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Bond, Jonas Bond

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I've been tagged by Mojo!

March 3rd 2008 7:29 pm
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I was tagged by Mojo

The rules of the game are when you get tagged you have to tell 7 things
about yourself, it can be anything really. It can be secrets or special
qualities you have, whatever! List them in your diary along with the rules
for the game and your TAG list of the 7 buddies you tag. Make sure and
paw-mail everyone to tell them they have been tagged and direct them to
your diary-something to keep in mind when writing your 7 secrets,
others will be reading it! Now, just so you all know this is a game,
and no gets mad if you don't have time to play-no big deal! We'll
invite you another time or you are welcome to start a game yourself.

My seven things about me;
1- I sleep on Mommy's head and style her hair while she reads in bed
2- I am seasonal and I celebrate with "the Zesties"...right now I have "impending Spring Zesties!"
3- I like to make out with my brothers Jimi Hendrix and Sue
4-I run up and down the hall and talk to myself a lot....well that's what mommy thinks...I actually am talking to Hendrix, Navin and Buffy ...they like to visit me
5- You wouldn't think it as I am an elder bud, but I am a great and mighty mouser!
6- I passionately love my Auntie Penny!
7- I hate to see even a tiny bit of empty space in the food bowl!

Now I tag you!
1. Miles Montgomery 739751
2. Batboy 392116
3. Bisquit 486425
4. Mr. Biscuit Shadman 707220
5. Sunflower 707884
6. Zany Gray 640882
7. Moon 640592


I am honored!

October 5th 2006 12:20 pm
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I am honored and touched to be selected as a diary pick of the day! Mommy told me about it this morning before she went to work.
I reassured her that I would continue to protect her from small squirmy critters. The seasonal patrol of the cupboards has already begun and I have been making sure that nothing creepy finds its way towards Mommy. She is jumpy enough lately. I think seeing another spider would send her right over the edge!

Jonas the Courageous


Welcome Fall

September 26th 2006 8:12 pm
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Autumn is here! I can smell it in the air. The leaves are turning and falling from the trees. We watch them like television from the window. Navin and I played this morning. He's getting so fat. When he pounces on me it's like a baby hippo. OOOOF! He doesn't play too rough though.....respect for his elders. I taught him that!
This morning was exciting. I found a large spider that I had to save Mommy from. She saw me chasing it across the floor. I flipped and batted it and she shrieked in terror!
Good thing she ran down the hall and did not witness the gristly demise of mr. spider. I ate him. He was crunchy and a bit tangy. Not really my cup of tea, but I had to do it out of respect. Anything smaller than a mouse gets eaten. I am well-versed in the observation of feline etiquette.

The Courageous


Winter Zesties

November 7th 2005 2:45 pm
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Ah Winter! I love this time of year! It makes me feel zesty and fresh and monkey-like. I run up and down the hall springing and bounding and muttering to myself. I’ve been surprising myself and playing with Navin quite a bit. In my book, he’s still hygienically challenged, but he is fun to play with and all this running around with him helps me maintain my Bond-ish figure.
With this cold weather comes wonderful smells. Namely mouse smells. I’ve been patrolling all the cupboards lately. I run up and stick my paw in to open the door and then I peek in and run away. I do this so that the mice won’t know I’ve seen them. Mommy hates mice and goes into shrieking fits whenever she sees one. I will do my best to assure her safety and keep her home free of these frightening mice.

The Courageous


Hold Still!

September 15th 2005 4:31 pm
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I don’t envy Buffy her Navin-sitting job. She doesn’t seem to mind at all, but he’s getting to the age where he is very active. He wants to wrestle and chase and although I could definitely hold my own with him, it’s a matter of dignity. I am wearing a tuxedo. The effect would be ruined if I was seen rolling about on the floor with such a silly-looking creature. Not to mention the fact that I would have to constantly re-groom myself.
As far as grooming goes, he’s not the brightest bulb in the box. All I can say is Thank Goodness Mommy gives him a bath everyday! Otherwise he would stink to high heaven! I have tried to model for him the fine points of performing one’s daily ablutions. This has been a useless endeavor as he has the attention span of Daddy! So I have taken matters into my own paws. Literally. Any time he comes within a foot of me, I pounce and hold him down and try to clean him. He likes it but then realizes that with me in such close proximity, and giving him such attention, I must want to play with him. He is not good at holding still. He wriggles around like a worm. But I am usually able to at least get an ear or two cleaned.
Once he is a teenager, he will surely take more interest in his appearance. Then I will be able to show him how to be a debonair, Bondish cat such as myself.

The Courageous


Hero Worship

August 24th 2005 3:44 pm
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I seem to have a barnacle attached to me. Navin is my shadow. He watches everything I do and I find it quite flattering. I believe with my superior class and manners, I am a natural leader and unlike Sue who has issues enough for the entire household, I rule with grace and intelligence. (Sue fancies himself a dictator and thinks that his contrariness, hissing and woofing make him seem formidable and therefore establishes him as the King of the household.) What Sue doesn’t realize is not only is he making himself look silly with his neverending quest for potential household domination minions, but his grandiose schemes and abrasive attitude aren’t going to win him many fans. In fact, it seems “barnacle boy” has been hanging out with me much more than Sue!

The Courageous


Midnight Run

July 19th 2005 3:26 pm
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Last night I got into the pink bedroom when Daddy wasn’t looking and discovered to my delight that the window was open! No screen!
So after wedging my formidable self thru the mini-blinds (suck it in Jonas!), I jumped out onto the lawn below. It was after midnite and the grass was dewy and there was a breeze in the air. I ran around jiggling my tail and smelling things for at least an hour.
I don’t know what made Mommy wake up and come looking for me at that hour of the morning but I could hear her calling in the house and getting panicked. Hearing her panic, made me panic. Suddenly she opened the door and saw me standing out there on the porch. I darted away from her (just to prove that I’m an independent cat), but came back right away and ran into the house.
Patchez was sitting by the door and gave me a smack as I ran in. Sue hissed at me. I guess they were mad at me for making Mommy panic. So I went to bed and took my scolding. It’s tough sometimes being an adventurous, debonair, “Bondish” cat.

The Courageous


Thunderbolt and Lightning very very frightening ….(not)- for me!

June 20th 2005 1:05 pm
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Last nite, I spent an inordinate amount of time doing an under-the-bed inspection. Mommy thinks it was because I was afraid of the thunder and lightning. This is not only untrue, but is potentially detrimental to my role as the “Bondish”, debonair and Courageous one in our household.
Besides (and this is strictly between you and me dear reader!), anything under any of the beds in this house is far more frightening than any thunderstorm could be! Really, I took my life into my paws just performing this often overlooked (obviously….) and hazardous duty.

Mommy and Daddy should be grateful to have me looking out for their welfare!

The Courageous


Mother Jonas

April 19th 2005 3:07 pm
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Jonas what a wonderful nurturer, maybe you can help my Grommet become
friendlier with other kitties.

Buffy, "Parlez vous francés" or "Hablo español?" or perhaps "Salam"
("greetings"- Farsi language from Persia)

Patchez, I bet you did a wonderful job mowing the lawn and fiber is
good for you!

and Elvis, I'm sure I would have been impressed by your jumping and
flipping and frolicking throughout the yard!

:) auntie marcella


I should've been a mommy!

April 15th 2005 3:31 pm
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I've been thinking a lot lately about how I believe that my true calling was motherhood. By nature, I am very protective, playful and above all, nurturing. I am wondering if perhaps I would have been better suited as a mother to litters of kittens, instead of being the dashing, debonair Bond-ish cat that I am.

Case in point: Sue is mean as a snake, yet who does he come to for cuddling and cleaning? Moi! Of course, it is always on his terms, which means if he goes to bed with Mommy and discovers that I am not in my proper place (by her head, on the yellow fuzzy blanket), he will race around the house looking for me. Once he finds me, he will herd me into the bedroom, onto the bed and up to the fuzzy blanket. Then, he will head butt me until I clean his ears and he falls asleep with a section of the yellow fuzzy blanket in his mouth.
Jimi seeks me out every nite as well. With Jimi it is more ear-washing and hugging. I know it sounds strange, and as confusing as all this is, I feel very fulfilled. Motherhood is good for me!

The Courageous

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