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I'm home, I'm home :)

February 6th 2012 3:18 am
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Thanks for all the purrs. The vet said I was a very good patient, but I am so glad to be home. Now Smokey and I are on the same pills:(. But we are both very good for Mum.

Mum is going to research that crystal chick and see what she can find out, although the vet reckons they don't really know what causes it.


Yep - it was that collar

December 22nd 2011 9:31 pm
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Mum took the collar of Smokey cos he ripped one seam and managed to get it around his waist like a skirt.

I'm not growling at him now - I realise it is my brofur :)

Silly me.

He's not fond of the food, but is taking the pills, so the vet said Mum could cut the special food with some of his normal food to see if he will eat more of it that way.

Ra, on the other hand, loves it, and polished off what Smokey wouldn't eat last night. No wonder he is a big boy.

He's being very loveable - spent all last night snuggled against Mum again despite the hot weather.


Smokey is home :)

December 21st 2011 5:03 pm
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Mum bought Smokey home last night, along with pills and special food.

He doesn't seem to really like the special food, but he is taking the pills. He spent the night cuddling with Mum. I think he is really glad to be home.

But I don't like the collar he is wearing - it is a soft one. We will post photos. When he comes near me I growl. The others don't - just me. Mum keeps telling me to stop being still, it's Smokey, but I don't know.

The dogs were really pleased to see him - lots of licks and sniffing, as dogs do.

One of the first things he tried to do was get out the front door with Mum when she took the rubbish out - it was like, he's home. It's funny how something that is usually annoying becomes endearing.

And he went out the back for a short while this morning. Mum let him wander then went and bought him in for breakfast.


Smokey still at the vet

December 19th 2011 1:47 am
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The emergency vet phoned this morning (6.15am) to say Smokey had a good night without any problems. They asked Mum to collect him at 8am and take him to her regular vet.

Paul doesn't actually open till 9 but he answered the phone at 8 and they arranged for Mum to take Smokey down, complete with catheter and bag, and drip attachment. He was really pleased to see her, but not happy when he realised he was just changing vets :(

Paul has him on a drip and will take the catheter out tomorrow and see how he goes.

It's funny how much he usually makes his presence known - Mum is really missing his naughtiness - meowing at her the minute her car pulls in after work, trying to get out the door when she goes in and out, jumping on the counter and trying to eat dinner before it is dished up so he can get more than his fair share, curling up behind her knees to sleep at night, jumping on her lap for a cuddle every time she sits at the computer, trying to steal his sister's dinner.

Sigh ... we will all be pleased when our larrikin is home.


Update on Smokey

December 17th 2011 3:19 pm
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Thank you so much for the purrs, and rosies.

The vet phoned yesterday and said Smokey had come out of the anaesthetic well, the catheter was in and he was quite bright.

His blood tests were good - no high levels of anything - potassium, toxins etc.

They phoned again this morning (Sunday) with an update. He spent the night well, and is doing fine. His urine is still a bad colour, so they are keeping him another day just to be sure.

But everything looks pawsitive. They will phone Mum again tomorrow morning.

Why don't emergency vets have visiting hours? They charge like hospitals, MOL.

So we have our paws crossed he will be home with us tomorrow.

Over the years a few of our boys have had urinary trouble. Mum wonders if there is a link between that and neutering. It's strange that in the old days when you fixed the girls, but left the boys alone, none of them had problems. Since it has become the done thing to do both sexes, we have had five boys with problems. I guess, since we have had well over 30 cats in 50 years, maybe that is just the normal odds.


Purrs for my brofur Smokey

December 16th 2011 9:22 pm
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Smokey is at the vet with a blockage. We are waiting for a phone call and Mum is worried sick, cos we lost Foxey in 2006 from FLUTD. He was only five, but Smokey is only 3.

Please purr for my brofur that he will be fine and home with us soon.

Freya our rottie must have known something was wrong cos she wouldn't leave him alone this morning. Mum told her several times to stop bothering him, but then Smokey started meowing, and licking you know where, and panting, so she rushed him to the emergency vet.

They are going to drain his bladder with a needle - the vet tried to reassure Mum, but she knows this is dangerous. And then they will anesthetize him and put a catheter in and do some blood tests.

So we wait for the phone to ring, and pray it will be good news.


Ice Cream Game

July 3rd 2009 4:36 pm
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I've been tagged by my big brother Ra's best friend, Reeses Thomas, to play the ice cream game.

Goodness. What Ice Cream do I like best? I'm only one, and I've only had vanilla, so guess which one I like, MOL.

Cos I'm an orangie like Ra and RT, I think my ice cream would be orange marmalade. I wonder if they make it?

Now I have to tag four friends, so here goes (I've not done this before - it is so exciting, especially that I was picked before my brofur Smokey):

Blue II
Reuben Boo

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