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My Mom Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

February 17th 2012 10:20 am
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My mom went to get her new knee on 2/6/12. She got real sick after her surgery. Dad has been taking real good care of me,giving me my medicine,I have been a good boy. I even got cheetos! Yesterday my big sister came home and told me our mom got to go across the rainbow bridge. Mom told me about the rainbow bridge and its sounds wonderful. She must be very happy to see all of our special cat and dog family and friends. I know she went ahead to get everything ready for me and my dad. I miss her very much,but I know she is also here with me. My sister is going to help me keep in touch with all of you like mom did. Thank you for being my friends. Roo


cheetos& a knee

January 30th 2012 4:16 pm
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mom is so much better thanks to all of you for your kind you never guess what going to happen !!! she is going to get a new knee.isn,t that amazing.when she told me i wondered could i get new feet?? then i seen a photo of the cat with those metal thing for feet and said no i don,t think i could wash my face with those.
my blood sugar has been real good finally decided that t the food wasn,t that bad,besides mom and i have a pac.i eat my food take my meds without a fight and once a week i get to have my favorit thing a cheeto, i love Cheetos. i wait all week for my cheetos, i get 3 pieces.
mom is going to the hospital 2/6 to get her new knee.she wii not be home untill the 15th, so we,ll let you know.



A new year

January 1st 2012 2:30 pm
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dear diary
we have been together for 5 yrs now you know all my secret.its you belive that? funny not much changed here over night!!!. Rubyjane is still mean& nasty like yeaterday.Scout is still big and tough and Xena still runs every time she sees mom.Me doing as always napping. we did however talk about changing somethings .Rubyjane could be nicer!Scout could quit crying eveytime dad goes outside.Xena could stop running ,me.whats to change?as long as you don,t eat my food or wake me up,you got no problems . there you have it our plans for this great new year be the sweet wonderful cats we have always been. we are warm, eat well have many friends ,toys a forever home we are loved and best of all we still have Catster.what more could we want.1thing. A VERY HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THE CATS IN THE WORLD. gee that s alot of cats.
Roo 1/1/2012

ps did you know i will be 12 yrs old this year??



December 2nd 2011 9:20 am
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been awhile dear diary.
my mom is the writing machiine person for us all.sad to say but she has been very ill for a while. she was in the hospital for a while also . the writing machine was sitting all alone during that time. we didn,t know what too do! dad was to worried to make it work for we became silent,we worried that our friends would forget us and that we would not beable to be secrect had blood clots in her lungs, not to sure but sounds very scary to me. she is home and doing good .as you can se she has the wwriting machine humming again.we never forgot our friends.WERE NAT THE CAT,TIGER,TATE,TABBYS,TALULAH,ZEKE.XENA.MIRANDA.we never forgot you just could,t get the writing machine to let you know that we were still here.
we missed you all

PS Rubyjane, Scout, & Xena HELLO FRIENDS.


big storm

August 27th 2011 5:07 pm
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hey diary

there is big storm and lots of my friends are in its way ,i need to get word to my angei friends .TIGER .TALLULAH.LOUIS SO MANY.hey angel cats watch over our friend on the east coast.they are in the big storm.iam so worried about my friend Nat the cat.i thiink i could really run fast if that came here. any kitties or dogs that need help let me know.i will try my best to do something for you.
please angels talk to your boss tell him to watch over everyone but mostly the animals. ok IRENE,you hve done enough go out to sea and leave my friend alone

we are purring for all in her way , my god bless you and keep you safe

ROO& family



August 22nd 2011 10:26 am
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1yes i do make demands ,food ,food&more food--1 biting,meowing no,yowling yes,i can yowl very loud.-1
3.i play with little Xena sometimes--1 i can stare with great sad eyes,gets me what i want-1.i always pee in the wrong they watch me like a hawk.i beg for food thats a no no -1
4i love belly rubs at nite in bed with my humans-2
6.yes iam HOH,have been since i got here,but of corse Rubyjane thinKS she is so doed Xena.1
7.yes i do i eat it when i can get to it with out being caught-1
no to old to chase anybody except food-0
no i just nap-0
yes ican make them meow,because i always have the window and they want it.-1 yea a point!!!
sometimes i take the toys and lay on them-1
no one growls at me,iam to nice! -1
8.yes my moms rug i pee on it every time she put it down.-1
no claws. -0 i pee on the bed one time-1
i ate a little furry mouse and broke rubyjane,s butterfly on a stick-1
9. hide under the movie cabnet and smack whom ever.1
listen miranda iam and old guy i do not do much of any thing .i bet iam the best napper in the whole cat world.i t think tag is for the young and feisty.

10, well what do ya know .iam a cool cat.
i like that ,i don,t know about the mellow part!!
i like to nap.thats my big calls me 'THE BIG NAPPER'
she said she used to know a guy called 'THE BIG iam kinda named after him.
now remember iam an old guy with no feet i do not do FEISTY
you are a real cutie,i luv you

ROO 8/22/II



July 14th 2011 6:30 pm
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iam so happy that i was choosen for my vacation story .thanks Caster. also all my friends,for thier comments .Rubyjane is finne but she said she has nightmares about those big birds! mom is always huggin us and saying sorry baby.i think she learned her lession.her cats do not like vacation .well a least me & rubyjane don,t.

Roo 7/14/11



July 12th 2011 10:16 am
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Why do we have to go on vacation? we have a very nice home,,why leave it.i do not want to go NO NO .thats what i said when we heard about this vacation!but of corse i went any way.we went to the ocean. our friend has a place in Oregon, by the ocean.i did not like it one bit.the sound of the waves was scary .there were huge birds,big as us everywhere and they were noisy.humans love a day at the beach but not a cat,at lease not me.i wanted to go home.rubyjane hid under the bed for days.Scout & Xena spent all thier time by the windows watching the birds who were big enough to catch them!i just laid on the bed pouting i wanted to go home.
finally after 2 unhappy weeks we came home. i love home ,it was wating for us,just as we had left it .my bed my window,my house,my forever more vacation for me.iam home and iam going to stay home.i hope.

Roo 7/12/11


Birthdays,flu computer & mommie

May 16th 2011 9:39 am
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dear diary

May has been a bad month for mommie .all of us cats have our bday between may 5TH & 10TH. there was Mothers day& the family was all here!!! then came the FLU .my mom & dad were both sick from the end of March untill the end of April. mom got sick again the 3rd of MAY .YUK she is just starting to feel
we want to thank EVERYONE who sent uS A GIFT OR MESSAGE FOR OUR BIRTHDAY,thank you all very much ,dad tried to send a few but was overwhelmed with it all.we also have a human family members birthday every sunday this month ,isnt that cool and a few in between also.
we love our Caster family soooo much our forever friends are what makes our world so wonderful,i and all the others hope you will forgive us we just got so far behind we could not seem to catch up.but we read each one an apperciate all the gifts & love that was send.


Roo,Rubyjane,Scout,T.W Xena

ps sorry & I LOVE YOU ALL TO Mommie



April 30th 2011 10:15 am
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dear diary
iam so worried about all my friends in the Tornado areas. are they safe? my mom used to live in ILL ,she was in some really bad storms and we know its gets so upsetting .she said her dog ran away 2 days befor a storm and came back 1 day after the storm.
i just worry about all my friends .if anyone that reads this knows how we can help please let me know. to all my friend in the storm path know that me & my family purr for you everyday.

Roo 4/3o/11

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