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Bond, Jonas Bond

I've been tagged by Mojo!

March 3rd 2008 7:29 pm
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I was tagged by Mojo

The rules of the game are when you get tagged you have to tell 7 things
about yourself, it can be anything really. It can be secrets or special
qualities you have, whatever! List them in your diary along with the rules
for the game and your TAG list of the 7 buddies you tag. Make sure and
paw-mail everyone to tell them they have been tagged and direct them to
your diary-something to keep in mind when writing your 7 secrets,
others will be reading it! Now, just so you all know this is a game,
and no gets mad if you don't have time to play-no big deal! We'll
invite you another time or you are welcome to start a game yourself.

My seven things about me;
1- I sleep on Mommy's head and style her hair while she reads in bed
2- I am seasonal and I celebrate with "the Zesties"...right now I have "impending Spring Zesties!"
3- I like to make out with my brothers Jimi Hendrix and Sue
4-I run up and down the hall and talk to myself a lot....well that's what mommy thinks...I actually am talking to Hendrix, Navin and Buffy ...they like to visit me
5- You wouldn't think it as I am an elder bud, but I am a great and mighty mouser!
6- I passionately love my Auntie Penny!
7- I hate to see even a tiny bit of empty space in the food bowl!

Now I tag you!
1. Miles Montgomery 739751
2. Batboy 392116
3. Bisquit 486425
4. Mr. Biscuit Shadman 707220
5. Sunflower 707884
6. Zany Gray 640882
7. Moon 640592


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