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its snow ,its snowing. we woke up this morning to SNOW. soon it will be turkey day ,then the time when they bring the tree in the house. thats our favorite time we love the tree and no we do not reck it or cllimb in it . we all love to hide under it.
today is a good day for ROO he is looking out at the snow and watchng the deer eat our apples.its a snow day



August 13th 2009 1:42 pm
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dear diary guess what. iam cat of the day. iam soooo proud ,thank you you sooo much CATSTER. I LOVE THIS . IAM CAT OTHE DAY IAM CAT OF THE DAY .that sounds so good .iam never going to forget this.its wonderful.i hope CATSTER read this so they know how proud i am .i love you Catster

the queens log 8/13/09

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