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Pictures of Me

October 3rd 2004 11:21 am
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Picture #1: Me and my "brother" Sue (I'm the handsome tabby with the spiked collar)

Picture #2: Me and my Auntie Marcella (She is Mommy's friend, but I know she only comes to our house to see me!)

Picture #3: What can I say? I'm in a bag!

Picture #4: I love Christmas. Santa comes just for me, but I'll share with my siblings.

Picture #5: Beware! I am very dangerous and vicious!

Picture #6: I love my brother Sue

Picture #7: Daddy can't resist my charms!

Picture #8: Ummmm, excuse me Mickey!

Picture #9: Is this a sighting of the Bow Bandit in action?

Picture #10: Exclusive report: the notorious Bow Bandit has been captured!


Let's go to bed!

October 8th 2004 12:15 pm
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Ok, I know I'm just a cat, but I have first hand knowledge that the world would be a much better place if we would all just go to bed.
This morning, no matter how cute I was and how much I worked my "baby meow", no one would get back into bed with me! Daddy said he had to go to work! Well, I see what is more important to him!
Maybe if I howl outside of Uncle J's door, he will let me come in and go to bed with him......I think I'll go try.

Hendrix the bed bug


From my mommy and daddy

October 24th 2004 5:38 pm
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Hendrix contracted a liver disease a week ago. We were
told he might be able to come out of it and for a week,
we gave him intensive care. The liver disease came out
of nowhere and it was a complete shock and blow that someone
as healthy as Hendrix has always been could get so sick so fast.
He was always indoors and he had all his vaccinations. We are
at a loss to how this could happen. I know we don't get to keep
our fur-children forever, but we expected many more years with

I just wanted to let you know that Hendrix was put
to sleep last nite. We know that he is safe and
healthy again and not suffering and that we will see
him again someday.
He had been getting better but took a major turn for
the worse yesterday.
Yesterday afternoon, about an hour or so before we
made the decision, we were driving back to our house
and saw a half-rainbow that seemed to start directly
over our home. It didn't go all the way across,
instead its' end was in the clouds. Also, last nite,
I came in from the garage before going to bed and
distinctly heard a bell being rung in the living room.
I thought it must be Neal but he had been all the way
back in the bedroom setting his alarm clocks. We know
that Hendrix went across the rainbow bridge to heaven
yesterday and that he pretty much immediately got his
angel wings. He didn't have to wait and earn
them....God just gave them to him right away. He was
an angel on earth and now he's one in heaven. He
definitely deserved them.
We miss him so much and both of us are heartbroken,
but we are grateful for the time we had with him and
the prayers and good wishes from our friends and

Lorilee and Neal



March 27th 2005 11:53 am
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My Daddy planted a beautiful Easter Lily on my grave last week.. Today it is blooming. Mommy came out and cried and told me how much she misses me. I miss her too and it's hard for me to see them be so sad. I wish they knew that I'm with them always. I know that someday, we'll be together again like we were, but in the meantime, I've been very busy.
Daddy always used to tease me about getting a job, and I smile now to think how proud he'd be if he knew I had one! Immediately after crossing the rainbow bridge, I met my sister Smokey and Sophie and many other family members. I got wings and received the highest angel! Boy was I surprised and I thought how proud Mommy and Daddy would be! I was also given a high-ranking position in the matchmaking and adoption department. I am in charge of making matches between People and Cats for Lane County. As you can imagine, I've been extremely busy! There are so many loving families though and I've had the pleasure of overseeing many "chance" meetings between prospective "parents" and "fur children." I'm quite proud of myself and I can't believe they have entrusted me with such a responsibility. I was never the brightest bulb in the box, but I've been told that "management " is very impressed with the matches I've made and that upon my arrival here, it was noted in my file that I have a loving spirit and a soft heart and infinite patience. I guess these are the qualifications they were looking for!
So this Easter, I wish to let Mommy and Daddy know that I'm safe and happy and although I miss them with all my heart, I'm smiling down on them from heaven.

The Buddy


I think they've hit their limit....

July 29th 2005 10:15 am
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I had an interesting matchmaking assignment about a month ago. The head of the "guardian angel pet-matchmaking department" gave me a challenging case: a little tail-less, funny looking kitten with an overactive pooper.
I read the description in his case file but was not prepared for my first sight of him: I had to ask twice if that was really him? He can't possibly be a cat! He must be some kind of funny-looking rabbit? This coupled with his penchant for flatulance, made him a very challenging case. So I thought and thought about who would be the perfect match for him.

Of course it came to me: I'll send him to Mommy and Daddy. Jimi needs a playmate and all of my other siblings could use someone playful and fun to keep them youthful and healthy. I also knew that Mommy and Daddy would cherish him and be patient with his little "issues".

So it was another successful assignment! But I will have to give Mommy and Daddy a break and not send any more "kiddos" their way for a while!

Ooooh and Mommy and Daddy gave me a gorgeous mermaid fountain on my grave. What an honor! It is so beautiful and I love the sound of the water. It makes them think of me everytime they see it.

Hendrix "The Buddy in Heaven"

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