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Love Notes from Sophie

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Kisses To You Brother

December 6th 2009 7:55 pm
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We have to give goodbye kisses to my brother tonight.
That's not something I ever wanted to have to do.
I love you, Riley, we all do.
We will be purring tonight and tomorrow.

All our love,
Sophie and Zack, Harry, Jack, Enzo, Hannah, Stinky, Xerox, Angus, Annabelle, Cary, Kate, Queso, Copy, Sissy, Wally, Lily, Ivy, Charlie, Matilda, Bubba, Pete, Emme, Violet, Claire, Kira, DC, Lucy, Griffin, Larke, Dalton, Fisher, and Lizzy


An Important Anniversary

November 30th 2009 10:43 pm
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This is a very important day to me.
It is a bittersweet memory of two years ago, December 1, 2007.
It's the day my beloved Wally made his journey to the Bridge after bravely battling illness.
The Bridge took him too young. We had planned a lifetime together.
Plans changed.
My Wally died, but our love did not. The wonderful giving and kind spirit of him lives on forever. Our love lives on forever. My heart is his forever.

To my Wally into my heart, fill it with warmth and love. Fill it with treasured memories. Fill it with a promise of eternal love. For I will never leave you, and you will never leave me, and one day we will be together again, for ever and ever.~Love always, Sophie


A Glorious Day!

September 11th 2009 6:41 am
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I have to write is as busy as a bee today. No, make that as busy as a bee hive!

I have to say quickly that my page is filled with lovely gifts from my even lovelier friends!
Thank you all so very, very much. I will send everyone something purrsonal in the next few days.

Secondly, I got my birthday wish, if only for a half day. It cleared up yesterday afternoon, and the sun came out! Stinky was breathing better when mom & dad came home last night. He ate his dinner and took all his medicine without being forced. This morning he meowed at mom, which he doesn't do when he is sick. But alas, it began to rain in the early hours of the morning, and it is gray, and wet outside now. :(
We have had a drought this summer, so everyone wanted rain, just not all of it in only a few days.

Well, as my beloved Wally says, "Gotta fly".
I hope to be back later.

Love and kisses, Sophie

P.S. I bet you thought I forgot to tell you about my birthday present? It was a small feather boa like thing, on a stick, and I sit on my haunches and bat it endlessly! Mom will take a picture soon! ~xoxoxo Sophie


My Sixth Birthday

September 10th 2009 4:34 am
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I never write in my diary anymore, and I hate to start again by tooting my own horn, but it's my sixth birthday today. It has rained all night, and none of us got any sleep, cats or humans, from all the thunder and lightening. Our power went off three times, and daddy had to get out in the rain to turn the breakers back on. Too much rain!
Wally and I wanted to take a walk on the beach later today. I hope the sun comes out.

My brother Stinky might have to go to the vet today. When it rains, his asthma gets very bad, and he didn't eat all day. He gets scared when he can't breathe. Mom is so worried about him. Please purr that it stops raining and he begins to breathe easier. This is my only birthday wish.

My friends, Shadow and her brother Ramone at Tabbies With 'Tude Group sent me a pretty picture of a cake and also a birthday teddy bear. Thank you all.
Wally has spoiled me with the big cake rosette! So much for my supermodel figure!
Thank you so much honey, and also for the beautiful Kimi picture that goes so pretty with my wallpaper!
Kiwi and her wonderful family sent a party hat too! Oh I have that on now! Thank you!

Well time to go look for my present. Dad has it hidden in his office. If I am very quick, I can slip in and hunt for it! I hope everyone has a great day today.

Love & purrs,


Lizzy, Move Over Please...

July 18th 2009 11:15 am
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OMC!!! I need to share Lizzy's doghouse today. Guess what I did? Or guess what I didn't do, would be more accurate.

I forgot my own anniversary! :(

*peeks head out of the dog house*

Yesterday, July 17th was Wally and my second anniversary! Yes, 7-17-07, he asked me to be his girl! I love you Wally Bear. Thank you for remembering for us, and also for my lovely crown gift.
I am his queen! giggle.

Actually none of us were on Catster yesterday. It was a miserably hot day, and too hot for machines to heat up the house, even more. It's been our hottest summer in years.
Hannah says it's because of all the people doing scrap-booking. All those glue guns heat up things too much. She says it's in the news all the time...glue-ball warming. :)

I sure will be glad when Fall comes again. Usually by late September it will start to cool down.
Wishing all our friends a pleasant summer.

Love and kitty kisses, Sophie


The Night Before Christmas~Almost!

December 23rd 2008 8:43 pm
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Dear Diary,

Oooo, it is almost Christmas! I got to borrow Hannah's red ruff collar, and I know Wally will like me in red. *blows kiss*

I also wrote a little poem about Christmas at our house.
I hope you like it. :)

" Twas just days before Christmas,
and nothing was done.
The tree was not up,
and the stockings not hung.

And mom is all frazzled,
What could be the matter?
The gifts are unwrapped,
and the cookies, still batter.

The wreath is still packed.
No cards have been sent.
So we are all wondering
where all the time went?

And we cats are snuggled
all warm in our beds,
while visions of mousies
race through our heads.

Somehow or someway
It will all come together.
But if we don't finish,
we'll just blame the weather.

So on Christmas day,
we wish you good cheer,
and momma we promise,
we'll be good NEXT year.

~goodnight my friends, don't eat the bed bugs :)


I Had A Thought...

December 17th 2008 10:33 am
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My sister, Hannah, told me that snowflakes are created when an angel laughs, and little bits of Heaven fall to Earth. My Wally is a happy angel.
I know he is making many, many snowflakes, as he watches our antics here on Earth!
I can send my Wally kisses on snowflakes too! What a perfect idea.
Each one will caress his face, and lightly tickle him, and then he will know I am always there for him, like he is for me.
I love you Wally Bear.
Happy Holidays sweetheart~

Love forever,
Your Sophie


Remembering Wally

November 30th 2008 10:09 pm
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Dear Diary,

Tonight is bitter sweet.
In just a short time, it will be tomorrow...December 1st.
The day my Wally became an angel.

One year ago...Can it be that short a time, or that long a time?
Time has stood still since that moment.
I remember wondering how I could be here, on Catster, without him.
"Don't leave me all alone", I thought. "Don't leave."

For he was my everything. My true love, my forever love~
But the loving spirit, the generous, thoughtful and kind spirit of my Wally, returned to me, returned to us all.

And he continues to fill every day with smiles, and joy, and patience, and love.

You are still my true love, Wally, you are still my forever love.

Nothing can seperate us now.

So on this December 1st, I am making the wish that everyone who loves you will write a diary entry called "Remembering Wally". Just a few words, to let you know how loved you still are.

I send kisses to Heaven, and purrs to your mom, and hugs for your brothers, and all the love this little tabby can give...always and forever, my love, always and forever.

xoxoxoxo Sophie


Kitten Report

September 26th 2008 10:48 am
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Dear Diary,

I am sure some cats want to know about the little one.
The little girl is really doing well. She slept in the laundry room last night, but did not cry all night long, as I was afraid she might, just when she would hear any voices or footsteps. She really wants to be with people. Today she has been out running around with all of us, because mom is home. Pete is the only one who is upset. He does not like any new cat for at least a week, but he is all hiss, spit and growling, no fighting.
She has almost tripped mom a dozen times today because she races under your feet. She also darts out any open door, but so far mom can call her back, and she purrs every time she is picked up. She weighs about three and a half pounds, and is thin and leggy.
One odd thing she does, is carrying Zack's straws (that he loves to chew on), and placing them in the litter boxes! We have no idea why she is doing this, but mom has plenty of clean straws for Zack, so she keeps throwing those out. Silly little cat. :)
We have her listed with Lost Pet Hotline, and they took a detailed description. We are also placing an ad in the local newspaper, but will leave that intentionally vague, so that the proper owner can identify her. Secretly mom and dad both hope she can stay here, but we are going to do our best to find her real owner first. That's the right thing to do.
I'll try to put a better picture on later today.

Purrs to my friends and kitty kisses to my Wally Bear.
Lots of Love,


Out On A Limb

September 26th 2008 12:52 am
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Dear Diary,

Daddy can climb a tree as well as me! Guess how I know? Because he climbed one tonight to get a cat down!
Mom and dad had just arrived home. Dad said, "I hear a cat crying", and so did mom. Where was it coming from?
They followed the noise a few houses down, and there, way up in a China Berry Tree, was a young, buff colored cat, out on a limb, crying loudly.
The neighbors next door had heard it too, and came out to look. They said it looked just like their cat, but they knew their cat was inside. Mom said, "Do you want to look, and be sure?" But it wasn't their cat, so dad climbed up, and got her down. She had fleas crawling all over her, but no collar. Mom called the vet to see if they would scan her for an ID chip. So she road up to the vet, and was given a flea pill, kitten Revolution, and an FIV/FeLV test (which was negative).
Mom said she couldn't stay at our house without all that, even if it was just until they found her home. Then, about midnight, they heard another cat crying outside. They went and looked, and there was another one the same color and size, but it ran off. So now we are thinking they may have been dropped in the neighborhood. Mom will call Lost Pet in the morning.
The vet says she is about 4 months old, and has not been spayed yet.
She meows all the time, like a baby, and is a squirmy girl. I hope she doesn't keep me up all night, Wah! I'm being very nice to her, though. I haven't hissed once. :)
I put one picture on my page, not a very good one, but maybe we will have a better one later. I almost forgot, she has extra toes on her front paws too.
So do you think we should keep her? Momma is torn because she doesn't think whoever had her cared for her very well, to leave her outside, unspayed, with fleas. Dad is actually voting to keep her, and has tossed out some possible names...Pearl, Tootsie, Drew, Tia, Natalie, Jellybean. Let me know if you like any of those, or have any other suggestions!

I'm off to try to sleep now. Kitten, go to sleep!
*Sophie puts ear plugs in*
love and sleepy purrs,

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